Looking for an app to check the reviews of a movie before watching it? Or do you want to watch popular South Asian movies in full HD quality for free? Well, look no more. Download the Einthusan app and indulge yourself in the world of South Asian films.

The best part is there is a dedicated section for movies and series in various languages including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, and Punjabi. The Einthusan app gives you premium access to the largest collection of South Asian films. All for free.

Features of Einthusan

Here are some key features of Einthusan for Android app:

  • Community-based reviews – All the reviews are from people who have watched the movies and are giving their opinions.
  • Reviews in all Languages – The reviews are available in almost all Indian languages including Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam.
  • Full HD Quality - Find, stream, and watch movies as well as TV shows in Full HD quality.

About Einthusan

Watch lots of movies, but most of them are not what you expect to see. Worry no more. Download the Einthusan app and check all the reviews of movies before watching it. It is a great app if you’re a movie enthusiast and watch a lot of movies as you always need some review of what you’re going to watch and if it is even good or not.

Einthusan shows you all the reviews everybody has left for a certain app so that you don’t watch bad movies you came across thinking that it is good. Although this app has some ads in it, it’s bearable, looking at the fact that it will save you time at the time of watching a movie and it turns out bad.

This app almost tells all the reviews of movies in all Indian languages including Punjabi, English, Urdu, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, and even more. You can also visit their website for reviews.

Overall it is a nice app to check all the reviews of Indian movies before you watch them, and all the reviews are opinion-based, which means that the reviews are from a person who has watched the movie and they are giving their own opinions about that movie.