Want to download all the paid apps available on the Google Play Store for free? No worries, download the Black Mark apk and get all the apps you want for free for your Android smartphone and tablet devices.

Features of Black Mart App Store

Here are some of the features of Black Mart that you can download for free.

  • Free applications, all the applications that you can download from Black Mart app store are completely free.
  • Full applications, every app available over here are complete applications. There are no trial or test versions of the app.
  • No compatibility issues, this app doesn’t have any compatibility issues as Google Play Store has. You can easily download any app you want, on any smartphone or tablet without any worries.

About Black Mart App Store

Black Mart APK is a free application that gives you the freedom to download all your favorite apps for free on your Android smartphone. We have always been on the spot once, where we want to download the application but don’t want to pay for it. Black Mart APK is the perfect app for all the users who want to download all the paid apps for free.

Black Mart APK is a market place for all the Android apps available for your Android smartphone or tablet. It is an alternative to Google Play Store with some extra useful features like you don’t need to have a Google account to download the apps. Most of the apps that are available on the Google Play Store are paid applications, so this app lets you download all those long wanted paid apps for free.

This app only has all the full versions of the apps, which means that there are no trial versions of the apps; it offers only the full versions of the app.

Google Play Store also limits some smartphones and doesn’t allow it to download a certain application which might be compatible anyways. Black Mart APK doesn’t stop you from downloading any apps, if you want to download an app, just find the app on Black Mart and tap download and try the app itself, if you like it then use it otherwise delete it without the worries of losing your money as you get all the apps for free.

It is also a really simple and nicely laid out application. Once you’ve downloaded the app you open it, you’ll see the search button on the top right corner of the screen which you can use to search for different applications you want.

Then, under the search bar, there are five tabs, namely, applications, Games, installed, downloads, and backups.

If you tap on the applications tab, you’ll be greeted with all the applications that are trending or are related to your recent downloads or match search history. Similarly, under the games tab, you’ll see all the games trending around the world and the games that are most popular in your region.

After that, there is the installed tab which shows you all the apps that you’ve installed on your android device through this app. It also shows you if your app is up-to-date or not. If it has a pending update, it is also going to visible to you there with the option to update that app.

Then there is a downloads tab which shows you all the apps that you’ve downloaded but doesn’t have it installed on the device. It shows you all the previous apps that you’ve installed and then deleted from your Android device.

And then lastly, there is backups tab which shows you all the backups you’ve made of a certain app. It also gives you the option to make a backup of any app that you’ve installed.