With over 40 million players from all over the world, Shadow Fight 2 mod apk has quickly become one of the favorite fighting games among players who love to play games on their Android devices. With every passing level and continuous practice, you will get closer and closer to becoming a master of martial arts who can then save the world.

The game takes you through several fights where you need to learn and apply the teachings and knowledge of fighting with combinations along with the capabilities to use weapons and armor. Ultimately, the goal is to defeat all of your opponents and become the Shadow Fighter using the Shadow Fight 2 mod for Android.

With the hack, you will get unlimited coins and gems so that you can play the game freely. If you are a martial arts fan and have been interested in Japanese fighting skills, then Shadow Fight 2 is going to be the perfect game for you to play on Android.

There are so many fighting game genres where the player has to play the game with guns and bombs. However, Shadow Fight 2 is one of a kind game where the player has to go through extensive martial arts training in the game to combat with the opponents.

There is a storyline in the game that proceeds as the shadow warrior learns from his master, and then fights with the opponents until the final combat phase, which happens with the ultimate demon.

This exciting action-filled mobile game allows the user to learn different martial arts techniques. The shadow warrior can proceed to higher levels where the fighting difficulties keep on increasing. He has to fight with mighty opponents and face multiple challenges.

All these fights are necessary for the shadow warrior to prepare for the final battle with the demon. The player has to use the in-game coins earned while combating to buy different weapons like shields, swords, and weapons.

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How to Download and Install Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK?

In this section, we are going to guide you through the procedure for how to download, install, and set up the app on your Android smartphone or tablet device. This is a perfect guide suitable for every Android user, especially newbies.

The downloading and installation process of Shadow Fight 2 mod apk is easy and simple to follow. No matter how knowledgeable you are about Android and the apk installation process, the guide is designed to make things simple and easy for you to get the app.

Note: You may need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources through the Android security menu to be able to sideload/install the apk on your device.

It is important to note here that this is a paid and modded version of Shadow Fight 2 so make sure you have uninstalled any existing version from your device, otherwise, the app will not be installed and might show an error.

  1. Download the Shadow Fight 2 apk file from the download section located at the beginning of this post.
  2. Tap the apk you just extracted.
  3. Follow the onscreen process to install the app.

Once installed, launch the app from the app drawer. Now you can modify and hack the game using unlimited energy as well as unlimited money and gems, which not only helps you quickly unlock in-game items but you can also get your energy replenished using the provided gems and continue fighting your opponents without waiting.

What’s Modded in Shadow Fight 2?

The mod version of Shadow Fight 2 offers you the features that are the most important to quickly reach higher levels in the game.

Here’s what modded:

  • Unlimited Energy – While playing the game you can have a total of five energy at a time, and each fight costs you one energy. And once you have consumed all of the available energy then you will need to wait for about fifty minutes to replenish the energy, which means each energy takes about ten minutes to refill. However, with the mod, you can get unlimited energy as it gives you gems that you can exchange with energy using the in-app store.
  • Unlimited Money – Money plays an important role in helping you buy and unlock in-game items from the store, which you can then use while fighting with your opponents and can help you have an advantage during the battles. Especially items like weapons and armor. With the mod, you get a relatively higher amount of money from each battle.

These two mods alone can make your experience with playing Shadow Fight 2 as smooth as butter and you can quickly complete the game and become a pro fighter.

To get a lot of money:

install the mod;
do not include the infinite money item in the mod menu, go through the tutorial until the equipment is enchanted (if using the mod before that, then you will not be able to go further in the game);
enchant an item;
completely close the game;
start the game and immediately include the item with infinite money in the menu mod;
complete any battle;
completely close the game and restart it;
play without using menu mods.

If you do everything right - you will have saved progress, a lot of game currency and prices in the store, as in the original. If you need to get the same amount of money again, then repeat steps 4-8.

You will not be able to use features that require legally obtained currency!

shadow fight mod apk android

Key Features of Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is an awesome blend of two gaming genres i.e. classical fighting and RPG, which not only makes this game full of incredible features but amazing fights too. Here in this section, we are going to discuss all the key features offered by this game:

Martial Arts Skills

Shadow Fight 2 is a unique fighting game as it incorporates fighting as well as RPG aesthetics where one needs to learn and polish martial arts skills by continuously fighting with their opponents using different strategies to ultimately win the battle.

Interesting Storyline

The storyline is exactly what makes the game remarkable and the same is the case with Shadow Fight as it offers an amazing storyline that is truly incomparable with any other game while making it one of a kind for the players.

Guidance By Master

Martial arts and all of its relevant strategies are always taught by the master and that is what happens in this game too as you will be continuously guided by the master in almost every step in order to help you compete with the opponents and ultimately win the fight.

Weapon Library

This weapon library is like a shop from where the player can buy all types of weapons and protective armor for the fights. These in-game items can be purchased in exchange for gems and coins like money.

Fighting Strategies

To be able to truly compete with the opponents and to win the battles, you just need to develop some specific skill set and that can only be acquired by following fighting strategies. Above all, you will be required to master all the martial arts skills, which will help you win combats whether they are hard or easy.

