Fake GPS Go Joystick apk download for Android to spoof your location on Android phone and tablet devices. It is one of the most popular location-hacking apps among Pokémon GO players. Here, you can download the latest Fake GPS Go to hack location and control your character with a joystick. ;)

If this app doesn't work, we highly recommend you try GPS JoyStick by TheAppNinjas, which is available for download here.

Fake GPS Go Joystick by ExcellentApps is one of the excellent location hacking apps for Pokémon GO. You can control your Pokémon trainer with a joystick and move it anywhere you want without leaving your home or office.

Key Features of Fake GPS Go

Fake GPS Go isn't just about teleporting your phone to exotic locales. It's a feature-packed toolkit that caters to diverse needs, from casual gamers to app developers. Let's delve into its wonderful capabilities:

Location Pinpoint & Management:

  • World at your fingertips: Choose any spot on the globe using a user-friendly map interface. There is no need to decipher complex latitude/longitude coordinates!
  • Bookmark your haunts: Save frequently visited virtual destinations for instant recall, like your favorite gaming arenas or test locations.
  • Accuracy arsenal: Spoof your location with varying degrees of precision. Tighten the radius for fooling location-sensitive games, or loosen it for broader coverage when testing apps.

Movement Maestro:

  • Routemaster: Craft intricate paths for your virtual journeys. Upload GPX files to replicate real-world routes meticulously, which is ideal for testing fitness trackers or navigation apps.
  • Joystick jockey: Take the wheel of your virtual movement! Use the intuitive joystick to control your direction and speed, making exploration a breeze.
  • Pause & play: Don't get swept away! Hit pause to halt your virtual trek and resume whenever you're ready, without losing your progress.

Bonus Goodies:

  • Sharing is caring: Share your fabricated location with other apps directly from Fake GPS Go, streamlining workflows and boosting convenience.
  • Stores Your History: The pro version lets you record your virtual footprints, keeping track of your explored territories.
  • Great Customizability: Tweak the app's interface and language to match your preferences, making it a truly personal experience.

About Fake GPS Go for Android

Yes, Fake GPS Go JoyStick is one of those magical location-hacking apps that allow you to play Pokémon GO on your Android without requiring you to take a walk around your neighborhood. The app provides you with an on-screen joystick, using which you can move your Pokémon character in any direction you want, without any limitation.

The app even allows you to create custom routes using the built-in map, you can then tap on the Start Route button and the app will automatically walk your Pokemon trainer through that route without any input. You can also set the customized walking speed to prevent your account from getting soft-banned.

Moreover, you can use this app to hatch all those 2KM, 5KM, and 10KM eggs and collect rare Pokémon without walking or hunting for hours. You can easily configure the Fake GPS Go location spoofing app to create a track and it will automatically walk your character to hatch those eggs.

Isn’t that amazing?

The app even allows you to take your Pokémon GO character to virtually any part of the world. All you need is the location coordinates, i.e., latitude and longitude, and the app will change your location immediately.

For those of you who don’t know, recently, the app was gaining a lot of popularity and many Pokémon GO players were spoofing their location so Niantic Inc. forced Google Play Store to remove the Fake GPS app from the Google app store which is the reason why you cannot find it there.

But don’t worry, you can still download the working GPS Joystick from the link given on this page and install it on your Android phone without any issue. The app still works perfectly and lets you control your Pokémon trainer with the joystick and spoof your location.

You can download Fake GPS Go (es.excellentapps.fakegpsgo) for your Android phone and tablet devices for free from the link given at the beginning of this post.