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13 Best Android Weather Forecast Radar Apps & Widgets

Are you in search for the best weather apps for Android that gives you the most precise weather forecasts along


Are you in search for the best weather apps for Android that gives you the most precise weather forecasts along with an easy-to-navigate interface? Here in this article, you will find the top weather apps that provide forecasts with great accuracy and details along with the support for widgets.

Keeping ourselves updated with the current weather conditions has become a necessity because most of our outdoor tasks are reliant on it. But, since we carry our smartphones with us all the time and many of us also wear smartwatch so acquiring accurate weather information has become a lot easier now.

Whether you want to keep yourself up-to-date with the temperature, wind speeds, humidity, UV index, dew point, precipitation reports, and visibility or want quick alerts related to any changes in the weather conditions, the best of the best Android weather apps mentioned in this list will keep you updated with the latest forecast for your geographical location.

Best Weather Apps for Android

1. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of the best weather apps for Android that gives you all the important data about weather conditions including hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts along with the RealFeel temperature index, map radar support, MinuteCast that provides precipitation on a minute basis.

The app is well designed and has a clean and nice interface. Moreover, the widgets feature offers you an up to date weather forecasts right on your Android homescreen so you won’t need to open the app to check the current climate conditions.

  • Get a quick glimpse of the current weather conditions right from the app’s homescreen.
  • MinuteCast will keep you updated with the beginning and ending of storm or snowfall.
  • Works seamlessly with Android Wear smartwatch.
  • Some slight issue with the app that causes battery drainage.


2. GO Weather Forecast & Widgets

The first word of the app name makes it pretty obvious that it is developed by the creators of GO Launcher i.e. GO Dev Team X. The sleek design, clear user interface, and tons of features are what marks it as one of the top weather apps for Android smartphones.

However, some might think that the app is overstuffed with lots of things because it provides you with a range of homescreen widgets and even some live wallpapers. So, if you are looking for simplicity and the lightweight app then you might want to skip this one.

  • Beautifully designed weather app with a variety of themes and dynamic wallpapers.
  • If the rains are expected then it reminds you to bring an umbrella.
  • Sometimes the auto-positioning does not work which results in an inaccurate weather forecast.


3. Weather – The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel has broadcasting weather forecasts and everything related to weather since the 1980s and the majority of people already this app by its name due to the credibility. The app provides location-based weather forecast, show radar maps as well as seasonal and tropical updates related to weather.

The free Android app makes sure that you are updated about the upcoming rainfall with the real-time rain alerts for any location. The hourly and weekly weather forecasts are provided in both Fahrenheit and Celsius units.

  • The app is beautifully designed with radar maps and personalized weather notification alerts.
  • Keep a constant check on specific cities by adding those locations to your favorites.
  • Not compatible with Android smartwatch.
  • The newer release of the app has become cluttered and less user-friendly.


4. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is designed and developed by Yahoo itself and let you quickly access the all the information related to weather about your selected location. The app allows you to configure the weather reporting and let you add up to twenty locations of which you want to track the weather.

Yahoo has added a unique touch to the interface and weather reports making it visually attractive that shows you a local photo related to the current weather condition. That was for the homescreen. Simply swipe to the left and the app will reveal a detailed forecast for the next few days.

  • Yahoo Weather gives you the accurate weather and temperature details in a clutter-free manner.
  • Support for widgets.
  • The recent updates have made the weather reporting unreliable and simply gives a message that says, “sorry the information is not available”.


5. Weather by WeatherBug

WeatherBug gives you access to the world of information related to the weather. And similar to Yahoo Weather, the WeatherBug also allow you to personalize the app homescreen to show you a picture relevant to the current weather situation.

You can also set up alerts that will give you notification for the updated temperature and precipitation for your selected location right in the Android notification bar of your phone. And if you live in one of those areas that are under the hurricane zone then you can subscribe to the WeatherBug alert system to keep yourself notified about all the upcoming hurricane and thunderstorm.

  • A comprehensive weather app that provides detailed information about weather for any locality.
  • Informs you via notification alert about any severe or bad weather conditions.
  • Everything is perfect but the developers have implemented a reminder that pops-up after opening the app requesting you to leave ratings, which might be a turnoff for many.


6. 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

As the name of the app suggests, 1Weather is the only weather app you need on your Android as it will fulfill all of your weather related needs in the most simplified way possible.

It provides you everything related to weather including localized temperature, Doppler radar, precipitation forecasts, phases of the moon and sun, access temperature graphs, weather related facts and videos, and even get weather notification alerts (limited to the US only) directly from the National Weather Service.


7. Weather Underground: Forecasts

Weather Underground has the ability to provide you with the current climatic conditions as well as the weather forecast for upcoming weeks for any geographical location. The developers have hundreds and thousands of personal weather stations located around the globe so it can deliver you forecast for any area.

What’s unique in Weather Underground is the community that provides you with the crowdsourced weather reports, WunderMap with interactive radars and weather stations, all of which combined shows you the most accurate climatological data of your location.


8. MyRadar Weather Radar

As the name suggests, MyRadar is a radar-based weather app that uses satellite images and radars to brilliantly show you the current weather conditions for the selected location. The app is designed to give you the on-demand weather forecasts as well as real-time hurricane tracking right on your Android phone.

Even though the weather conditions on the radar is shown as animation but it seems to perform smoothly without any lag at all. Also, it is important to mention here that the app uses data provided by National Weather Service Information, which means it can only provide weather details for the United States.


9. Precise Weather YoWindow

If you want a stunningly designed app that provides the most precise weather update then go for the YoWindow weather app. It is a beautifully designed app and gives you a living cartoonish landscape that adapts itself to the actual weather conditions of your area. You can personalize the landscape from the settings.

