Pokemon Go Coordinates: What are the Best Coordinates to Catch Pokemon

Are you looking for Pokemon Go coordinates to find and catch rare and legendary Pokemon? I have found eighteen popular spots where you can spoof and catch them all.

We know catching legendary, mythical, and rare Pokemon is not easy, let alone finding them. You need to be in a special spot that has some significant importance. However, if you are looking to catch any specific Pokemon then here I have compiled a list of the best rare Pokemon Go coordinates with real-time spawn points that will help you spoof directly into the spot and complete your Pokedex.

Disclaimer: Finding and sharing coordinates to find and catch Pokemon in the game is considered normal, however, the usage of spoofing methods is considered cheating, and you may be at risk of getting your account shadow banned or permanently banned.

Pokemon Go Coordinates and Spawn Points for Rare and Legendary Pokemon

Do you want to catch rare and hard to find Pokemon but are unable to find them in your locality? I have shared eleven most popular spots where you can either physically visit or spoof your location to catch all the Pokemon.

1. PIER 39, San Francisco, California, USA

Pier 39 is a popular tourist destination in San Francisco, California, and is well known for its breathtaking views of Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate Bridge. It is fairly popular among Pokemon Go players as you can easily find and catch a huge number of legendary and rare Pokemon as well as collect items from nearby gyms and PokeStops.

  • Coordinates: 37.809052304099204, -122.41003833017733

2. Ferry Building, San Francisco, California, USA

Located at Market Street, Ferry Building is one of the most well-known landmarks in California as well as among tourists. Due to amount of visitors the area receives, there are a large number of rare Pokemon actively spawning in the area. Every once in a while, many meetups are also arranged there as it helps everyone interact with the gyms and take part in raid battles too.

  • Coordinates: 37.79549745047974, -122.39346862386778

3. Rockefeller Center, New York, USA

Rockefeller Center is a tourist spot in New York and is popular for various attractions while the annually illuminated Christmas tree is one of the most famous during the winter season. There are PokeStops and gyms too where you can participate in raid battles along with finding some legendary Pokemon. The destination is also popular for hosting in-game events.

  • Coordinates: 40.758484386474564, -73.97876532478297

4. Central Park, New York, USA

If you are looking to complete your Pokedex then Central Park is the location you should visit as here you can find some of the rare Pokemon that only appear within the park vicinity. While taking a walk you will come across several gyms where you can take part in battles as well as other Pokemon-specific events as there are multiple attractions including fountains, playgrounds, and other facilities.

  • Coordinates: 40.78255119353044, -73.96561264782036

5. Chancay Castle (Castillo de Chancay), Chancay 1, Peru, South America

Chancay Castle is a historic location in Peru because of its architectural and traditional importance as well as its beautiful façade. Once you are here, you will find a gym as well as tons of Pokemon around the area as it is known to be a hotspot among Pokemon Go players as several events and meetups were hosted in the area.

  • Coordinates: -11.573759560741111, -77.27087113271628

6. Farroupilha Park (Redenção Park), Porto Alegre, Brazil

Farroupilha Park is a famous urban park located in the heart of Porto Alegre and is fairly popular for offering a perfect spot for leisure activities and events like picnics, exhibitions, and festivals that are arranged throughout the year. However, once you are there and open Pokemon, you will come across numerous PokeStops and gyms along with the ability to catch legendary Pokemon too.

  • Coordinates: -30.036167722156094, -51.216225724344596

7. Tokyo Disney Resort, Urayasu, Chiba, Japan

Tokyo Disney Resort, which consists of Disney Land and Disney Sea, has gained significant popularity among Pokemon Go players due to the location offering different promotions and hosting special Pokemon events along with the release of rare in-game items and Pokemon. These events were specifically arranged to attract players from all over the world to participate and catch legendary Pokemon while visiting the theme park.

  • Coordinates: 35.63143974180032, 139.88309035603618

8. Consolação, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Consolação is not a park or an attraction, it is an area in Sao Paulo that is well known for traditional landmarks and amazing nightlife, and entertainment possibilities. Above all, you are going to come across tons of Pokemon ranging from uncommon to legendary along with several gyms and PokeStops from where you can collect special items like Poke Balls, incense, potions, and berries.

