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4 Best Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner Apps for Android

Are you tired of manually finding and deleting all the identical photos and files from your device? Look no further as these duplicate photo cleaner apps can automatically scan your phone for the same pictures and files using AI.


Without any doubt, not only duplicate photos but also multiple copies of the same file, music, and documents consume a lot of valuable storage space on Android. And if not deleted timely, photos and other media files can fill your phone’s storage in no time. This is where automated tools like duplicate photo apps for Android come in handy.

The apps we have reviewed here use advanced AI and algorithms to help track down and remove pictures and files that are exactly the same but stored in different directories. Without any further ado, let’s jump onto the review…

Similar photos and files not only occupy precious storage space but also have a negative impact on your device speed and performance.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

remo duplicate photos

This easy to use productive app was designed to locate, display and remove all identical photo files instantly. It can help you find and remove all duplicate photos on your device taken in burst mode, normal mode, HDR photos, resized, or other similar images.

It runs on proprietary De-Dupe algorithms which help you find results more efficiently. It displays results in sets from where you can remove the entire set or set of images from it as it saves one copy of the set in the storage space.

Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover

duplicate files fixer

This is another impressive tool which helps you fix all sort of duplicate files on your device. It offers an intuitive user-interface and uses a super-fast scan-engine to find and delete duplicate files from your device.

Using this tool, you can preview files before deletion, mark files, exclude folders, and can perform numerous other tasks. It supports multiple languages to help users around the world. This is one of the most useful apps to remove all duplicate photos and other files to recover some precious storage space.

Duplicate Media Remover

duplicate media remover for Android

This nifty tool is efficient enough to find and remove all sorts of duplicate files on your device including photos, audio files, videos, etc. It scans whole your device including your external storage.

You can exclude any file or folder from the scanning process thus app will not touch the excluded folder. You can preview files before deletion thus you can have better control over storage space. Using this tool, you can even schedule your searches on a weekly basis, allowing one scan per day.

DupPhoto Cleaner

dupphoto cleaner

This app works on an intuitive user-interface and proves helpful for all users. It helps you scan and find similar files from your device effortlessly. It scans whole your device including external media storage.

It supports many file formats while searching for duplicate files on your device. This is one of the easiest tools available to fix your duplicate photo worries and quickly regain lost storage space.


You can use these simple yet powerful tools to find and delete all duplicate and other unnecessary photo files from your device. It helps you recover a lot of storage space effortlessly. In fact, using these tools you can save a lot of your time as it reduces manual efforts.

Let us know in the comments below, which duplicate photo finder apps helped you the most? 🙂