Are you looking for a simplest and easiest possible method about how to play YouTube videos in the background on Android? Now you won’t need to look any further as here we have found the 11 best ways you can use to play YouTube music with background playback support on Android. 😀

Before we share with you the methods and apps with YouTube background play support, we would like to mention that the background play feature is introduced by Google in YouTube Red. It’s a paid membership that offers you some of the most incredible benefits including ad-free videos, background play, option to save videos offline, audio-only mode.

However, the third-party apps and methods we are about to discuss here in this article will help you get all the features of YouTube Red without paying a penny. Yes, for free.

Some apps even allow you to download videos and MP3 of YouTube music and songs. That is wonderful, isn’t it? 😀

So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the 11 fantastic methods and easy-to-install apps you can use right now to play YouTube Music, songs, and videos in the background on your Android phone and tablet devices.


1. Using Google Chrome Browser on Android

One of the best, quickest, and well-known methods that allow you to play YouTube videos in the background on Android is by using the Google Chrome web browser. The procedure for that is mentioned below:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser and go to
    Play YouTube videos in the background on Android with Google Chrome - (1)
  2. Tap on the menu button and then enable “Request desktop site” option.
    Google Chrome Play YouTube music in the background on Android - (2)
  3. Google Chrome will then load the desktop version of YouTube.
    Google Chrome play YouTube songs in the background on Android - (3)
  4. Search for the video/open the video you want to play in the background.
    Play YouTube in the background on Android - (4)
  5. Once the video starts playing, simply minimize the Chrome browser and check the notification area, you will notice a new notification with play/pause buttons has appeared.
    Control YouTube background playback notification on Android - (5)
  6. You can now use these buttons to control YouTube music background playback while you continue using other apps.

How to play YouTube videos in the background on Android - (6)

The best part is that the method let you listen to YouTube music even when your Android phone is locked and the screen is off (as you can see in the screenshot).

Are you unable to use this trick on your Android phone? Don’t worry as we have a list of 10 other apps that will let you achieve YouTube music background playback.


2. Free Music for YouTube: Stream

The Stream is a free music and video player for YouTube, which gives you a floating pop-up player that allows you to multitask. You can listen to your favorite songs or custom YouTube playlist in the background while chatting with your friends on social media or checking your Facebook newsfeed.

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You will have a customizable floating popup window to fulfill your requirements of watching videos along with the freedom to use other apps on your phone. Originally, the app used to provide the ability to listen to YouTube even when your screen is off but YouTube Terms of Use forced the developers to completely remove that functionality.

  • Listen to uninterrupted YouTube music and endless video content for free while using other apps in the foreground.
  • Create a custom playlist and edit existing playlists using a simplified drag-and-drop interface.
  • Import your existing YouTube playlist to your Stream account and then add new songs or effortlessly manage the queue.
  • Has built-in battery saver mode to automatically reduce brightness to save battery power.
  • There is no way to save YouTube videos/music as offline on your Android device.
  • No option to hide the floating popup YouTube video window.

Do you want to download videos and music from YouTube directly on your Android phone/tablet devices? Here we have tried and tested the ten best apps to help you download videos.

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3. ListenOnRepeat

If you are one of those, who love to listen to the YouTube music on repeat then you must have heard about the ListenOnRepeat YouTube videos and songs repeater web service. You don’t need to press the play button repeatedly.

When you are on your computer and want to listen to your favorite music on repeat then all you really need to do is modify the URL by replacing the “YouTube” part with “ListenOnRepeat” and hit enter. The service will then make sure your favorite music continues to play without interruption.

The developers have created an Android app named ListenOnRepeat that not only allows you to repeat any YouTube video but also gives you a popup player with foreground so you can continue to listen to your favorite songs while using other apps on your phone.

  • Endlessly repeat your favorite YouTube music videos without interruption.
  • App will automatically save your recently played music in a custom playlist.
  • Listen to music and songs in the background on Android phone and tablet while you are using social media app or messaging your friends.
  • Search for any songs/videos or discover trending music videos based on popularity and number of repeats.
  • Play YouTube videos when your phone screen is off.
  • Sometimes the app glitch and it is unable to play the next music on your playlist.


4. Free Music Player for YouTube: Endless Free Songs

The AT Player is a feature rich and provides various additional functionalities to make sure you are able to enjoy listening to YouTube music in the background while you use other apps on your Android phone.

It is a lightweight player that consumes minimal battery and has a sleep timer too so that you never have to worry about leaving the music player running for hours unnecessarily. To further save your phone’s battery power, the app has a player lock mode that automatically locks the screen, which comes handy when you are in the listen-only mode i.e. while driving or doing chores.

