5 Best Android Spying Apps To Spy on Anyone

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You can have any reason to want to monitor someone’s mobile device. I can easily list down dozens of reasons for installing monitoring app on someone’s mobile. But the number one reason why you want to use a phone-monitoring app is you are a concerned parent whose child may be a victim of cyberbullying.

“Why cyberbullying?”, you may ask.

After reading an online report by Anti-bullying Pro, which relied on findings from three years ago, proved that there is an increase in ChildLine counseling by 87%. I decided to write this article to help parents like you whose children are either affected by bullying or you care enough about your child to monitor their online activity on the Internet and social media to protect them from the content and websites inappropriate for their age.

Shocking as it may seem, almost forty percent of the cases reported involve kids between the ages of seven and eleven. Most kids know about someone else who is also a victim of online bullying. However, 64% of the cases do not let their parents know. Out of every ten kids, seven are victims of bullying. These stats prove that there is the reason for the rise in the usage of android spying apps worldwide. Parents can use such monitoring apps to know what their kids are hiding and keep them safe from cyberbullying.

To add to the dilemma, the report went ahead to confirm that about 5.43 million people in the United Kingdom experience bullying at some point in their lives. Alarmingly, approximately 1.26 million people are easy victims of extreme bullying on a daily basis.

Now, as you are aware of the scenario and why it is important to protect your child’s safety in the current online world, here are five best phone monitoring apps we have screened to help you narrow down your search and find the best solution that suits your needs.


Best Android Spying Apps


XNSPY is the number one on this list because it works very well as both, a parental control app and an employee tracking solution. It offers multiple monitoring features, although there are some limitations. You may need to root an Android device before some features work. Besides, if your target device is iOS mobile operating system based, then you have to make sure if it is jailbroken or not.

XNSPY Android Spying Apps

You can use this app to monitor various mobile activities as the app is powerful enough to gather data from entire conversations on text messages, emails, and IM chats (WhatsApp, Skype, LINE, KIK, Viber, and Facebook messenger).

While screening emails and texts it can watchlist words and notify users if there is the use of unwanted words or profanity. XNSPY also has the capacity to provide real-time GPS location updates of the target device. You can listen to recorded calls and recorded ambient conversations.

The app is designed to automatically upload all the photos, videos, and recorded files of the target device to the browser-based control panel, from where you can easily monitor the activity. The reason why most people opt to use this app is that it operates in the stealth mode throughout.

XNSPY Android Spying Apps

It allows you to block unwanted contacts on calls, emails, and texting. However, the app is not capable enough to let you delete any data remotely. Moreover, it doesn’t allow you to block contacts on IM chats. It does allow blocking of unwanted installed apps on the target device.

If you want to check the interface and working of the app then there is a live demo on the website that will allow you to explore the app. Sadly, there is no free version of the app. And you can subscribe to a minimum of the 1-month package.

  • Offers numerous monitoring features in a dashboard on the control panel,
  • Ideal for both parental and employee monitoring,
  • Has reliable GPS tracking and Geofencing,
  • Has a simple and user-friendly control panel,
  • Dashboard is accessible on browser (both smartphone and PC),
  • Offer remote control of target device (turn on recorder, take screenshots, lock it, and wipe off data),
  • Works on Android and iOS (jailbroken and non-jailbroken) devices,
  • Use on unlimited number of devices from the same control panel,
  • It doesn’t allow you to delete any content and doesn’t support blocking website access on the browser.

If you have concerns or need more information, then visit their website www.xnspy.com.


2. TeenSafe

TeenSafe is another app that is strictly designed for parental control. It is a good place to start for parents with concerns about cyber security for their curious teenagers. It also has a simple user-friendly platform. You can access all the features directly from the web-based admin dashboard. With a simple click, you can see all the activities and monitor what your kids do with their mobile devices.

It also allows access to different instant messenger apps including WhatsApp and KIK, phone logs, GPS location, and browser history. You can block any unwanted apps installed on the target device. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are fewer features in this app as compared to XNSPY. Besides, the subscription costs $14.95 per month.

  • A simplified platform with enhanced user experience,
  • Streamlined design with better performance,
  • Can block or censor unwanted content,
  • Has a high number of satisfied customers,
  • The app offers limited features at a higher price, which is not very attractive. Besides, it is strictly for parental control.

For more information, you can visit www.teensafe.com.


3. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is the third on this list because of one reason, it offers far too many features for anyone to handle, and most of them don’t always work for everyone. Apart from that, it is very expensive because of the set of over hundred and fifty unmatched features being offered and the setup process is pretty complicated too. That is why they offer two different monitoring packages i.e. FlexiSPY Premium and FlexiSPY Extreme.

