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5+ Best Free Email Widgets For Android

Are you confused about which emailing apps offer the best email widgets for your Android homescreen? To narrow down your


Are you confused about which emailing apps offer the best email widgets for your Android homescreen? To narrow down your search, here I have reviewed the 6 best free email widgets for Android phones and tablet devices.

In case you guys don’t already know, I have previously covered best email apps where I discussed with you about all the possible options that Android users can rely on to manage their emails on mobile phone and tablet devices on a day-to-day basis.

Soon after the blog post was published, some of you were concerned about the widget compatibility and user interface of those emailing apps. Few of you people even asked for my suggestions about which email app provides the best widget for managing all the email related tasks like:

  • Checking new emails,
  • Scroll through your previous email messages,
  • Write a new email, and…
  • …even handling multiple email accounts.

All of these, right from the home screen, without really opening the app.

That actually sounds quite efficient! 😀

To answer your question and clear your doubts, our editorial team decided that it would be a lot more helpful for our subscribers as well as our readers if we create a dedicated blog post about email widgets for Android.

So, without any further ado, let’s quickly jump onto our list of 6 best free email widgets for Android:


Best Email Widgets For Android

1. Gmail Widget

Gmail is an official emailing app that comes preinstalled in the majority of the Android devices. Originally, it didn’t support any other third-party email service but after the release of other apps that provided multiple email account support, the developers over at Gmail decided to turn up their game and added support for popular email providers.

The widget enables you to check and compose new emails right from the home screen. You can easily scroll through the emails and even resize the widget according to the space available on your home screen. The advanced option will also ask you to select any specific folder/label you want to see on the widget. So, if you are captivated by the simplicity of Gmail app, then you can use their widget that works pretty well.


2. Blue Mail Widget

Blue Mail is a unique app as it offers you email management in a single unified interface. In case you are wondering how that works, suppose you have three email accounts and add all of them to the Blue Mail app then it’s going to merge all of them in one place. Apart from that, it is highly configurable in every aspect.

Other than the app, the widget option is personalizable too so that you can make sure that it matches with your homescreen and blends perfectly with the other elements in the best way possible. The widget is scrollable so that you can quickly scroll up and scroll down to check unread emails without opening the app.


3. TypeApp Widget

TypeApp has a material user interface and beautifully designed theme that comes bundled with a lot of options to customize the usability and notifications including the VIP notifications, which reminds you about any new incoming emails from your important contacts.

The widget comes in two different visuals i.e. light and dark so that you can pick the one that suits your home screen layout, wallpaper, and most importantly your taste. The widget is customizable too with resizable width and length, transparency, and an option to scroll the list of recent emails. The widget allows you to open the email (as well as attachments) right from the home screen.


4. Aqua Mail Widget

Aqua Mail is one of the versatile emailing apps for Android. Its native support for multiple email services makes it the most preferred app among those users who are looking for flexibility to manage two or more email accounts from one app.

It supports home screen widgets along with the badge for unread email count. The widgets provided by Aqua Mail are highly customizable which includes the option to select the email account you want to manage from the home screen, selection of themes as well as custom labeling to identify email account.


5. SolMail Widget

SolMail is a beautifully designed email app that let you simply manage multiple email accounts in a well-organized interface. Adding multiple emails accounts is easy and you can check each one of your email accounts in one go through combined email view. Moreover, you can even filter out your messages by attachments, starred, or unread to save time and quickly find the message you looking for.

That’s not all. The widget is perfectly designed too. There are two types of widgets, one that supports scrolling and the other only supports the selection of simple mailing list. The light and dark colored themes make the widget appropriate for all types of home screen setup. Also, if the widget is hiding so much of your wallpaper then you can modify the transparency level.


6. Alto Mail Widget

Alto Mail app is designed by the AOL Inc., which make sure that you have an ultimate control over your email inbox. And the app is so much advanced that it automatically organizes all of your messages properly in the most relevant category to give you a one-tap-access. With a unique Alto Dashboard, you can keep yourself updated with all the latest and the most important information extracted right from your email messages.

The widget support further enhances the capabilities of Alto Mail that brings all the important emails and messages to your homescreen so that you can update yourself with a quick glance, without even opening the email app. All you really need to do is select the email account you want to manage from the homescreen.


Winning App: TypeApp

As per our tests, the home screen widget being offered by the TypeApp is one of the most feature-rich and covers almost all the aspects that are usually requested by the email users. The widget is easy to customize with an option to open attachments and reply to the email message right from the home screen.