Messenger Lite by Meta Platforms is developed to help users stay connected on Facebook with their loved ones, even on a slow-speed internet connection, and to increase efficiency in emerging countries. It is a very reliable instant messaging app compatible with a wide range of Android versions and devices.

About Messenger Lite

The most significant advantage of Messenger Lite as compared to the regular full-fledged Facebook Messenger app, this version takes up very little space than the standard version. It is highly compatible with almost all Android devices whether they are new or old, even if running an older Android version.

The features are very much identical to the regular version and offer the same functionalities that allow you to have calls and video-based conversations as well as the ability to send and receive photos, stickers, videos, and text messages.

Overall, the best part of having this app is that it takes up very less storage space and consumes significantly fewer system resources.

If you find the regular Facebook app resource hungry then we will recommend you to download the Facebook Lite version as it requires significantly less storage and RAM resources.

Messenger Lite Features

Here are some of the notable features of Facebook Messenger Lite app:

  • Less Than 10MB โ€“ The app size is small, installs quickly on any Android device, and requires less storage space.
  • Works On Slow Internet Connectivity โ€“ You can stay connected with your friends and family even when you are using a slow 2G Internet connection.
  • Fast Messaging โ€“ Let you send photos, videos, texts, and video links to anyone on your Facebook via Messenger.
  • Save Mobile Data Bandwidth โ€“ If you are traveling, then using Messenger Lite will help you save a significant amount of data bandwidth because it is efficient and uses less data.
  • See Online Status โ€“ You can easily find when your Facebook friends are online and available for conversations.
  • Group Conversations โ€“ Have group conversations with your friends to discuss about weekend plans or some school assignments quickly.
  • Voice & Video Calls โ€“ Support for one-on-one voice and video calls over WiFi or data connection without any limitations.

What's New?

Here is what's new in Facebook Messenger Lite:

  • Fast and lightweight.
  • Low battery consumption.
  • Less bandwidth data usage.

Currently, this variant of Messenger is launched in limited countries only. However, you can still take advantage of it by downloading its APK file and installing it on your Android device. The installation process is easy and takes less than a minute.