Are you annoyed that the Amazon Fire TV stick has an Amazon UI home screen that shows you all the content related to their brand and does not even allow you to see all the apps installed on your device? Download the Firestarter apk (also known as AppStarter for FireTV), which works as an app drawer and provides you with much greater control over your device and lets you easily update Kodi without root.

Amazon has designed the default UI of their Amazon Fire TV stick with many limitations where you cannot modify the home screen, install a new custom launcher, and don’t even let you download apps from unknown sources.

However, installing the Firestarter app or AppStarter app lets you give your Amazon Fire TV a completely new home screen user interface without rooting your device or voiding the warranty. And you will be able to download and install custom apps and get to see all the apps installed on your FireTV stick using the AppStarter home screen UI, and you will be ready to launch those apps easily as well.

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Features of Firestarter/AppStarter

AppStarter is a handy app for Amazon Fire TV users as it comes bundled with a lot of features to enhance the device's overall workings. Those features are:

  • Apps Organizing – You can freely organize and sort all the apps using a drag-and-drop functionality or through the Settings button.
  • Built-in Kodi & SPMC – Gives you the ability to download, install, and update Kodi & SPMC from within the AppStarter interface.
  • Import & Export Settings – The app allows you to import as well as export the AppStarter settings in case you have multiple Fire TV devices or want to have a backup of your preferences.
  • View Installed Apps – Shows a list of all the apps installed on your device, including the ones installed via adb or sideloaded.
  • See System Information – You can find all the system and device information about your Fire TV including build version, Android version, WiFi SSID name, total uptime, IP address.
  • Automatic Update – AppStarter comes with a native automatic updater that keeps the app up-to-date.
  • No root – You don’t need to gain root access on your Fire TV to install this app.

About Firestarter/AppStarter

Designed and developed by Sphinx02, Firestarter is an app drawer and Kodi/SMPC updater especially designed for Amazon Fire TV devices so that the users can easily bypass the default FireTV user interface, which is extremely restricted and usually promotes Amazon’s products in an attempt to gain more customer base.

Recently, with the release of version 4.0, the developer decided to rename the app from Firestarter apk to AppStarter apk and changed the package name to de.belu.appstarter.

One of the key benefits of AppStarter is that it does not require you to root your FireTV to change the launcher or home screen. And not rooting means your device’s warranty will remain undamaged while you will get the ability to browse all the apps installed on your Fire TV right from the home screen, ability to download and install apps from unknown sources.

With the AppStarter app, you can install the Kodi and SMPC apps on your Fire TV device as well as keep both of those apps updated all the time in the easiest way possible.

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Not only that. The AppStarter apk also has its own way of showing device and system information of your Fire TV device, which looks identical to that of Android and includes data like Android version, Hostname, IP Address, Build Version, Uptime, and WiFi Name/SSID.

Firestarter/AppStarter Demo Screenshots

You can see some of the demo screenshots of the Firestarter/AppStarter app to find out what the app looks like on the Amazon Fire TV:

firestarter appstarter amazon firetv