You can organize your personalized playlist within the YouTube player or you can also import your existing playlist from your YouTube account. It also supports lyrics mode and gives you a playback control right in the notification area.

  • The player pops out and the floating player provides ultimate music listening experience while you use other apps.
  • Search for YouTube music and millions of trendy songs from within the player.
  • Import your existing playlist from YouTube or create a new one directly from the YouTube player app.
  • Additional features include repeat mode, shuffle mode, sleep timer, battery saver mode, and screen lock.
  • Play YouTube videos and music while the screen is turned off.
  • Downloading and offline playback of music/songs.
  • Stream YouTube audio only.


5. Floating Tube

Floating Tube is a floating video player that let you watch, listen, and stream YouTube music videos while you use other apps on your smartphone. The video player pop-out and can be easily placed in any part of your screen. It is resizable and continues to play Youtube videos in the background, which is best for listening to music.

You can easily control the player from the notification area, which includes the option to play, pause, and change the current music.

  • Floating Tube is an absolutely free music player for YouTube videos and music.
  • Provides you with the ability to move and resize the popup player and place it anywhere on the screen.
  • Play videos/music when the screen is turned off.
  • Hide the player while you use other apps on your phone.


6. FlyTube Music Player for YouTube

FlyTube is one of the simplified music players for YouTube that allows you to minimize the video and use other apps on your phone/tablet while continue listening to your favorite playlist.

When you open the app, you will see four tabs including Top Music, Browse, Playlists, and Recent. The top section will have all the most popular and currently trending music on the YouTube. Browse section will help you find and discover all types of music based on genre. Playlist section will help you create and manage your favorite music and playlists.

The player has a built-in feature that let you play the music on repeat or shuffle. The pop-up player size can be customized and there are four sizes to choose from.

  • Create and manage your playlists, and you can even import your pre-configured playlist from your YouTube account.
  • Built-in 5-band equalizer and visualizer including audio filters and an option to customize equalizer according to your taste.
  • Browse through live streaming channels and listen to them from within the FlyTube
  • Display YouTube videos while your phone is locked.
  • Option to stream YouTube videos in the background.
  • Ability to store music for offline viewing.
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Did you ever want to convert YouTube music and songs into MP3 directly on your Android phone? There are several websites and Android apps that is designed to help you convert any YouTube videos to MP3.


7. FireTube

FireTube (com.palmerintech.firetube) is designed and developed by the developers over at PalmerinTech. One of those apps that actually support playback of YouTube videos and music in the background on Android. Even when your phone’s screen is turned off. Unlike previously mentioned apps that let you play in the foreground only.

The biggest advantage of FireTube player is that it also lets you stream the audio only and shows you the thumbnail picture, which saves a lot of precious bandwidth and you will be able to listen to a lot of music while spending fewer amount of data.

Once the app is launched, simply select the music you want to play or create a queue/playlist by selecting songs from the list and tap on the play button. Then you can easily switch between music only mode and video mode. You can even select the quality based on the Internet connection speed.

  • Play/stream YouTube music in either video/audio only mode in the background.
  • Listen to YouTube music and songs even when your phone screen is off.
  • Ability to create, modify, import customized playlists right into the FireTube app.
  • Removed from the Google Play Store due to the YouTube Terms and Conditions.
  • Some features might be buggy due to slow development and sluggish bug fixes.

If you want to download FireTube app for your Android phone/tablet, then you can get the apk from here.


8. iYTBP – Injected YouTube Background Playback

iYTBP (also known as injected YouTube Background Playback) is actually a modified version of the original YouTube Android app with few added functionalities like background playback, screen-off playback, and advertisement removal.

Actually, it is based on the source code of Xposed module ‘YouTube Background Playback’ and some developers have created this app for those who don’t have Xposed framework on their Android devices. Moreover, it is important to mention here that the iYTBP app works on both, rooted as well as unrooted phones.

There is an iYTBP vanced version too, which is the most up-to-date modified YouTube version with background playback support along with added features.

  • Enhance video quality without sacrificing bandwidth usage by force enabling VP9 Codec option.
  • Support for casting along with additional themes and UI improvements.
  • Save videos for offline viewing right from within the app (only if the “Save Offline” option is supported).
  • Support for all types of advertisement blocking including video ads and layout ads.
  • Do not allow you to download YouTube videos.
  • Due to modifications and features included in the iYTBP app, it is not available in the Google Play Store.

You can download the iYTBP apk for your Android device and learn how to install it on your phone/tablet device by going to this link here.


