Top 8 KissAnime Alternative Sites for Anime

Top 8 KissAnime Alternative Sites for Anime

A helpful resource to find all the working KissAnime alternatives where you can watch Japanese anime, manga, TV series, and latest anime movies with English subbed and dubbed along with a download option for offline viewing. We have got you covered! 😀


The recent COVID-19 pandemic situation has affected almost every part of the world, especially people. It has forced everyone to avoid outdoor activities and entertainment and being asked to stay indoors, so consuming online content like anime, manga, and movies are some of the only sources of entertainment and positivity for the wide majority.

And then to top everything off KissAnime, which was a free and one of the biggest Japanese anime movies and TV series streaming websites got shut down during the 3rd quarter of 2020. Since then many anime lovers have been wandering around aimlessly in search of a reliable website to watch all the missed episodes as well as the latest anime series online.

As I was searching for the same for myself, I thought I should create a helpful resource of best free KissAnime alternatives for my fellow readers and anime enthusiasts, a list that will be handy while at the same time points out all the key information that we anime fans like to see in a streaming website.

How Sites Like KissAnime Works?

For those of you who are new here…

The free anime streaming sites, like KissAnime, I have reviewed here don’t actually host any of the content but they work as an indexing service so you don’t have to search for each episode manually on anime or manga hosting sites like Veoh, MegaVideo, MySpace, and others.

It provides you with all the properly named anime titles and episodes, neatly organized with proper genre and episode numbers. All you need to do is hit the play button. You can even find Japanese episodes with English dubbing and subbing and switch between the two within seconds.

Isn’t that an awesome service? Above all, you are getting all of that for free! 😉

Best KissAnime Alternatives to Watch Free Anime Online

Without any further ado, here is a list of best KissAnime alternatives where you can watch (and even download) free anime on your computer, Android phone, or iOS device. All you need is an active Internet connection and a web browser.

1 – AnimeFreak TV

Top 8 KissAnime Alternative Sites for Anime

AnimeFreak TV is an awesome anime indexing service provider and a great KissAnime alternative that has a huge database of over hundreds and thousands of anime and manga episodes available in English dubbed and English subbed versions. All the titles are well organized and the website is updated every hour to make sure new episodes and titles are always available for you to watch. You will also find a suitable age rating along with the reviews submitted by other users about that specific anime title.

Anime Freak TV uses a clutter-free design that makes it very easy for anime and manga lovers to find and watch their favorite content. If you know the anime title then simply use the search bar, or else if you are new then browse through the genres, ongoing episodes, or look for some popular anime. Opening the title will take you to its dedicated page where you can read the plot summary and number of episodes and language selection.

  • Cost: Free.
  • Account Requirements: No sign-up required but you can register for bonus advantages like notifications and watch later list.
  • Available Content: Movies, films, and full-length episodes for Japanese Anime and Japanese Manga comics.
  • Language: Japanese with English subbed and English dubbed. You can easily switch between the two.
  • Standalone App: No, but fully supports various web browsers and devices.
  • Download Option: No, download option not available.
Visit AnimeFreak TV

2 – AnimeFrenzy

Top 8 KissAnime Alternative Sites for Anime

AnimeFrenzy, one of the great anime and manga-streaming website with an up to date database and movies collection. There is a huge anime collection categorized as dubbed, movies, popular, and ongoing. The schedule section is amazing as you can find all the episodes that are going to be aired in the upcoming days. And for those who are interested, they have a separate website for hentai too, which keeps their main website safe for every age group.

Anime Frenzy also has a separate section for old childhood cartoons and their episodes that were aired and gained a lot of popularity during the 80s and 90s along with some new ones too. Interestingly, the developers behind this site have created a discord channel using which their members can stay updated with all the latest content and anime. A perfect KissAnime alternative.

  • Cost: Free.
  • Account Requirements: No sign-up required, but the site has an official discord channel.
  • Available Content: Movies, TV shows, Series.
  • Language: Japanese with English dubbed and subbed.
  • Standalone App: No, but the site is optimized for both, desktop and mobile.
  • Download Option: Yes, the direct download link for full HD quality.
Visit AnimeFrenzy

3 – AnimeHeaven

Top 8 KissAnime Alternative Sites for Anime

AnimeHeaven is heaven for anime lovers like you. Here you can find hundreds and thousands of Japanese anime and manga including the currently ongoing series as well as movies, whether they are old or new. The site is informative too, which means when you open any title, it will show you a summary along with the genre, number of episodes, and release date. Then there is a list of all the released episodes too.

Anime Heaven also has a schedule on their website, which makes it really easy for anime fans to keep track of the episodes for all the current anime and when it was last aired in Japan. The site offers a filter option on every page, which is a powerful tool as you can select options like anime type, audio language, genre, and year of release. You can also sort the listings based on the most viewed content, most rated content, and latest series.

  • Cost: Free.
  • Account Requirements: No sign up required.
  • Available Content: Movies, TV shows, Series.
  • Language: Japanese with subbed and English dubbing.
  • Standalone App: No, but the website is optimized for computers and mobile devices.
  • Download Option: None.
Visit AnimeHeaven

4 – AnimeLab

Top 8 KissAnime Alternative Sites for Anime

AnimeLab is one of the best free legal anime simulcast, streaming, and downloading websites and it is developed by Madman Anime Group based in Australia. They provide all the streams in high quality without any delay. It gives you complete access to movies, series, and episodes in crisp full HD 1080p resolution. You will also be able to download your favorite movies and episodes for offline viewing.

