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Sarahah is one of its kind app that allows the users to send anonymous feedback to the other users. If

Name: Sarahah
Developer: Zain Alabdin Tawfiq
Category: Utility
Size: 8.54 MB
Package name:
Version: 2.1.4
Price: Free
Release: 01 - 05 - 2020
Availability: WorldWide
Safety: Safe
Language: English
Playstore: Not available on Play store
Requirements: Internet connectivity,
Sarahah account.

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App Details & Guide

Sarahah is one of its kind app that allows the users to send anonymous feedback to the other users. If you are looking to send and receive honest feedback from your friends, family, and office colleagues, then Sarahah apk is a perfect platform for you. It lets people privately share their thoughts. 

Sarahah has become quite famous and popular in teenagers and Millenials due to its simplicity and feedback secrecy. It gains popularity worldwide and is one of the most downloaded applications on the Apple Store as well as Google Play store. So what is the main reason behind its popularity, and what is the utility of this app? We are going to uncover all these facts in this elaborate article about it.

About Sarahah APK

Let us start with the name of the app itself. It has got a peculiar name Sarahah which is an Arabic word. It means openness or honest opinion. What is so exciting about the platform is that it has introduced a whole new concept of concealed feedback mechanisms among peers and friends. The “digital revolution” caused by the Internet has given new means and ways of communication and expression.

Different platforms allow people to share their views and thoughts with the public. People use various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to connect and share with their friends and family. People can comment on posts in public or can send a direct private message to any person.

Sarahah apk is an advanced level platform that has deployed the concept of direct message to the users keeping the identity of the sender private and confidential. The purpose is to share honest feedback and opinion related to people or any subject topic in a private way. It allows the user to be honest as the platform keeps the identity of the sender completely anonymous. The principal is similar to any mail that we receive in our letterbox daily. The only difference is that we simply do not know who the sender is.

The point under discussion is that what was the need for this application in the first place?

Sarahah has been designed by a Saudi Arabian developer Zain ul-Abidin Tawfiq. According to the developer, the basic objective of this platform is to share honest feedback among different employees of any organization. The world is now advancing towards a feedback system. This feedback mechanism is deployed in our machine learning techniques.

The same applies to human beings. The employees, employers, and co-workers can share their thoughts, opinions, and feedback about one another anonymously. It has got a total of more than 300 million users globally.

The employees can share their voice regarding different subject matters within the organization with their employers keeping their identity anonymous. This feedback system allows both employers and employees to improvise their performances and to address different problems and challenges faced within the organization. This platform was initially rolled-out internally within the organizations. After some time, the developer created an English version of the app and made it public.

Features of Sarahah for Android

Sarahah is a unique and one of its kind app that offers some of the most beneficial features to its users. So let’s see what those features are:

  • A platform that allows the users to send honest and constructive feedback to your friends, colleagues, and co-worker
  • It promotes healthy feedback system among the employees and peers
  • It is considered a unique self-improvement tool based on the peer feedback mechanism.
  • The platform allows the user to send a message anonymously to your friends.
  • You can create your account on Sarahah apk and then share your profile on different social media platforms, including Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter so that your friends can send you feedback.
  • You can select to keep your profile private and only share it with your friends and colleagues.
  • The received message can be added to the favorite or deleted. However, the receiver cannot reply to the sender.
  • You can also post your daily honest reflection posts on the app and share them on other social media apps.

The Functionality of Sarahah

Let us explore Sarahah apk and find out how it works. Once the app is installed on your Android smartphone, you can register yourself from the option available on the top right corner. The other option is to log in via your Facebook account.

When you click on the register button, you will be asked to select your name. An interesting thing to note is that it shows your name in the format of We will explain it later about the current user format. Select any name and press the next button. Enter your name and email id to proceed further. Once you are done with all the registration, you can now log in and enjoy exploring the app.

The home screen is quite simple, and you can post your thought for the day with your friends. You can select a title and post your opinion of at least 10 characters. These thoughts can be shared with your friends on Sarahah or outside on other social media platforms.

All the recent notifications are shown on the home screen if you like Sarahah on the top title. If it is green, you can see the notifications. Tap the title, and it will turn red, and you will no longer view the notifications.

There is a profile button at the bottom right corner. You can see your daily reflections, likes, and comments on your posts similar to a Facebook or Twitter timeline. There are three options available on the top right corner.

There is a dedicated Snapchat button that allows users to link their Sarahah and Snapchat accounts. It will enable them to share the screenshots of the messages and feedback in Snapchat stories.

There is a settings option that will lead you to customize your profile. You can either enable or disable options like notifications, sound, and email.

You can enable your profile appearance in search, customize ads according to your likings and interest, as well as a link or unlink your Facebook accounts. If the account is not linked with Facebook, then you will need to verify the email to continue to your account.

There is a search option where you can search for your friends. We are going to cover in detail how to find friends on Sarahah. All the messages received are shown on your home screen. Similarly, you can view all the sent messages in a separate tab of the sent messages.

Now, let us explore different options to connect with your friends on the app. As mentioned earlier, every person has got a unique username that cannot be altered afterward. There are different platforms where you can share your Sarahah profile with your friends and co-workers so that they can share their feedback with you.

  • Via Snapchat – There is a dedicated button on the user profile menu. You can take a screenshot of your profile and then share it in your Snapchat stories. There is a paper clip icon in Snapchat. This icon allows you to paste the link to your profile. In this way, your friends can send you messages to Sarahah.
  • Via Facebook and Twitter – The share option allows the user to send your profile link and username via different social media platforms.
  • Via Sarahah Search – You can type in the name of the user on the search bar available on the top right of the search tab. A list of profiles will appear on your screen. As you click on your friend’s profile, a message option will appear on your screen. You can type in the message and then send it to your friend.

Sarahah apk guarantees that the sender’s information will not be revealed without the consent. Moreover, the platform is all about honest and constructive feedback. The users can limit the reception of messages by monitoring the visibility of the profile. There is an option that can be enabled to restrict the visibility of the user’s profile to the public. In this way, it will be up to the user to share its profile with friends and colleagues only.

The recipient can also tag some of the messages as the favorite ones. You can also delete, flag, and report the messages received in your inbox. The interesting part the recipient is not allowed to reply to the sender.

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