Frequent Updates

Developers behind the game i.e. Nekki periodically update the games to make sure all the known bugs are ironed out and there is no complaint of any game feature not working as intended. Sometimes updates are released on a daily basis too.

Clans And Tournaments

Since it is a multiplayer-based game and you can play or challenge your opponents so you have the freedom to join any appropriate clan and even gives you access to participate in different tournaments that continue to happen every once in a while.

Amazing Graphics And Animations

Apart from the gameplay and characters, it feels really good to play a game that comes with amazing animations, graphics, and sound effects. All of these are integrated into this game to take your gaming experience to the next level.

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Characters in Shadow Fight 2 for Android

There are different characters in Shadow Fight 2 that the player should familiarize themself with:

  • Sensei – the trainer of the main character Shadow,
  • May – The person who helps Shadow in buying relevant weapons,
  • Monkey, Volcano, Needle, and others – They are considered to be the most deadly fighters,
  • Several Demons – There are many demons in the game, which are named after the famous Japanese evil spirits. Some of them are Ghost, Lynx, Fungus, and Butcher.

Shadow Fight 2 Android Gameplay

The very first lesson in Shadow Fight 2 mod is to learn how to kick and punch the sandbag. After the training, the shadow warrior has to fight with his first opponent to test his skills. That is how the entire game proceeds.

The game does not require any sign-up from the user. Then an animated video is played on the screen that tells about the whole history of the game. After that, the sensei message is displayed on the screen. The sensei welcomes his discipline with an open heart and tells him that there lies great power within him, even being a weak shadow.

The very first step is the training of the shadow warrior. The controls are available in the bottom left corner of the screen. The control comprises a circle that can be rotated in any direction. It allows the user to move forward and backward. The user can also jump and sit down to avert any attack from the enemy.

There is a menu tab in the top left corner, which can be explored later. The energy and points tabs are available on the top of the screen. There are two more buttons on the bottom right corner of the screen. One of the buttons with a foot icon is used to kick a person, while the other one with a fist icon is used to punch the opponent. As the main theme of the game is about the shadow fight, is why the front of the game is in black with colored backgrounds.

As the shadow fighter completes the first training, he then fights with his primary opponent. After the shadow warrior wins the first fight, he proceeds to compete with other opponents.

The star bar on the top left side represents the total number of matches. The energy bar represents the strength of the shadow warrior. The next option is the total number of coins that can be used in the game to buy different weapons. The weapons option is available in the menu bar.

The sensei guides the shadow warrior in every step of the game. He tells the user to buy the weapon to use in the next fight. All the fights are considered steps to increase the potential and martial arts skills to fight the ultimate battle with the demon itself. He will guide the shadow warrior in all the stages to train the warrior. The final challenge of the Shadow Fight game is to fight with the demon and seal the doors again.

Strategies of Shadow Fight 2 for Android

The best thing about Shadow Fight 2 mod apk is that it gives the player liberty to use different techniques to fight. The controls are quite smooth and straightforward and it depends on the player how to create various techniques and combinations to fight with the opponent.

The user can work on different technique combinations and use multiple weapons to fight. The shadow warrior can jump and kick, slide, and attack from behind. All these actions are a combination of a simple control panel displayed on the screen.

The game is not just about using controls at a fast pace; instead, it is about learning the techniques and applying them. The player has to devise a strategy to knock down the opponent by using relevant weapons at different levels.

All the weapons have different ranges, and the shadow warrior should learn how to use them in the fight. The master guides the shadow warrior at each step, so the entire pace of the game is quite exact.

Moreover, the game comes with engaging animations and graphics to grab the attention of the players. It has six different types of worlds, where the shadow warrior can fight with his opponents. There are different backgrounds and music for all the different locations. The animations are quite realistic with smooth fight scenes and sound effects.

Game Modes

Apart from the gameplay and strategies, the game can be played in different modes i.e. underworld, eclipse, duels mode, tournaments, and survival. Each of the modes has its own advantages and they all require you to have a good command of different strategies.

For example, the duel game mode consists of several bosses and chapters, and you are required to master the skillset and defeat them one after another in order to win in that specific game mode. Moreover, talking about the boss, they are a bit harder to fight with and you need to learn strategies and special moves along with some armor and weapons, all of which combined can help you win the battle.

About Shadow Fight 2

The Shadow Fight 2 Android game starts with an animated background story. The user needs to watch the story before playing the game, as it helps during the gameplay.

The story revolves around a legendary warrior traveling around the world. There is massive bloodshed going on earth everywhere, with people killing one another in different wars. There is no safer place on earth to live. The warrior is all set to explore the world to find a better place to live. His search has led him to a mysterious location amid the mountains.

There is a closed gate, which is opened accidentally by the warrior. That alone is the major twist in the plot and is the basis of the Shadow Fight 2 game. A dramatic wind blows once the gate opens, and the warrior releases a devil into the world.

Not only that but all the strength of the warrior's body has also been taken away, leaving behind just a shadow. The devil has taken away the body of the warrior leaving behind a weak shadow warrior.

After losing all the body strength and powers, the shadow warrior knocks on the doors of his master dojo. The master takes back his student and starts the training from scratch. That is the beginning of Shadow Fight 2.