  • Coordinates: -23.551849918574593, -46.6525879374596

9. Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo, Brazil

If the above spot didn’t attract you much then Ibirapuera Park should be a great destination to catch Pokemon as the park offers walking paths and a lot of green spaces along with a few museums and sports facilities. All of these make it amazing to find rare Pokemon and interact with the nearby gyms while exploring the facilities offered by the park.

  • Coordinates: -23.587398131444104, -46.65760853101742

10. Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta, Zaragoza, Spain

Are you looking to find and catch lots of uncommon and legendary then Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta in Spain is a perfect destination for you to play Pokemon Go. It is already hugely popular among the players as it has fitness equipment and they host festivals and events throughout the year.

  • Coordinates: 41.63306089523858, -0.8954773205252026

11. Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

If you are in Australia and looking for a spot to catch Pokemon and complete your PokeDex then Royal Botanic Garden should be the one you need to visit right away as you can find a large number of legendary and rare Pokemon from various categories within a walking distance. There are multiple gyms so you can visit with your friends and have raid battles to take over the gym.

  • Coordinates: -33.86425956436767, 151.21655435670792

Pokemon Go Coordinates for Raids Battles and Gym

If you are looking to catch raid-only Pokemon then the following coordinates and locations will help you find raids and gyms where you participate in raid battles by teaming up with other players. In Raid Battle, you have to defeat a powerful Pokemon known as Raid Boss and then catch it.

Raid Battles are sometimes dependent on the current events and challenges announced by Niantic and Pokemon, so it is important to look out for the official announcements before spoofing into these locations and coordinates. But other than that, when you want to take over a gym, you need to defeat the powerful Pokemon in a team. Also, it is important to be aware of the types of raids, which include ultra beast raids, mega raids, elite raids, and EX raids.

1. Aljafería Palace (Palacio de la Aljafería), Zaragoza, Spain

Aljafería Palace (Palacio de la Aljafería) has its own historical importance and it is one of the most visited spots in Zaragoza among locals and tourists. Surprisingly, the local community is super active here due to the gym which people visit frequently for raid battles as well as to collect items and catch Pokemon from around the area.

  • Coordinates: 41.656585080538115, -0.896830659503326

2. Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA

Theme parks are hugely popular throughout the world among people from all age groups and the same is with the Walt Disney World Resort located in Florida. There are multiple theme parks including Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios, just to name a few. Considering its humongous size, there are multiple gyms where you can join other players for ultimate raid battles.

  • Coordinates: 28.377381427129375, -81.57009285942098

3. Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan

If you are a hardcore Pokemon Go player then Yoyogi Park is the destination you need to visit to take part in raid battles as this spot has a dedicated gym along with PokeStop, so you can easily collect some rare and common items while taking over a gym with your friends or other local players. Since the park is huge and has open space, you can easily walk around and catch Pokemon too.

  • Coordinates: 35.6716367454595, 139.69662460825487

4. Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria, South Africa

Being in South Africa, you should visit Voortrekker Monument located in Pretoria as it is home to several PokeStops and gyms that you can easily explore and take over by planning a raid battle in the area. You can easily share the coordinates with your friends and spoof together. In case you are not aware, Voortrekker Monument is a large granite architectural structure built in the 1950s.

  • Coordinates: -25.776165039543265, 28.175778411117243

5. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom

Built by ancient civilizations and one of the most famous landmarks of the UK, Stonehenge has been standing for thousands of years and is an architecturally sophisticated structure in the world. The area is popular among both tourists and Pokemon Go players as there is a gym where you can easily battle with the active players and get a chance to catch a unique raid battle only legendary Pokemon.

  • Coordinates: 51.17997849943928, -1.8260441473344755

6. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

You can easily find a large number of gyms and PokeStops while roaming through the streets of Grand Bazaar; you can participate in raids as well as take part in other local events along with a chance to interact with nearby players. It is a well-known tourist destination because of countless shops for jewelry and souvenirs.

  • Coordinates: 41.01069560095684, 28.96807152701436

7. Acropolis of Athens, Athens, Greece

The Acropolis of Athens has some of the most iconic landmarks and is a UNESCO World Heritage site, making it a lot more popular among the locals, tourists, and of course Pokemon players. You can easily collect tons of items from the PokeStops or visit gyms that are scattered throughout the area and easily plan a raid battle.

  • Coordinates: 37.971545489545186, 23.725749692515777