9. YMusic

YMusic-YouTube music player
YMusic-YouTube music player
Developer: Khang NTLast.fm
Price: Free
  • YMusic-YouTube music player Screenshot
  • YMusic-YouTube music player Screenshot
  • YMusic-YouTube music player Screenshot
  • YMusic-YouTube music player Screenshot
  • YMusic-YouTube music player Screenshot
  • YMusic-YouTube music player Screenshot
  • YMusic-YouTube music player Screenshot
  • YMusic-YouTube music player Screenshot
  • YMusic-YouTube music player Screenshot
  • YMusic-YouTube music player Screenshot
  • YMusic-YouTube music player Screenshot

YMusic ( is a powerful YouTube player as well as a video downloader app for Android smartphones and tablet devices. The app lets you play and stream YouTube music while the app is in the background and even allows you to download videos and music from YouTube in various formats.

Similar to the iYTBP app we have mentioned above, the YMusic app also lets you enjoy the audio-only version of the songs. This can help you save a lot of your precious bandwidth because it completely eliminates the video part.

The user interface can be completely customized according to your personal preference. It also comes preloaded with eighty-one different color combinations.

  • Play any YouTube video and music in the background.
  • Support for homescreen
  • Enhance the music listening quality using a predefined and custom equalizer.
  • Option to download YouTube videos in formats including: MP4, MP3, WebM, Opus.
  • Sync your existing YouTube playlist with YMusic.
  • Login to your YouTube account.
  • Not available on the Google Play Store as the app infringes the YouTube Terms and Conditions.
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The apk file of YMusic for Android is freely available for download from the XDA Labs here.


10. OGYouTube

Developer: OGMods
Price: Free
  • OGYouTube Screenshot
  • OGYouTube Screenshot
  • OGYouTube Screenshot
  • OGYouTube Screenshot
  • OGYouTube Screenshot

OGYouTube ( is a modded version of the original YouTube app for Android that adds a handful of features and functionalities to improve the usability of the app. The modification even allows you to listen to your favorite music on YouTube in the background and also provides downloading functionality.

The addition not only stops there. With the OGYouTube app, you can listen to uninterrupted YouTube music even when your phone’s screen is off/locked. What’s more interesting is that the player lets you continue listening and watching YouTube video in a popup window.

  • Listen to YouTube music when the screen is off or while you are using other apps.
  • Advanced set of features to seek controls, modify the volume, and change brightness levels.
  • Download multiple YouTube videos in qualities ranging from 140p to 1440p, including subtitles, or just the MP3 version.
  • No longer updated as the developer stopped further development on the OGYouTube app. But the last stable release still works.

You can download the latest release of OGYouTube apk for Android from the official XDA Labs repository here.


11. NewPipe

NewPipe is an open source project that is built with an aim to provide you with enhanced privacy by completely eliminating the dependency on YouTube API and Google Play Services. This means none of your data is shared with YouTube and Google except the video URL. Moreover, the NewPipe app also does not store any of your usage data.

Apart from the extended privacy and lightweight YouTube player, NewPipe brings you the background playback ability so that you can use other apps on your phone while continue listening to your favorite songs on YouTube. Furthermore, to help you save bandwidth, only audio is streamed from the YouTube.

  • Full support for background playback along with the ability to popup video and resizable window so you can watch videos while scrolling through the social
  • Enable/disable dark mode to make it comfortable for you to enjoy YouTube videos during nighttime.
  • Force-enable the support for 4K and 60fps on YouTube even if the option is disabled on your Android phone.
  • Ad-free so there would be no annoying interruptions while you are enjoying your favorite YouTube content.
  • Chromecast support not yet implemented. But the developer is working on it.

The NewPipe app is freely available for download from the official F-Droid Repository here.


Winning App: iYTBP – injected YouTube Background Playback

If you ask for our recommendation, out of all the 11 methods and apps, we will suggest you go for iYTBP app. There are several reasons.

The #1 reason is that the “vanced” version is always up-to-date. You can install it on both Android devices whether it has root access or not. And above all, it offers you all the amazing YouTube Red features for free including background play, ad-free, and offline videos.

Moreover, there is no learning curve. The user interface and appearance are the same as the original YouTube app. And you can log into your existing YouTube account and start streaming videos without any interruption.



These 11 best methods and apps have worked well for us to play YouTube videos in the background without any interruption. Even on the lock screen and with the screen off. All for free and without paying the monthly premium subscription fee of YouTube Red. 😉

Do you know about any other method or app that we should have included in our article for playing YouTube videos in the background (including music and songs) on Android? Please share with us in the comments below.

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