Here is How To Make Your Android Device More Secure & Safe?

Here is How To Make Your Android Device More Secure & Safe?

Here is how to make your Android Device Safe & Secure from Hackers and Bad Actors.


Android phones contain plenty of vulnerable information, including photos, social media accounts, emails, and more. Experts say that these phones lack security features, unlike their counterparts. It makes them constantly targeted by spies, hackers, and different third parties.

Naturally, you need to take care of your Android device’s security. You shop online, provide tons of your personal information to various websites, and disclose each and every piece of your data to different companies. Over 70% of the world’s phone users use Android smartphones nowadays. Losing your phone means losing a lot of your data and disclosing it to others. 

You use your Android phone to access your business emails, documents, and social media accounts. If not secured, all this information is at risk. Here are some ways you can make your Android much safe and secure.

1. Use VPN To Safe Guard Your Online Identity

Using a VPN for android is the foremost thing you should do to protect your phone from any possible attacks. You can click to read more on how to do it here.

It is widely believed that a good VPN service should only be used to bypass geo-restrictions. It is one of the reasons people set up VPN on android but it is not the only and not the main one. 

A VPN service, first of all, is required to protect your phone and data. Apart from changing your IP address, such a tool has a number of other options, including ad blocks, trackers blocks, cookies and malware blocking features, webRTC blockers, and last but not least, you can choose to bypass the local network.

By clicking “bypass local network”, you can avoid it and save all of your data from attacks. When your IP address is changed, your information cannot be accessed by any third parties.

If you set up a VPN on android, you do not simply unblock geo-restricted content but do not allow anyone to see your current address and track your personal data. It is especially crucial when using Wi-Fi and especially, public Internet connections. 

2. Always use Secure Phone locks

Although it may be one of the most obvious android security tips, using a phone lock is crucial. In case of leaving your phone somewhere or losing it, all of your data is threatened. You may have credit card details on your phone. If someone wants to access them, it will take time to unlock the phone. While he is doing it, you can already block your credit card details.

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Go to privacy settings and set up a password or better a pin code. This feature still stands out. Android phones still have a smart lock feature. Thanks to it, your phone is less vulnerable. This feature unlocks your phone when you are in a secure place, for example, at home or in your office. If you are connected to trustworthy Bluetooth devices, it leaves it unblocked. 

3. Two-factor Authentication Should Always Be

Using two-factor authentication is always a good idea no matter what device or website we are talking about. The age of cyberattacks makes us think twice when it comes to android security. The option will save any of your accounts from hackers. Normally, you save plenty of logins and passwords on your phone. 

If someone accesses it, he will also access all those websites and apps you do, including your work, Internet banking, social media, emails, etc. To enable 2FA (two-factor authentication), do the following:

  • Open settings — Google — Google Account.
  • Tap Security 
  • Locate “Signing in to Google,” tap 2FA 
  • Tap “Get started”
  • Follow the steps on the screen to complete the request

4. Use Anti-Virus When Possible

If you use a VPN on android, you may not need it because a good VPN contains malware blocking when enabled. Unlike iOS smartphones, Android devices aren’t protected from viruses and malware. You should install and enable a good anti-virus tool that will not allow anyone to steal your data and use your phone for their purposes. 

5. Download Content Only from Safe App Stores

Android users are always tempted to download free content from different unauthorized websites. While it is impossible to do on iOS phones, Android devices allow it. However, you should. Otherwise, you risk not only losing your data but also harming your phone. Although some content on Play Market isn’t free, you shouldn’t follow the temptation to get it for free on third websites. Always use trusted websites to download Apk files like Apkpure & BestForAndroid.

6. Always Keep Your Phone Up To Date

Every phone must be updated whenever required. Do not neglect this feature. If you do not update your apps and software for some time, your security options may go out of date. It means that your antimalware and other protecting software won’t work as required. Your phone will be vulnerable to intruders.

Never neglect the security of your phone. Use all of the above-mentioned methods to always be sure that no one can access your device, payment, and personal data. 

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