How to See Saved WiFi Passwords on Android Phone

How to See Saved WiFi Passwords on Android Phone

Once you have entered the WiFi password on your Android device then you are not allowed to view it again, but here we have shared with you over five tried and tested methods to view saved WiFi passwords on Android.

  • A definitive guide on how to find saved WiFi passwords on Android phones and tablet devices.
  • We have shared five working methods and a complete step-by-step guide to help you find and view Wi-Fi passwords for saved WiFi networks.
  • Some methods require you to have a rooted Android device and some works without root. We have discussed all the working methods and you can follow whichever you find convenient and easy.

There are moments like when we check-in to a hotel or some guesthouse for a stay. We ask the management for a Wi-Fi password and they simply type that in on our phone for us. But then when we reach our room and take out our laptop to reply to some emails (or maybe our colleague wants to connect to the Wi-Fi too), and obviously we don’t know the password.

This is when we try to look into Wi-Fi settings on our Android phone to view saved Wi-Fi passwords but to our surprise, there is actually no way to view that information.

Thankfully, Android and this wonderful Android community have always provided us with workarounds to solve problems like these.

Luckily, in the latest version of Android OS i.e. Android 10 or above, the saved WiFi password can be accessed directly from the Wi-Fi settings page. But for devices running an older version of Android, the only way to view passwords is after rooting the device.

But don’t worry as here we have all the working methods to help you see saved WiFi passwords on Android.

In this guide, we have outlined three key methods to view saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android devices.

  1. The first one is for devices running Android 10 or above OS;
  2. The second is for phones running Android 9 or below OS;
  3. And the third one is for all Android devices but it requires some advanced steps and might be a bit complicated for an average user.

To find saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android 9 or older versions of Android operating systems, rooting may be mandatory.

#1. Find WiFi Passwords on Android 10 and above

Any smartphone or tablet device running Android 10 OS or above does not require installation of any apps or added configuration to view saved WiFi passwords.

Before we proceed to the steps, we will recommend you to perform a simple check whether your device is running the latest Android 10 OS or not. If it does not, then this is a good time to check for updates and see if there is any latest version of Android available for your device.

  1. Open Settings and find Wi-Fi settings on your device. Although the exact naming for some devices might be different, they all more or less follow a similar pattern. So simply go to Setting -> Network and internet -> Wi-Fi settings.
    How to See Saved WiFi Passwords on Android PhoneHow to See Saved WiFi Passwords on Android Phone
  2. Inside the Wi-Fi settings, scroll down and look for “Saved networks” option, which stores the Wi-Fi network information of all the saved networks.
    How to See Saved WiFi Passwords on Android PhoneHow to See Saved WiFi Passwords on Android Phone
  3. Tap on any saved network for which you want to see the password.
  4. Tap on the Share option, which will prompt you to enter your PIN or password or maybe ask you to scan your fingerprint. Once verified, a QR code will be displayed on the screen along with the Network SSID and Password.
    How to See Saved WiFi Passwords on Android Phone
  5. Now you have two options, you can either scan the QR code with another device using the QR code scanner app or simply copy the password, which is listed just below the QR code.

#2. Find WiFi Password on Android 9 and below

With devices running Android 9 or below operating system things get a bit complicated as there is no direct way to view network information because all of these details are stored in the root directory, and by default, Android doesn’t give its access to us users.

However, as mentioned above, the Android community still provides doable workarounds for everyone for nearly everything they want to achieve on Android phones. And here we are going to use a root method to view those hidden details like saved Wi-Fi passwords.

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The first step is to root your phone, which will let you gain access to the system files. There are many ways to root Android OS and one method doesn’t apply to all Android devices so we will always recommend you to do some research for your model of Android before jumping onto the steps to root your phone.

Anyways, here we believe that you already have a rooted Android device. So the next step is to view saved Wi-Fi password of the network.

This can be achieved in many ways, but two feasible methods are:

Method 1 – Using App from the Google Play Store

How to See Saved WiFi Passwords on Android Phone

This method is one of the easiest out there, but only if you have a rooted Android device. Here you simply have to download and use any reputable app from the Play store that can help you gain access to Wi-Fi network details.

One of the many apps out there is the “Wi-Fi Password Show,” which is a free and easy-to-use app to view saved WiFi passwords on Android.

Once you have downloaded and installed it on your device, all you really have to do is provide the app with root permissions, so it can access the relevant directory.

Within seconds, the app will show you the password for any saved WiFi network and you can then use those details to easily connect another device to the same network.

Method 2 – Using File Explorer with Root Access

The second way is to use a file explorer or file manager to manually access the system directory on your Android and find files that contains details about WiFi network.

But first, you need to allow root access to the file explore so that it can let you access system directory, which is usually just a toggle button (root explorer) in the app settings.

How to See Saved WiFi Passwords on Android Phone

Once you have done that, follow these steps:

  1. Open file explorer and navigate your way to the following path: data > misc > wifi (for some devices, it could be system > etc > wifi).
  2. Look for a file named conf. This file contains the network names along with their password. Everything is written in plain text.
  3. We are looking for the following text:
network={ ssid=“WiFi Network Name” psk=“password” key_mgmt=WPA-PSK priority= }
How to See Saved WiFi Passwords on Android Phone

In the above text, SSID field contains the name of your WiFi network and PSK field is where you are going to find the password.

#3. Alternative Method to Find WiFi Passwords on Android

In case your Android device cannot be rooted, here we have an alternative method that works for most of the Android OS. But this will be a bit complex and requires you to have some basic knowledge about ADB and Android.

This method requires you to have a computer, compatible USB cable, drivers for your Android device, and ADB tools.

  1. Download ADB tools on your computer and extract the files to your desktop.
  2. Enable Developer Options on your device. For that, you need to go to Settings -> About Phone and scroll down to “Build number.” Tap seven times on it to enable developer options.
  3. Go back to the Settings, tap on Developer Options, find and enable USB debugging.
  4. Connect your Android device to your computer using supplied USB cable. For ADB to work properly, it is important to check that you have updated USB drivers.
  5. Go to ADB folder extracted on desktop, open command window and type it the command:
adb pull /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

The contents of the file should have been copied and placed in the ADB folder in a new file. Open it to view network names and passwords.

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