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10 Best Calendar Apps For Android To Manage Tasks Easily

Are you in search for the best calendar app that is easy to use, lightweight, and satisfies all of your


Are you in search for the best calendar app that is easy to use, lightweight, and satisfies all of your requirements to keep yourself on schedule?

Here I have included the ten best calendar apps that are suitable for Android smartphones as well as tablets and will keep reminding you about your important events and appointments ahead of the time without any delay.

I hope you will be able to find the perfect calendar app for your Android from the list below, and it makes it easier for you to manage your day-to-day life.

#01 – New Calendar

New Calendar is one of the most simplified, user-friendly, and includes some of the most common calendar functionalities that will enable you to manage your schedule while helping you keeping yourself organized. The plus point of this app is that you can even sync it with your existing schedules stored within the Google Calendar.

The app provides you with several calendar views including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. And you can even search for all of your scheduled events using the built-in search feature. You will also get a To-do list as well as time for every city in the world, which will make it easier for you to schedule foreign events.


  • Support public holidays for more than thirty regions.
  • Voice reminder functionality.
  • Support over ten different widgets.


  • Contains ads.

#02 – Calendar Widget: Month

As the name of the app itself suggests Calendar Widget: Month is simply a widget app that provides you with a quick access to calendar and agenda to keep track of your daily schedule right from the home screen.

Since it is a basic widget app, it contains over eighty exceptionally designed modern and beautiful widgets. And the widgets are perfectly designed so that it can integrate seamlessly into any home screen layout.


  • Sync with Google Calendar.
  • Access your schedule and todo list right from the widget.


  • Does not include some basic calendar features.
  • Additional widgets need to be purchased individually via in-app purchases.
  • Contains ads.

#03 – Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 is one of the most powerful calendar apps that is fast and easy to use and provides you with an access to weather, tasks, and widgets. There are different calendar views including month view, week view, day view, and agenda so that you can keep track of your day-to-day tasks.

The app provides you with numerous functionalities including a custom reminder functionality for each individual event with several choices such as days, hours, and minutes. The user interface is well designed. There’s also an option that let you assign your choice of color to the event to make it easier for you to distinguish.


  • Offer over twenty-two themes and seven widgets as well as more than fifty customizable widget options.
  • Feature to move and delete multiple events at once.
  • Provide access to pro features via in-app purchases.
  • Sync events with Google Calendar and Exchange.


  • Some worthy features has been removed from the app.

#04 – aCalendar

aCalendar is the most simplified, effective, lightweight, and classic-styled calendar app that is developed by a team of developers based in Germany. Just like any other calendar app, you will have three overview options i.e. month, week, and day.

Once you have installed the app, it will synchronize with your Google account and will then display all the available calendar events automatically. And because it connects with your Google account, you can easily create any event and associate it with the relevant contact. You can use different types of reminders to make sure you don’t miss an important event.


  • Assign your event a unique color.
  • Swipe function to quickly move forward and backward.
  • Can be upgraded to the premium version to remove ads and add additional premium calendar features.


  • Free version contains occasional ads.

#05 – Cal – Calendar + Widget

Cal is basically a combination of both, Calendar and Widget, and both of them will help you keep an eye on your schedule so that you can accomplish more in a day. The interface is clutter free and there are no complicated steps between you and your agenda.

The sync feature supports both Google Calendar as well as Microsoft Exchange, and even allows you to naturally merge both event types, business and personal, in one place. Whereas the Android home screen widget will allow you to review your day without even opening the calendar app.


  • Over nine photo based themes.
  • Reach your event location faster and easily with built-in support for Google Maps, Uber, and Waze.
  • No advertisements.


  • Less frequent updates.
  • Developer usually never responds to the issues.

#06 – DigiCal Calendar Agenda

DigiCal Calendar app makes it easy for you to schedule and review your events. It has a powerful, simple and instinctive design that provides a clear overview of all the events, allows you to copy and paste events along with the unique ability to fully customize the calendar according to your personal taste.

The app gives you an easy access to the calendar while making it simple for you to manage events and appointments. You can assign a different color to the different event. And it can sync all of your events stored in Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, and Outlook.


  • Over six different calendar widgets.
  • Material design along with a dark theme for nighttime usage.
  • Provide in-app purchases for DigiCal+ premium version with innovative features and no advertisements.


  • Contains ads.
  • Less frequent updates.

#07 – SolCalendar

SolCalendar will help you to get yourself strikingly systematized and stay on track and ahead of your schedule. It allows you to effectively manage your tasks and time during your busy day. The built-in weather forecast system will keep you updated on the weather changes every day.

The best feature of SolCalendar is that it allows you to synchronize and manage all of your calendars in a single app including Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo! Calendar, and any other calendar service that supports CalDAV.


  • All-in-one solution to manage multiple calendars.
  • Frequently updated.
  • No ads and no in-app purchases.


  • Developer doesn’t usually respond to the user’s issues.

#08 – Jorte Calendar & Organizer

Jorte is not just a calendar but it is also an organizer app that has a pleasant looking, a natural calendar that will fulfill all of your scheduling and organizing needs. You can easily use it for both, business as well as personal events.

The app provides you with a wide variety of widgets so that you can keep track of your events right from the home screen. The app has the capability to sync with numerous calendar services, task managers, and note apps including Microsoft Office 365, Google Task, Google Calendar, Evernote and several others.


  • Receive frequent updates for bug fixes and improvements.
  • One of the most highly customizable calendar apps.
  • Have in-app purchases option that allows you to remove ads and add premium features.


  • Contains ads.
  • Several features that were being offered for free are now premium.

#09 – Tiny Calendar

Tiny Calendar is a mashed version of Google Calendar and Apple’s iOS Calendar. The developers have taken all the finest features from the both apps and have merged them into their own app. They have also designed their app in such a way that it gives you an increased control over your entire schedule.

To serve the event tracking purpose well, developers have included over seven different calendar views along with some unique widgets that give you daily, weekly, monthly, agenda as well as mini month view of your calendar. Moreover, the app has a unique ‘drag and drop’ function allows you to move events in a matter of seconds.


  • Drag and drop feature.
  • Sync calendar events between multiple platforms.
  • Ability to add and edit events while offline.
  • Ads can be removed by purchasing Tiny Calendar Pro version for $5.


  • Contains ads.
  • Some features require polishing.

#10 – Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the official calendar app for the Android phones and most probably, you are not satisfied with this app, which is the reason why you were looking for the best apps. However, many Android phones do not come preinstalled with Google Calendar. And if you are one of those then I will recommend you to try this app.

The reason is that the official Google Calendar app is well integrated with other Google apps like Gmail and Google Now. So let’s suppose you have received an email about your flight confirmation or hotel reservation, the Google Calendar app will automatically add that to events list.

Apart from that, the app works pretty well with Microsoft Exchange too!


  • Receive frequent updates for bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features.
  • No ads.


  • The interface of the updated app might look clumsy and cluttered.

Which Calendar App Is Your Favorite?

It does not matter which app you use on your Android phone. What really matters is that it should suit your requirements, fulfill your needs, and help you to keep yourself organized.

Do you have any favorite calendar apps? Please let me know down below, I would love to hear about them! 🙂