Popcorn Time apk for Android will help you watch and stream full-length movies and TV shows in HD quality on your Android phone, tablet, or TV device, and the option to download for offline playback. It is one of the best solutions, as it allows you to stream any movie and TV shows directly on your Android device, all for free. :D

Yes, you read that right…

You can watch all the latest and classic movies and TV shows directly on your Android without needing to search for online links, purchase DVDs, or pay rental fees. Popcorn Time has a vast database of movies, anime, and TV shows, and all you need is an active Internet connection.

Features of Popcorn Time for Android

Here are some of the most notable features you can enjoy with the official Popcorn Time.sh (PopcornTime.app) movie scraper app for Android phones, tablets, and TV devices:

  • Huge Database of Movies and TV Shows – The app is designed to automatically search and scrape for all the best available torrents while keeping the database of movies and TV shows updated.
  • Remarkable catalog with superiority – Each movie and TV show in the Popcorn Time database is available in various quality, including 1080p, 720p, and 480p.
  • Free streaming – Popcorn Time apk lets you stream your favorite movies and shows on your Android devices.
  • Collection of Anime Movies and Shows – A separate section with a massive collection of all the anime-based shows, cartoons, and movies.
  • Various viewing modes – Change the viewing mode to TV mode if you’re using this on an Android TV device for better, simpler, and more accessible controls and navigation.
  • No restrictions – Allows you to watch and download any movie and TV series as many times as you want, without any limits. All you need is a reliable Internet connection.
  • Watch offline – Download the movies when you have time. No internet is needed. You can even share or transfer it to devices like PCs or media boxes.
  • Speed gates – Option to limit the download speed so that it doesn’t affect other devices connected to the same internet network.

About Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is one of the best apps for watching and streaming movies, TV series, shows, and anime online directly on your smartphone. Once installed, you can easily browse hundreds and thousands of content and find movies by genre or sort the list of movies and shows according to their popularity.

If you’re searching for a movie and want to watch its trailer, you don’t need to go to any other app. Just tap on the film's thumbnail and the trailer button, which will take you directly to the official trailer.

It also has a nice feature to mark the watched shows and movies as seen so that you don’t waste your time and internet bandwidth on checking if you have watched that movie.

It allows you to watch movies without downloading. However, if your WiFi connection is slow, you can even download movies and TV shows to watch without the Internet.

Settings and UI

As this app is fully compatible with Android TV devices, the Settings section allows you to customize the interface type. It allows you to change between mobile and TV, depending on the device you are using.

You can customize the subtitles and change limitations for downloads, like connection limitations and maximum downloading speeds, so that movie/TV show downloads won’t affect your overall WiFi network.

In case you don’t know, the Popcorn Time apk is like a BitTorrent client with a built-in media player. That means the app streams all the content directly from the torrents.

That is why it is crucial to remember that downloading copyrighted material might be illegal in your country, so use this app cautiously. Using a VPN service to hide your identity and stream safely without worrying about copyright is recommended.

We highly recommend you use a reliable VPN app on your device to protect your privacy and safeguard yourself from copyright warnings from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Here are the recommended VPN apps for Android devices. 

Popcorn Time Mod Info

The mod is based on the unlocked mod (credits Balatan and hifi2007) and offers the following features:

  • VPN dialog disabled;
  • Disabled and removed unwanted permissions, receivers, and services;
  • Analytics and crashlytics are disabled.

Here are mod lite features:

  • VPN message removed,
  • On launch, the Share popup was removed (it can still be accessible from Settings),
  • Debug removed,
  • A few services were removed,
  • Cloned with a different package name (dp.ws.popcorntimf),
  • Changed app name to Popcorn Time Lite,
  • Analytics is disabled.