Are you into racing mobile games and love challenges? Try installing the Hill Climb Racing apk and I am sure that the perfect combination of challenging tracks, amazing stunts, and ultimate vehicle modification possibilities will make you play this game for endless hours.

Hill Climb Racing is a popular physics-based racing game for Android devices where all you really need to do is take your vehicle as far as you possibly can, without tipping your vehicle over and running out of fuel. You only have two paddle buttons i.e. gas and brake. You can use those to drive and control your vehicle.

Continue reading to learn more about Hill Climb Racing and find out how the game actually works…

Interesting Features

In an attempt to make the game more interesting and keep you enthusiastic to play more, Hill Climb Racing has a unique set of features:

  • Vehicles – There is a wide array of vehicles including jeeps, bikes, hippie vans, monster trucks, quad bikes, race cars, snowmobiles, and twenty more. You need to earn coins to be able to buy these vehicles.
  • Upgrades – Each vehicle has its own unique upgrades and tuneable parts including suspension, four-wheel drive, engine, and tires. If you want to reach a greater distance then you must need to upgrade your vehicle.
  • Tracks and Levels – Anybody will get bored if the game has only one or two tracks. That is why there are more than twenty different stages and each one of them has unique levels. Some of the tracks include Arctic, Countryside, Desert, and my personal favorite Moon*. ;)
  • The Garage Mode – A completely fresh mode that gives a new life to the existing game. This is the feature where you are allowed to use custom parts to build the vehicle of your dreams and break your own records.
  • Share Score With Friends – Whenever you make a new record on any track or hit your best score, you can quickly share it with your friends from within the app to make the game more challenging.

About Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing, developed and published by a game development studio company named Fingersoft based in Finland, is an entertainment-filled racing and driving game that is completely based on physics. This is the reason that makes it more like a strategy-based game because you need to select the right combination of vehicle and track to win the race.

We will talk about the Hill Climb Racing winning strategies later in some other posts. Here we are discussing the basics of this game…

The game is very simple. You have only two basic controls i.e. gas and brake. You will be using those two on-screen buttons to control the vehicle as well as perform outstanding tricks (like back flips and long airtime) while racing to gain some extra coins. You also need to collect coins that are spread out on the track.

One more important thing is fuel. Yes, you guessed that right. Vehicles have limited fuel and while racing you are required to collect a gas tank or else it will run out of fuel and you won’t be able to race further.

The basic goal of the game is to get your vehicle as far as you possibly can, without running out of fuel and tipping over your vehicle.

The scores you earn during the race and after winning the race will be accumulated and added to that level’s distance record, which will then be used as a target for your next run on the same track. Also, after the end of every race, the coins you have earned by performing tricks, as well as those collected from the track, will be added to your account.

The coins you have earned can then be used to purchase a new vehicle, unlock dozens of new tracks, and even upgrade your vehicles to improve their overall performance and driving capabilities. These updates and new purchases will help you progress in the game.

*TIP: If you want to quickly earn coins then Moon is the best track to play on.

Gameplay Demo

After gaining so much knowledge about the Hill Climb Racing game, I feel that watching a gameplay demo will make it much easier for you to understand the physics behind this game: