Do you want to listen to YouTube Music on Android and want to have support for background playback and repeat options? You should get the PVStar+ Pro apk and enjoy listening to tons of music for free. ;)

PVStar+ Pro apk is a feature-rich and one of the highly popular music listening apps ever designed for Android phones and tablet devices. It is compatible with wide range of online music and video streaming services including YouTube, NicoVideo, DailyMotion, and Vimeo.

The interface and design of this app are what makes it easy and simple to operate for anyone with basic knowledge of using Android devices. The app lists down all the music and songs based on the current popularity and current rankings on the charts. And the best part is that you can create your own custom playlist and add music from various streaming sites.

Features of PVStar+ Pro for Android

PVStar+ Pro apk has lots of features and we have listed some of them here in this section below:

  • Video Search – You can search for videos on a variety of music streaming services and can find videos from existing playlists and channels.
  • Background Playback – Ability to play music and your personalized playlist in the background while you use other apps on your phone like Facebook.
  • Shuffle – Randomly plays the music from your selected playlist.
  • Custom Playlist – You can create over a hundred playlists (mylist) based on your personal selection.
  • Sleep Timer – Set up sleep timer for 30 minutes, then lay down and doze off without worrying about draining your phone’s battery while you sleep.
  • Auto Tweet – Once setup and enabled, the app will automatically tweet the title of the music to your Twitter followers with ‘NowPlaying’ hashtag.
  • Low Quality Mode – If you have a slow Internet connection, simply enable this option and listen to your favorite tracks without interruption.
  • Import Playlist – Let you import all of your existing playlists from other video streaming services and create a new playlist within the PVStar+ Pro app.

Above mentioned are just a few highlighted features being offered by PVStar+ Pro for Android, apart from these the app provides you with countless other options to help you enjoy your favorite music uninterruptedly.

About PVStar+ Pro

PVStar+ Pro is designed by a Japanese based app development company called Asbit Co., Ltd. It is a reliable music player and custom playlist maker app and allows you to add music from a wide range of websites and online video streaming services so that you can consolidate it into a single playlist.

The app is powerful enough to let you create and even manage your existing playlists on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, NicoVideo, and DailyMotion. You can search for new videos and music using voice search feature and look for music in channels and playlists within a matter of seconds.

The app was originally available on Google Play Store as well as Amazon store, but later the developer pulled their app from the Play Store and now it is available on Amazon store. But you can still download PVStar+ Pro apk for free from our site using the link given below.

PVStar+ Pro Demo Screenshots

To help you visualize how the PVStar+ Pro apk looks like on Android phone, we have posted some screenshots below of the app in action: