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Are you looking for an open-source third-party Android app store for your smartphone and tablet that will let you download

  Name: Aptoide
 Developer: Aptoide
  Categtory: Utility
  Size: 20.00 MB
Package name: cm.aptoide.pt
  Price: Free
  Release: 16 - 03 - 2020
  Availability: WorldWide
  Safety Check: Safe
  Language: English
Playstore: Not available on Play store
App Requirements: Internet connectivity,
Android 2.2 Froyo or above.

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You can download APK file from the link below.

App Details & Guide

Are you looking for an open-source third-party Android app store for your smartphone and tablet that will let you download and install any Android app without any registration? Download Aptoide apk Google Play Store alternative for Android and start discovering hundreds and thousands of emerging apps, games, and utilities.

Aptoide is an Android app store that contains a huge collection of games, applications, and tools and serves as an alternative app store in addition to the existing Google Play store. This app store comes with exciting features that give freedom to individuals as well as companies to develop and manage their own app stores.

However, one needs to always remember that Aptoide is not an official Android app store rather it is an independent app store that comes with added features for app and game developers as they can showcase their development skills on the app store. This means you, as a developer, are free to share any game, tools, utilities, and other apps via social collaboration that is either not available on the Google Play stores or is being offered as a paid-only app.


About Aptoide APK

As we have already mentioned in the very beginning, Aptoide is an autonomous app store that serves as a huge repository of Android games and apps. It is not just a singular app store rather it is a collection of multiple app stores. Not only that, it works as a platform for all the app developers where they can showcase their skills and ideas to a wider audience.

Since after the initial launch of Aptoide APK, the app store is being developed and maintained with the help of recommendations from the community who assist other users in discovering new apps and content based on their liking and interest. Now there are numerous in-app stores being actively managed by Aptoide clients and partners who are providing users with updated content proficiently.

The app store comes with notable features including ‘Aptoide Uploader’ that allows publishing of your favorite apps on the store and ‘Aptoide Backup’ to create back up of the apps installed on your phone and store that on your personal app store. You, as a user, will have the option to have either a private or a public store.

Talking about the interface, it is relatively similar to the Google Play Store. You can navigate between top apps, trending, and latest app updates through the tabs. The home screen of the Aptoide store displays featured and trending apps. You can also search for the app you are looking for using a search bar and the powerful inbuilt search engine will search through all the publicly available Aptoide app stores.

You can even download the previous version of any app, which undoubtedly is one of the most requested features of the official Play Store. There is a special editorial tab as well alongside the home tab.

What’s more interesting is that you are also allowed to create your own personal app store as well as follow others via the Stores tab, which makes it look like an app store social media network.

Based on the apps you have installed and other stores you have followed, Aptoide is also going to recommend to you other relevant stores that can be followed from the available list or you can type in the name of the particular store you want to follow.


Features of Aptoide

Aptoide is a feature-rich app store and has a lot of notable aspects that are worth mentioning. Here we have listed a handful of them:

  • A unified platform that serves as a collection of hundreds and thousands of apps and games, giving a diverse choice of apps to the users.
  • Perfect for developers as they can upload apps and games to reach a wider audience.
  • Ability to follow other Aptoide stores and to create a personal app store via Aptoide Uploader.
  • There are different versions of apps available on Aptoide from where users can select their desired version of the app, whether it is an old version or the latest version.
  • Backup personal data and apps on the Aptoide cloud servers where the privacy of the data can be set to either private or shared.
  • Aptoide has incorporated AppCoins cryptocurrency that is beneficial for both the developers and currency holders.


Screenshots of Aptoide

Here are the screenshots of Aptoide apk for Android:

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