Right Way To Play & Win Games on Your Phone

Plinko lets players drop a ball from the top of our triangular pin pyramid to find the winning route down to a corresponding multiplier.

Have you ever watched the American show ‘The Price is Right?’ If so, then you know about the game Plinko, which the TV show introduced in 1983. The concept was simple – drop a chip and wait to see where it lands to determine the value of the win.

Over time, Plinko Game became more popular as developers came up with various iterations. Stake.com is one of the sites that offer Plinko as an exclusive title. Since it’s a cryptocurrency site that enables players to wager in Plinko with digital coins.

Besides playing with crypto, you can also access the game on mobile. The site doesn’t have native apps, but players on Android phones and tablets can still play Plinko.

The mobile website is highly intuitive, adapting to varying screen sizes. Expect average loading speeds and decent graphics. With Plinko available on mobile, you can wager on the popular game from almost anywhere.

If you are playing mobile Plinko for the first time, especially on a crypto website, you might have a few questions on how to go about it. This gaming guide clears up a few things for you to start.

How to Play Plinko on your Phone?

The gameplay is very simple but it doesn’t hurt to learn a few basics beforehand.

  • For the mobile Plinko on Stake.com, you don’t have to download software to play. An updated browser gives you unobstructed access to the game.
  • Once on the site, find the title. Click on the icon to open the game. The main board includes a pyramid made with pegs (dots). At the bottom is a bar with different multipliers. The left side of the screen has the game functions – bet amount, risk, and rows.
  • Begin by setting the amount. The minimum is 0.00000001, and the maximum is 0.1. Then, hit the ‘Risk’ button to choose the game’s volatility. It can be high or low.
  • The next step is choosing the number of pay-lines by clicking on ‘Rows.’ You can pick between 8 and 16 rows.
  • After you finish, click the play icon to launch the game. It releases a pin that falls from the top of the pyramid, through the pegs to land in one of the pockets with the multipliers indicated. Depending on where the pin lands, the prize can be several times your wager or a fraction of it. The maximum win for the Plinko gambling game is 5 Bitcoins.
  • The stake site has a payout rate of 97% – 99% for this title. The game has autoplay, meaning you can fill in the required details and leave it to run automatically for a predetermined number of times. Keep in mind that the lines, risk level, and amount stay the same through all rounds.

How to customize the Game?

The exclusive titles might be based on luck, but it offers a way to customize your gameplay. You can adjust your risk by modifying the odds.

On the risk section, you can choose to go low, meaning a high winning probability but a small return, or high, translating to less frequent wins, but large profits. As you can tell, this feature works the same way as the volatility in a slot machine. Your risk tolerance will guide you on the best choice.

Another way to tailor Plinko to your requirements is by picking the rows. Think of these as bet lines in a virtual slot. The number of rows determines the game’s volatility as well. If you select the maximum number, 16, and high risk, you could win the largest multiplier – x1000.

How to Play it for free?

If you have never played Plinko, then you might have reservations about jumping in right away into real-money gaming. Regardless of how simple it is, you might prefer trying the game for free before risking money.

The original title is available to play on the mobile for fun. You can do this by setting the amount to zero and clicking on ‘play.’ The game plays as usual, except you don’t win anything.

Playing for free lets you see the game’s mechanisms, so you know what to expect when you bet actual cash. Additionally, free Plinko is an excellent pick if you are testing online gaming before deciding to use it for all your gaming. You can get a feel for how fast games load on the platform when playing on your phone.

Tips for Winning on Plinko

As a chance game, Plinko doesn’t give you any control when playing. All outcomes depend on the RNG, which generates results randomly. Therefore, you can’t employ a strategy to gain an advantage when playing this game. You have to depend on pure luck. Nonetheless, you can still be careful about how you wager on Plinko to avoid unnecessary losses.

Once you have a budget, you can set the bet limits comfortably. For example, as a beginner, you can bet the lowest amount until you get comfortable with the game. Remember to account for fluctuating cryptocurrency prices when deciding on the budget.

If you are looking for an easy-to-play, fun game, Plinko is on the list. Although the game goes back a few decades, it remains a prominent feature in online gaming. It’s among the original titles available to play on mobile. The luck-based game has the potential for big wins.