Smart Android Assistant is one of the most powerful and comprehensive apps in order to optimize the system automatically by having features including: cleaning the RAM and clearing cache memory, managing the CPU consumption, automatic power saving, displaying the features of the system, backing up, recovery and uninstalling the apps along with widget icon.


Features List:

  • -Automatic boosting in determined intervals by the user.
  • -Automatic battery saving by the time the battery reaches to the amount determined by the user.
  • -Having widget icon in order to perform boosting only with 1 tap.
  • -Managing the CPU consumption.
  • -Presenting a comprehensive list of open applications and the degree of the CPU usage from any of them.
  • -Possibility of stopping the processes only with 1 tap.
  • -Displaying RAM, ROM details including used, free and the total space of each one.-Displaying a line chart of RAM usage every moment.
  • -Presenting a comprehensive list of open applications and the amount of the usage of each application of the RAM.
  • -Cleaning the memory only with 1 tap.
  • -Adding desired applications to the white list in order to ignore them in boosting operation.
  • -Presenting a comprehensive list of the applications in the cache memory.
  • -Clearing the cache memory only with 1 tap.
  • – Automatic power saving.
  • -Displaying the battery status including the amount of using the charge, temperature, voltage and technology.
  • -Access to system tools including Bluetooth, WiFi, brightness, volume, ringmode and …
  • -Having 4 power saving modes and the possibility of adding user’s desired settings in order to manage battery usage.
  • -Presenting a comprehensive list of open applications and the amount of battery usage by any of them.
  • -Displaying features of system including the model of the device, OS, display and other parts and sensors of it.
  • -Providing a backup version of apps and restoring and sharing backup versions.
  • -Clearing the system including the Gmail history, empty folders, cache, log files, clipboard and …
  • -Quick access to opening and uninstalling the apps.
  • -Adding shortcut on home screen.
  • -User friendly interface.

Download APK File

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