Google Meet (formerly Google Duo) is a cross-platform video calling app that brings high-quality video calls to your Android smartphone and tablet devices while keeping the interface simple. This will help you have face-to-face group voice and video calls with up to eight members, making it more straightforward and more comfortable to stay connected with your friends and family.

Not only that, this video calling platform is suitable for business meetings as well, as all of your calls and conversations will remain private thanks to end-to-end encryption. So you are not going to have any privacy concerns and can keep your focus on getting the real work done.

Features of Google Meet Video Calling App

Google Meet offers you a handful of features to make video calling simpler and more manageable. We have highlighted below some of the key features you are going to find in this app:

  • Cross-Platform – Fully compatible with devices running Android and iOS so you can have conversations regardless of the platform, even supporting Web version.
  • Group Calling – Stay connected with those who matter the most to you via group video calling functionality that allows over eight persons at a time.
  • Voice Calls – You can have voice-only chats too, best suitable when you don’t have reliable internet connectivity.
  • Video Messaging – This is the most useful when your friend or colleague isn’t available, and you want to share something. You will get to send over 30-second long video messages.
  • Low Light Mode – Don’t have appropriate lighting? You don’t need to worry because Google Meet will fix it for you with the handy low-light mode feature.
  • Knock Knock – Yes, that’s actually a feature! When you are receiving a video call, this gives you a live video preview of the person who is calling you before you even pick up the call.

About Google Meet for Android

Google Meet provides you with a super-crisp and clear video calling experience in HD quality. And the app makes sure to work in the best way possible while keeping the video resolution at its peak through technologies like web-based real-time communication (WebRTC) and QUIC network protocol. So your video call will not drop even on low-bandwidth networks.

The video-calling app was released in 2016. It is not only compatible with mobile devices but also with desktop and laptop computers through the Google Chrome web browser. And it is officially a successor to Google Hangouts.