You TV Player apk for Android is quite a sophisticated multimedia player that provides access to numerous TV and cable channels on one platform. It saves the users' money from buying subscriptions for multiple TV cables and streaming apps.

These days, people have to pay for monthly or yearly subscriptions to different TV channels to enjoy their favorite shows and seasons. It is not just about the rent but also about the hassle of switching between different streaming apps on a single device.

The You TV Player Descargar Gratis app solves all these problems by integrating all the global TV channels for Android phone users so they can watch their favorite shows, make playlists, and download their favorite content to watch later while offline.

Features of The You TV Player

Here are some of the key features of You TV Player Pro for Android:

  • A consolidated app that provides unlimited access to global TV and cable channels from various countries, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Chile.
  • A free-of-cost solution that allows users to stream and watch their favorite programs online.
  • There are different channels available country-wise, sports channels, Japanese anime, and other popular series.
  • It allows the user to link it with PC and stream content directly on it.
  • A single-step hassle-free sign-up process for the users to save time.
  • Multiple options to customize by choosing the name, avatar, and other channel options to personalize the app.
  • Users can choose from a list of channels and can restrict the options by selecting their favorite ones only.
  • TV programs and shows can be added to the favorite list to have a record of them.
  • There are several video sources available to watch the videos from the preferred server.
  • The user can choose to set the alarm with programs to get a reminder to watch them at their preferred hour of the day.

About You TV Player

You TV Player is not just a video streaming app; instead, it provides access to a lot of TV and cable channels from all over the world. One can watch sports channels, local Mexican channels, and even Japanese anime. This app opens doors for Android users to countless global TV channels and the most popular series.

Having this player app on an Android phone is just like having a TV with many channel subscriptions, all of which are available in a single app. The user can add multiple programs and series from different channels to the favorite bar to have a consolidated personalized favorite channel for quick access.

The sign-up process is quite simple. The user is provided with multiple options to sign-up, which include email, Google, and Facebook. Once the user signs up with the preferred choice, the app asks for the user's permission to access device storage.

There are two options to watch videos on the You TV Player:

  • One can select different streaming server options available to watch videos online, or rather
  • Download the videos on the device to watch later.

It is essential to mention here that the downloaded videos are saved in Android device storage, and that's why the app requests users' permission for storage access.

Once the user is done with the sign-up process, the You TV Player directs to the latest tab that serves as the main home screen.

The YouTVPlayer offers a whole new domain of TV channels and series and comes with numerous options to select from. The user can explore the latest bar or search for the channel via the search option available on the top right side.

You TV Player Customizable Options

There are two option bars available. One is on the top left side, and the other is on the top right side corner.

First, we are going to explore the options located on the right side:

If you click the option available on the right side, it will direct you to the menu that contains options, which include My Account, about the App, share, and other apps.

Since sign-up is linked with email or Facebook, the user does not have much of a choice to choose a username. However, the My Account section provides the user with options to personalize the player. The user can change the name and even change the photo from the "change avatar" option. There are quite exciting avatars available, and one can choose from the list available.

There is also a filter option that allows the user to select the channels according to personal preference. There are options available like Mexico, Argentina, USA, Canada, Anime, Costa Rica, and many more. It is entirely up to the user to check the favorite ones, or all the channels can be selected.

There is an option about the app that contains a sub-option of settings, data protection consent, and clear app data. The user can choose to download an older version of the app or continue with the latest one. One can also clear the app data to save Android phone memory and storage.

The setting button has got different options for the users to check or uncheck, like choosing to see the channels on the main screen as a grid or in the form of single rows, and select to activate the latest notifications related to the available shows on You TV Player.

If the user is a fan of Formula 1 or Soccer, then one can tick the sports events options so that not a single event is missed out. The sharing option is also available, and one can choose to share on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

The player also shows its other apps in the options bar to facilitate users to choose between YouMusic, You Sports TV, Health Check, TV View, and many more.

Now, let us explore the options available on the left-hand side:

A bar slides from the left to present options like favorites, alarms, and view on PC. While watching a video online on the app, the user can tap on the star button to add the program to the favorites list.

One of the most interesting features of You TV Player that is not available in any other streaming app is the alarm option. The user can set the alarm for the videos available in this app so that a bell will ring at the desired time. It is just amazing since the user gets to choose a comfortable time during the day to watch their favorite show. And surprisingly, this player has got it all sorted out for its users with the alarm option that does not let the user forget about the show.

There is another exciting feature of this app, i.e., the user can also link this app with PC to watch the series on a bigger screen. The latest bar shows all the channels available on the home screen. However, the user can select individual channels as well from the list available on the left-hand side.

The user can simply click on the series to play on YouTVPlayer, and it also shows the details of the program along with other options on the screen. The user can press the green button to play the video online.

There are three buttons available on the right side of the series name:

  • Star Button โ€“ Allows the user to add the program to the favorites list
  • Alarm Button โ€“ Opens the calendar and time for the user to set the alarm
  • Notification Button โ€“ The user can press this button to see the latest news related to the show