Want to protect your device from viruses and malware? We’ve got you covered by bringing to you the best adware cleaner Malwarebytes apk AdwCleaner at the palm of your hands for your Android smartphone and tablet devices.

Features of Malwarebytes Security

Some of the features of this application are listed below:

  • User-friendly, Malwarebytes is really easy to use and the UI is also easily understandable.
  • Quick in detecting viruses, this app is very fast in scanning and detecting if your device has any kind of malware in it.

About Malwarebytes/AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner apk is one of the most trusted and widely used adware cleaners out there in the market. It was first developed for MAC and Windows but as a lot of people were requesting a similar version of that app for their Android devices, they finally made one for all Android smartphones and tablets.

It was originally launched by the name “Adw cleaner" but after a while, they changed its name to Malwarebytes Security. Its main job is to scan your device every day for any type of malware or ransomware and remove them to protect your device from any harm as quickly as possible.

A brief description of malware and ransomware could be that malware is a kind of software, designed to take over unauthorized or unsecured devices to use and view your data. And ransomware is another type of application that is designed to block the access of the original user until the requested amount of money is paid.

This type of virus was generally popular for Windows computers as it was easier to gain access on that device but with advancements in software and increasing demand for users' ID and their info for negative use, people have developed applications that can do the same thing on your Android device.

That is where Malwarebytes comes in handy and saves the day by protecting your phone and the important information stored in it from getting into cruel hands and causing you unwanted complications.

The Design and Ease of Use

The app layout is also really simple when you open the application, it is going to show you that your device is safe on the dashboard page as it hasn’t scanned your smartphone yet.

In order to scan your device, you will have to tap on the hamburger menu and tap on Scanner. It is going to start scanning your device as soon as you press start. It is going to show you if there is any virus of any sort in your device, and the number of viruses, if found in your device.

You can then easily check which files or applications are harmful to your device or contain any type of virus and also delete it simultaneously through the app itself. It is also pretty fast in detecting and deleting viruses from your device you protect your device as soon as possible.

Privacy and Security Audit

You can also run a privacy and security audit from this app which lets you know which applications have access to your Google account, your phone's storage, which apps can access your location, etc. So you can keep your eyes on all the applications and check what they are doing to make your personal information safe and protected.