For example, if the sun is rising in your area then it will also rise in the YoWindow landscape. Every event happens at exactly the same time as in real life. Moreover, you can check the weather for the next few hours by simply swiping the screen to the left.


10. Morecast USA Weather & Radar

Morecast is one of the best weather and radar apps that provide the most detailed forecast graphs and radar maps, the precipitation percentage is accurate, and the app’s user interface is designed in such a way that you feel it easy to navigate and find the weather information you are looking for.

The home screen widgets are neatly designed and work flawlessly to keep you updated with the current weather status, and the widgets are customizable too so that you can configure how you want it to look. One thing I would like to mention is that the free app is ads supported and the ad-free version costs $3.15 per year. Unfortunately, they don’t offer one-time subscription.


11. NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts

NOAA weather radar and alerts is a free app that allows you to check the detailed weather conditions of your location in real-time on an interactive map. The weather-related information includes current temperature (in Celsius/Fahrenheit), real feel temperature, the highest and lowest temperature of the day, precipitation chance, weather changes, visibility, humidity, wind speed, and wind direction.

The app can be configured to provide you with the push notification alerts for the severe weather conditions like rainy, windy, stormy, or snowy. Also, you will get a detailed view for the next 7-days weather forecast for your selected location. You can even configure the info you want the app to display on the home screen.


12. Weather Timeline – Forecast

If you are into those apps that have a beautifully designed interface then you should try Weather Timeline where you can keep track of the current weather in a form of card-based timeline. Simply scroll down and the app will keep revealing you the weather conditions for the current day and then show you the seven-day forecast.

The app even has a moon viewer where it shows you the moon phases as well as an estimated time of moonrise and moonset for the current month. Moreover, apart from the high and low temperatures, the interactive weather details graph includes precipitation, air pressure, and radar view.


13. Dark Sky – Hyperlocal Weather

If you are located in one of those areas where it rains a lot then you should install Dark Sky as they provide state-of-the-art weather forecast service that will keep you updated with the perfectly accurate rain and snow forecast. And can even tell you when the rain is going to start and when it will end.

The map view will let you freely explore the past, current, and future weather conditions in a detailed report. And the radar map view will help you track the storm in real-time. The customized notification system will make sure that you are notified about any severe weather conditions or even a slight fluctuation in temperature.

  • The most reliable and accurate weather forecaster app.
  • Compatible with Android Wear.
  • The homescreen widgets are sometimes unable to fetch weather updates after recent updates.
  • Subscription based and will cost you about $2.99 for a whole year of up-to-date weather service.


14. Arcus Weather

If you really liked the Dark Sky app but you are not satisfied with their subscription-based charging structure then you will love Arcus Weather because both offers almost identical hyper-local weather forecast service and it works somewhat similar to the Dark Sky as it uses API as their data source.

The app is easy to use, has a material design, and a clear interface. You will get current weather information, hourly forecast as well as the seven-day forecast along with the radar map view. Weather alerts and customized notifications for temperature changes and precipitation.

  • Provides one of the most up-to-date weather forecasts with notifications.
  • Homescreen widgets with customizable weather information view.
  • Works flawlessly with Android Wear.
  • Removal of ads and unlocking of all the premium features requires a one-time fee, can be paid via in-app purchases.


15. Weather

Weather by MacroPinch is one of the most simplified, intuitive, and straightforward weather apps for Android to keep a check on the weather conditions for any city. After the installation, simply configure the app to show the weather forecast for your area and then it will continuously give you updated weather information right on the status bar as well as the notification bar so you won’t need to open the app.

The app can also be manually configured to send you push notifications for severe weather conditions. Moreover, if you travel a lot between different cities then you can add all of them to the list and the app will track weather conditions for all of them. And you can even place a separate widget for each location right on the homescreen.

  • Easily keep track of accurate weather conditions for multiple locations.
  • Measure UV index and ambient temperature, if your device has sensors.
  • Lacks weather information related to wind speed and humidity.


16. Weather Live

Weather Live will help you keep a constant check on the current weather conditions thanks to the persistent temperature icon in the status bar. You can even have a quick glance on the weather status right from the notification section that shows you a detailed weather view for the next eight hours so you won’t need to open the app.

With the real-time and animated weather radar, you can quickly keep track of any potential thunderstorms or snowfalls. Moreover, the app itself provides you with rain forecast for the next 24-hours along with the alerts and warnings for severe weather conditions.

  • Completely personalize the weather reporting by choosing the layout that suits your needs and requirements.
  • Shows complete weather details including RealFeel, maximum and minimum temperature, visibility, humidity, wind direction, and wind speed.
  • Compatible with Android smart watch.
  • Sometimes the weather reporting lacks accuracy.



In the conclusion, I would say that there are many factors that you must need to consider before picking out the most suitable weather app because the accuracy and forecast details highly vary between different geographical locations.

If you ask me, I like AccuWeather because of its ease of usage and especially I love their RealFeel temperature index, which is pretty accurate most of the time. Apart from that, I sometimes use Weather Underground too.

Have you tried any weather apps mentioned in this article? Which one is your most preferred? What do you like about that particular weather app? Let me know in the comments section below. 🙂

  • This blog is informative. But If you are looking for Indian weather app then I suggest one app that is Prkruti app. And this app helps to identify the pureness of the air. It can be used for AQI calculation, Air quality index by city.

  • The clock/weather widget I use has so many customizations, I consider it the Nova launcher of widgets in this category! Tons of choices for widgets, control text colors, add device info, 3 launcher hotspots, choose weather service and lots more!

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