MeetMe apk is an interactive social media connectivity platform that allows people to connect with new people and make friends globally. If you are looking to find people who share hobbies and interests that match yours, then download the MeetMe app right away and begin socializing with like-minded people.

MeetMe social platform is quite diversified as compared to popular platform like Facebook since it allows its users to connect with new people, make new friends, and chat with the great people who are nearby. It’s an awesome tool to know people around you who share similar interests and with whom you can set up meetings and spend some memorable time together.

Features of MeetMe App for Android

MeetMe is a social platform targeted towards those people who are looking to meet new friends who share similar interests and have identical personalities. You can download Meetme from here. Here are some of the features of MeetMe apk:

  • A social platform that provides opportunities to the people to make new friends, to chat in real-time and meet with new people,
  • Option to go live to share the latest updates and events happening in your life,
  • Location tool is available to narrow down the friends' search within a specific area,
  • The matching tool assists you to search for people with similar specifications and preferences,
  • You can earn Credits and unlock special features after completing the tasks assigned.

About MeetMe

For those of you who are new to this, Meetme APK is an advanced combination of both Facebook and Snapchat. It allows the users to connect with new people who are nearby you, unlike Facebook, which is all about connecting with your existing friends.

Not only that, but it also comes with an exciting feature of go-live that enables the users to share happening moments and events live to better interact with their audience. There is also an option to socialize with people who have interests and hobbies in common with you.

It gives an opportunity to you to chat and talk to people based on the preferences provided at the time of signing up. The users can choose to chat or to make new friends and can select genders as well that allow MeetMe to shortlist people that are more suitable for you.

It is pretty simple and easy to sign up for an account on MeetMe. One can create a new account or sign up using an existing Facebook account. You will then be asked simple questions at the time of setting up an account like your purpose of joining MeetMe and the type of people to chat with or to make friends with.

Based on the preferences you have selected and your geographical location, suggestions are displayed on the home screen to show who is available to chat. There is a dedicated section where you can find the people who are currently going live on MeetMe. For this, you can also specify details and preferences via the Account Settings page.

On the MeetMe app, you will find a section titled Match that allows you to socialize with people who share similar likes and dislikes with you. The Match tab serves as a matching tool that searches people around you who are of the same age or belong to the same geographical coordinates.

MeetMe apk also comes with special features that can be unlocked when other users pay Credits for them. If you want to earn free credits, there are several tasks and challenges within the MeetMe app that you can perform to get free MeetMe credits.