FlexiSPY Android Spying Apps

We have found out that many people actually like using this app because they want in-depth monitoring along with a complete control over the target device. For instance, you can monitor all of your child’s activity on his/her mobile device including IM chat messages, call logs, SMS/MMS messages, access to all the multimedia files stored on the device, location tracking, and what not. FlexiSPY is the most complete and feature-rich monitoring app for Android.

If you are looking for the most detailed mobile monitoring app with call recording and spoofing then you should opt for the FlexiSPY Extreme package, which will cost you $199 for 3-months. Otherwise, if you are not tech savvy and find it hard to setup monitoring app then I will suggest FlexiSPY Premium package, which will cost you $99 for 3-months.

FlexiSPY Android Spying Apps

  • Access to Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, LINE, and many other IM apps on the target device,
  • Listen to live calls with call interception,
  • Remote control of the camera to secretly take pictures,
  • Inbuilt keylogger for access to passwords.

Cons of FlexiSPY:

  • No censorship or blocking of any data,
  • The Extreme version with detailed monitoring is expensive with about $199 per quarterly expense,
  • Works better on iOS devices but is available for Android devices as well,
  • Advanced monitoring requires root access on the targeted Android device.

You can visit their website for more information at www.flexispy.com.


4. PhoneSheriff

If you are a parent and looking for an app to monitor your teenager child’s mobile phone usage and activities to ensure their online safety then PhoneSheriff would be a great choice as it provides extensive monitoring. Including a record of all the sent and received text messages, detailed information for all the incoming and outgoing calls, apps management, web browser history, a list of contacts stored on the device, a log of photos taken, and the ability to instantly track your child’s location via GPS.

PhoneSheriff Android Spying Apps

You can apply filtration and configure customized blocking system to restrict your child’s phone from accessing inappropriate websites and harmful content. You can completely lock down the phone and tablet for a specific time of the day or limit the daily activity for calling, messaging, and Internet usage. You can also track the activity of your child on popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat (requires root access).

PhoneSheriff Android Spying Apps

PhoneSheriff by Retina-X Studios has gained a lot of credibility in terms of providing exceptional real-time parental-control services along with Internet usage filtration and online activity monitoring, making it an absolute best child-monitoring software for Android phones and tablet devices. It is fully compatible with wide range of Android OS versions.

The PhoneSheriff service is economical and will help you monitor multiple Android device activities for under $7.5 per month.

  • Creates a detailed log of every activity and action performed by your child on their phone.
  • Option to block apps and apply time restrictions right from the administrator console.
  • Track your child’s location in real-time, view location history, and ability to setup geofencing with notification alerts.
  • Monitor all the text messages and calls with the ability to block numbers and receive activity alerts for each of them.
  • Might be difficult to install and setup due to the amount of monitoring features provided by the app.

For more information and purchasing, you can visit their official website www.phonesheriff.com.


5. Net Nanny

If you are looking for an inexpensive parental control solution to monitor your child’s Android devices then Net Nanny will be your best choice. They provide a powerful and standalone Android app along with one of the finest web filtration possibilities as well as the ability to mask profanity and block all the inappropriate content and images you believe is unsuitable for your child.

Net Nanny Android Spying Apps

Moreover, apart from completely blocking the pages, the Net Nanny provides you with an option to warn your child about why the specific website, content, or image has been blocked. It even allows you to manage installed apps so that you are aware of the apps installed on the device and if your child is allowed to use that specific app or not.

With Net Nanny for Android, you can set time limitations for the Android smartphone and tablet device usage. Filter website and web content based on predefined categories. Create your own set of whitelist and blacklist for blocking. Configure profiles based on the age of your kid. Remotely administer the device and check device usage reports.

As far as the pricing is concerned, Net Nanny will cost you only $59.99 to monitor over 5 different devices or computers, which is a perfect package if your kid(s) use both, Android and laptop. Furthermore, the company is offering Net Nanny Social package (costs $20) for free for the whole year with the purchase of Net Nanny Parental Control app.

  • Offers free trial period for two weeks.
  • Ability to quickly setup web filtration and content blocking based on the age group of your child.
  • Predefined blocking and masking categories makes it easy for anyone to setup monitoring without requiring any specific skill set.
  • Lacks a number of important/advanced monitoring features like geofencing, location tracking, and the inability to block texts and phone calls.

For more information about Net Nanny, you can visit their official website www.netnanny.com.



Hope this article is helpful to you if you still wanna explore more apps then check out this articles about top android tracking app and let us know if you need more help.