10 Best Alternative Facebook Client Apps for Android

Are you tired of the Facebook app constantly force closing itself due to low system resources? Or, are you running out of storage space because the Facebook and Messenger apps are consuming it all? Here I have found a definitive solution for you. We all know that Facebook has become one of the most widely […]

Are you tired of the Facebook app constantly force closing itself due to low system resources? Or, are you running out of storage space because the Facebook and Messenger apps are consuming it all? Here I have found a definitive solution for you.

We all know that Facebook has become one of the most widely used social networking website on the Internet with over a billion users.

Despite all this popularity, the developers are still unable to optimize their Facebook for Android app correctly and to develop a battery-optimized and less resource hogging app for their users.

Nevertheless, many third party developers have done a pretty excellent job of developing a highly optimized, lightweight, data-saving Facebook app for Android. And I have listed the ten best apps below!

#01 – Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite app is designed and developed by the Facebook itself to provide its users with an app that works on the slow Internet connections, uses fewer data, and consumes a reduced amount of system resources as compared to the standard Facebook for Android app.

Though the interface looks old and outdated but provides all the essential features that will get all your tasks done including a built-in messaging functionality so you won’t need to install a standalone app to have chats with your friends.

#02 – Fast – FB Alternative Client

Fast is a real Facebook alternative app that has been downloaded by more than ten million users with an average user rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 on the Google Play Store. The app is the best way to manage and use your Facebook account if you are tired of using the regular and resource-hungry Facebook app.

Fast provides all the features available on the original app while making it light enough so that every Android device can run it without experiencing lag or force closure due to lack of RAM and system resources.

#03 – Metal for Facebook & Twitter

Metal is a tiny app that supports both Facebook as well as Twitter in a single interface, and the size of the app is so small with a little footprint that you will be able to access your Facebook account at the whirlwind speed.

In a nutshell, Metal is a Web wrapper and works as a web browser but has additional features that are not offered by the regular browsers i.e. floating windows, built-in themes, and notifications. The key feature is the floating window as it lets you access your Facebook newsfeed and notifications over any other existing app.

#04 – Swipe for Facebook

Similar to what Metal offers, the developers of the Swipe app has managed to do something similar in their perfect way. The developers have used the Facebook mobile website as their base to provide you with a light and familiar Facebook user interface without overstraining your Android device’s system resources.

That is what makes Swipe one of the lightest and the most battery-friendly Facebook app for your Android smartphone device while keeping the user experience as typical as possible so you won’t have to spend any time learning the ins and outs of the app.

If you liked the app, you could even opt for the Swipe for Facebook Pro version that comes with premium features and priority support for bugs and issues.

#05 – Fast Lite – FB

Fast Lite is a much lighter app of the Fast FB alternative client that I have mentioned in the list earlier.

This version provides some additional features to make it even faster and lighter for those who have slow Internet connection speeds or looking for a way to save bandwidth while browsing through Facebook by using the block image functionality.

#06 – Tinfoil for Facebook

Tinfoil for Facebook is one of the slimmest apps and has a file size of less than half a megabyte, which makes the Facebook accessible even on those Android devices that have not as much of resources available to run any app.

Moreover, the app only requires Internet and location permissions so that it can allow you to access Facebook and let you check-in to the places.

#07 – Puffin for Facebook

Puffin for Facebook is designed and developed by CloudMosa Inc, the creators behind the popular Puffin web browser for Android. The key target of this app is to let you access and browse Facebook without consuming much bandwidth so that you can check your account while you are running low of data.

Furthermore, the app uses the Puffin’s servers along with its unique compression technology to reduce the overall data usage while making it lightweight so that the low-end Android device users can easily access their Facebook account.

#08 – Folio for Facebook

Folio for Facebook is an app that transforms a simple mobile website version of the Facebook and wraps it into a beautifully designed material user interface. The app even provides you with real-time notifications for new messages and notifications.

To further customize your Facebook experience on the Folio app, the developer has included four predesigned themes that you can change anytime and according to your personal liking.

There is also Folio Pro version that comes with over forty-four themes to choose from, a customized Facebook UI, and some battery optimizations.

#09 – Bubble for Facebook

Bubble for Facebook is a floating bubble that looks and works similar to the Messenger chat heads and stays on top of your screen, keeping your Facebook newsfeed at an easy access and making it always reachable.

You can touch the bubble to access your Facebook anytime. You can drag and drop the bubble anywhere on the screen. The app even allows you to chat with your friends while you are using other app or playing games.

#10 – SlimSocial for Facebook

SlimSocial for Facebook is an ultimately slimmed and simplified Facebook app available for your Android. And above all, it is an open source application making it even more transparent that any other app.

Intelligently developed by Leonardo Rignanese, the app has a file size of just 200 kilobytes that makes it not only light but fast too along with full support for the features like full-screen video playback, a capability to upload videos and photos, and does not require any unnecessary permission.

Which Facebook App Is Your Personal Favorite?

Do you know about any other Facebook app that is your favorite and I haven’t included in the list above? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below! πŸ™‚