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Anime Lab, since they are a premium and licensed anime distributor, offers some of the most exceptional features like support for every platform including Android and iOS, latest movies, TV shows along with a huge collection of series. They have an ever-growing database of thousands of Japanese anime and comics. The only limitation, geo-limitation (to be precise), is that this service is only available for users based in New Zealand and Australia.

  • Cost: Basic free plan with ads OR Premium for $7.95 per month with zero ads.
  • Account Requirements: Sign up required.
  • Available Content: Movies, TV shows, Series, Episodes.
  • Language: Japanese with English subbed and dubbed content.
  • Standalone App: Yes, a dedicated app for Android, Apple, PlayStation, and Xbox.
  • Download Option: Yes, offline playback for Premium users only.
Visit AnimeLab

5 – AnimePahe

Top 8 KissAnime Alternative Sites for Anime

AnimePahe is an awesome website for anime lovers like you, where you can find all the dubbed as well as subbed anime films and web novel series in HD quality. You are free to stream and watch all the content on your computer, Android, and iOS devices without any restrictions. The website has visitors coming from all around the globe as they can easily find their favorite stuff.

Unlike other KissAnime alternatives I have mentioned in the list, Anime Pahe has an index too where they have listed each anime in alphabetical order, which makes it quick to find any title you are looking for. There is a search bar as well so if you know which anime series you want to watch then this feature will be very handy. If you are streaming on Android then you can even download all the videos with just a single tap and watch them later.

  • Cost: Free with ads.
  • Account Requirements: No sign up required.
  • Available Content: Movies, TV shows, and Series.
  • Language: Japanese with English subbing.
  • Standalone App: No, but fully compatible with all the devices and platforms.
  • Download Option: Yes, you can download in 1080p, 720p, and 360p.
Visit AnimePahe

6 – AnimeTV (AnimeSeries)

Top 8 KissAnime Alternative Sites for Anime

AnimeTV, also known as AnimeSeries, is a fantastic website to stream your favorite Japanese as well as Chinese movies, series, and TV shows. You will find all the content in Japanese and Chinese language with English subs and English dubs. Right on their homepage, they have a popular tab along with a separate section for anime movies and anime list. And on the very top of the page, you can see alphabets, and pressing any of them will search for anime beginning with that specific letter.

One of the unique features of Anime TV is its Anime Calendar, which makes it easy for an anime fan to keep track of episodes and TV series and watch all of them without missing any part. As per your liking and requirements, you can set the calendar to different views including monthly, weekly, and daily. Overall, the site is well organized with proper release dates and genres.

  • Cost: Free with ads.
  • Account Requirements: No sign up required, but you can get yourself registered for bookmarks and anime updates.
  • Available Content: Movies, TV shows, Series.
  • Language: Chinese and Japanese with English subs + English dub.
  • Standalone App: No, but compatible with all platforms.
  • Download Option: Yes, multiple download links in various qualities including Full HD.
Visit AnimeTV (Anime Series)

7 – AnimeTwist

Top 8 KissAnime Alternative Sites for Anime

AnimeTwist is on a completely different level and has its own twist in the anime community. You must be wondering, how? That’s because this anime series and film streaming site have the most minimal design with zero advertisements. Yes, you don’t need an ad blocker and you don’t even need to be worried about the risk of accidentally installing any virus or unwanted software on your device because there won’t be any popup.

Anime Twist is a donation-based anime streaming website. There are several customizable options to improve your anime experience, which include the option to enable/disable the usage of English subtitles, anime tracking that automatically marks an episode as watched once you have finished watching and receive notifications in your browser for new episodes.

  • Cost: Free, donation-based, and no ads.
  • Account Requirements: No sign up required but you can create an account to keep yourself updated with the latest anime content.
  • Available Content: Movies, TV shows, and Series.
  • Language: Japanese with English subs.
  • Standalone App: None, but compatible with mobile phones and computers.
  • Download Option: No, download is not allowed.
Visit AnimeTwist

8 – KimCartoon

Top 8 KissAnime Alternative Sites for Anime

If you love anime then you are going to love KimCartoon. That’s because you are going to find all the latest animated movies, films, and cartoons on this site, especially the titles that are released for geographic locations like the US and Japan. The website is well structured and easy to navigate around even if you are a newbie. On the home page, you will find the featured cartoons along with a list of top series for the month and week. Similar to how KissAnime used to work.

By the looks, there is no doubt that the developers and managers behind the Kim Cartoon free cartoon streaming site have neatly organized all the cartoons and comic films in their respective genres and categories. The site has advanced search functionality that helps you find ongoing as well as completed anime series and use genre filters like action, fantasy, adventure, and a lot more.

  • Cost: Free with ads.
  • Account Requirements: No sign up required, but you can register to notified for new episodes and maintain your watch list.
  • Available Content: Films, series, and episodes.
  • Language: English.
  • Standalone App: No, but the website is optimized for computers as well as mobile devices.
  • Download Option: Yes, but you need to register to see the download links.
Visit KimCartoon

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