100+ Funny and Hilarious WiFi Router Names

List of more than a hundred funny and hilarious WiFi router names for your wireless router to make others laugh and amuse whenever they search for a nearby wireless network on their phone or laptop.

If you are holding a party at your home or maybe you are living in the middle of a busy street, where there are a lot of public spots nearby then it would be a great idea to change the SSID or WiFi name of your router to something funny.

Whenever anyone nearby searches for WiFi networks on their laptop or phone, they will come across yours, and then they are going to have a good laugh about it. Otherwise, if you are having a party at home then telling your friends or visitors about the WiFi name when they ask for a password will add a sneaky smile to their faces.

As we all know, the wireless router name is public and everyone within the range can see it on their computer or mobile devices while searching for a network so changing the name from the boring “Sam’s WiFi” to something funny could make it stand out from the rest. And turn out to be humorous whenever your friends try to connect to your router.

Let’s just jump straight to the list of 100+ funny and hilarious WiFi names that may inspire you to choose one for your own wireless network.

Best 100+ Funny WiFi Router Names

  1. No signal
  2. Sorry, WiFi is in another castle
  3. Don’t touch me
  4. Come and clean up my house
  5. Get the hell out of my WiFi
  6. You are WiFizoned
  7. No network
  8. Buy Bitcoins soon
  9. Only for poor people
  10. Call me for the password
  11. Hot neighbors can connect
  12. Want password? Ask your WiFi
  13. Free for girlfriend
  14. Use at your own risk
  15. GOT fans connect here
  16. Enter your ATM pin for the internet
  17. This is a trap
  18. Don’t connect to this WiFi
  19. This is not the WiFi you are looking for
  20. You are under CCTV surveillance
  21. Friends can connect here
  22. RIP LAN
  23. 404 WiFi not found
  24. Localhost
  25. I have WiFi but you don’t
  26. Our Internet is faster than yours
  27. Neighbors, please stop using my WiFi
  28. YouTube videos are buffering. Don’t connect
  29. Don’t enter into my world
  30. Finding WiFi
  31. You can’t connect me
  32. Connecting…
  33. Shake your phone to connect to this WiFi
  34. Your music is annoying
  35. This is a hotspot, not a WiFi
  36. Poor signal
  37. Connect to geek dashboard
  38. It hurts when you use my WiFi
  39. WiFi not working
  40. Contact your ISP for free Internet
  41. Free WiFi for you
  42. Satan rocks my socks
  43. Use this one mom
  44. Guys, please stop fighting
  45. Go home tourists
  46. Internet costs $$
  47. My own damn internet
  48. Network not found
  49. All your bandwidth belongs to us
  50. Will you marry me?
  51. Call me maybe
  52. The promised LAN
  53. Help, I am trapped in a router
  54. Skynet Global Defense Network
  55. This is not free either
  56. The LAN before time
  57. Please connect for identity theft
  58. Drop it like it’s a hotspot
  59. Virus Distribution Center
  60. Searching…
  61. Will you pay for my WiFi?
  62. Stay away from me
  63. Pay and use
  64. No WiFi for you
  65. Wanna know my password?
  66. Password is you
  67. WiFi is coming
  68. Ask me, I will tell
  69. Sorry, you can’t use this
  70. I am with your GF
  71. Call me after 9
  72. Hidden network
  73. Tell me a joke for password
  74. Password is password
  75. Connection found
  76. Use your own internet
  77. I have a slow internet
  78. Mars Network
  79. This is a test network, please ignore
  80. Oath keeper
  81. Do or die
  82. I can’t share my WiFi
  83. Titanic syncing…
  84. The secret cave
  85. Restart your device to connect to the Internet
  86. A LANister never forgets
  87. It burns when IP
  88. Silence of the LAN
  89. I am not a witch I am your WiFi
  90. Never gonna give you WiFi
  91. LANnisters pay their debts
  92. Let the WiFi win
  93. Bandwidth together
  94. Vladimir Routin
  95. One WiFi to rule them all
  96. Cut the wire
  97. You click, I pay
  98. WiFi do you love me?
  99. 404 Network Unavailable
  100. That’s what she SSID
  101. Close your bathroom curtains
  102. You shall not pass
  103. Don’t even think about connecting
  104. Lousy network connection
  105. Not free, keep looking
  106. Net Secure by NSA
  107. Optimus Prime Network
  108. WiFi is in the air
  109. Bill Wi, the Science Fi
  110. Clash of LANs