Want to listen to your lovely music or watch your favorite videos from YouTube but can’t bother to tap the play button again and again? Don’t worry, download this app called Listen On Repeat and jam to your favorite music without the need of tapping the play button again and again.

Features Of ListenOnRepeat

  1. Play your favorite videos again and again without any hindrance
  2. Jam on your favorite music repetitively, while doing your everyday work without any hurdle
  3. Play any YouTube video on repeat for as long as you want
  4. Dedicated replay counter, for keeping track of how many times you’ve watched a video.

About ListenOnRepeat

Unquestionably ListenOnRepeat is the simplest but most useful app ever made. We all like things that are free and most of us listen to music and watch almost all the videos on YouTube as it is free and there is great content generated every day on this platform. But sometimes, if you want to listen to new music again and again on repeat, it is not possible on YouTube. You’ll constantly need to tap the play button every time the video ends.

So, some people thought about it seriously and made an app that can do this for you. Just search for the video you’re looking for and forget about it, it is going to play the video again once it ends and it is also going to tell you how many times you’ve watched the video on the replay counter located at the bottom of the screen.

It is also great when you don’t have the song downloaded that you wanted to play, but you have internet. So you can just open this app, search for the name of the song, and just play it repetitively without any hustle or worry.

This can also come in handy when you’re following a 5-minute recipe and you need to watch it again and again as it is so fast. Just open this app, search for the video, and play. It will play it repeatedly, and you don’t need to tap or touch your phone with your dirty hands.

It also has a dedicated replay counter at the bottom of the screen to keep track of how many times you’re watching a video.

If you listen to music from YouTube while bathing, it can save your phone from getting wet or drowning in the bathtub while trying to change the music or play it again as it can also get pretty annoying sometimes to get out of the bathtub and dry your hands to play the music again.