YouTube Blue is like a modded version of the original YouTube app that brings you tons of added features and controls unavailable in the official YouTube for Android app.

Numerous features are necessary but not available on free YouTube. But with YouTube Blue, you can enjoy the premium features and functionalities without paying a penny. We will talk about all the exciting features offered by this unofficial YouTube app.

YouTube Blue for Android

Features of YouTube Blue

YouTube Blue is a feature-rich app with unique capabilities that stand out from other YouTube apps like YouTube Revanced. Here are a few of the most notable ones:

  • Background Playback: Background playback is not possible without YouTube Premium. But this Blue version allows you to play videos in the background.
  • Themes: Originally, only night mode was available. With YouTube Blue, you can access various colored themes, including red, blue, and amber.
  • Zooming Capabilities: With the pinch-to-zoom gesture, you can easily zoom in on the videos and make them full-size to cover the whole screen.
  • Picture-In-Picture Mode: PIP is not available on regular YouTube, but with the blue version, you can enjoy picture-in-picture mode.
  • Repeat Option: You can use the repeat feature to put the video on repeat. This is helpful when you have a favorite music and want to keep listening on repeat.
  • Ad Blocker: This comes with an ad-blocking feature that you can use to block advertisements while watching videos.
  • HDR Mode: Enabling High Dynamic Range mode gives you a clearer, crisper video-watching experience. This feature is not initially offered in the YouTube app.
  • Download Videos: You get access to the download feature. This lets you watch videos when you are out of internet connectivity or on the go.
  • Double Tap Gesture: The double-tap gesture is a fantastic feature that lets you put YouTube to sleep.
  • Change Country: This is a unique feature that you won’t be able to find anywhere. It comes in handy when you want to watch videos restricted to specific countries.
  • Brightness Adjustment: You can adjust the screen's brightness with a swipe gesture. You can configure it from the settings.
  • Audio Controls: Similar to the brightness control, you can configure swipe controls to adjust volume while watching any video.

About YouTube Blue

YouTube Blue is an amazing app that brings added features and some special capabilities that are nowhere to be found in the stock YouTube app.

You can control volume and brightness by swiping your fingers on the screen while playing the video.

The usability is fluid. And the option to play videos in the background, even with the screen off, is absolute bliss.

The background playback is most suitable in those cases when you are listening to your favorite music playlist on YouTube. But you want to save battery by turning off the screen.

If you have any favorite music you want to listen to on repeat, you can use the repeat feature to continue listening without interruption.