Dictionary Linguee apk for Android will be your best choice if you are looking to translate any word or phrase to French, German, Spanish, or maybe any other language. This app is a unique multilingual dictionary that allows you to translate words in different languages with a simple tap. One of the most significant advantages of having this app is that it works in offline mode.

Features of Dictionary Linguee for Android

Here are the notable features you are going to find in the Dictionary Linguee app for Android:

  • It is one of the most reliable and consulted multilingual dictionaries that can be used online and offline.
  • For every searched word, it shows best-match definitions along with examples and sentences.
  • It provides the option of the audio pronunciation of all the words. This feature acts as an add-on for better understanding and enhanced learning of the users.
  • The dictionary has got a quick search feature that suggests the desired word only after the user inputs a few letters. That reduces the overall search time, and the user can select easily from the proposed terms.
  • Multiple options are available for input and output languages. One can translate in both languages without switching between them. There are one-way and two-way direction arrows available to facilitate users to select the translation.

About Dictionary Linguee

Many people are not multilingual, and most of them can speak, write, and read a single language fluently. So this is where the Linguee Dictionary comes to the rescue, as it is a one-stop solution for translating any word or phrase on the go.

The interface of this dictionary app is straightforward and easy to use. It does not require any sign-up, and once installed, it will take you straight to the main screen. That is where you can type in the required word, which needs to be translated, in the search bar located at the top of the screen.

One can also select from the multiple inputs and output language options given on the right side. Linguee app comes with choices of around 25 input languages, including French, German, Slovak, Maltese, and several more. It has got approximately 21 output languages that include but are not limited to Danish, Greek, Romanian, and Czech.