Do you want to download the new Animal Crossing series simulation-based mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp apk by Nintendo on your Android phone and tablet devices and become one of the best campsite managers? You have come to the right place.

Now with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you will be able to camp and chill with your animal friends that provide you with a fun camping experience. You can spend time catching rare bugs, fishing for unusual fishes, and collecting fruits from the trees. You can even meet new animals and make them your friends by helping them in finding the items they are looking for.

In the game, you are free to design your camper van and campsite in the way you want. Moreover, during the gameplay, you will be able to collect hundreds of fun and unique items that you can then place in your campsite or trade with your fellow animal friends.


About Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp APK

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp apk is a social simulation Android game in the Animal Crossing series. It is designed and developed by Nintendo and was first released in Australian Google Play Store during October 2017, which is then followed by a worldwide release in the end of November 2017.

The baseline of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is to interact with other fellow animals, visit their campsite, achieve daily tasks, discover new friends, find hidden items, trade items and materials in the market, and since you are a campsite manager so you can even decorate it in whatever way you want using amenities and furniture.

Download APK File

You can download APK file below.

The game is all about progress. You have to reach new levels by talking with other animals and fulfilling their unique requests. Once their needs are satisfied and they are happy, they will then reward you with different items and coins. You can then spend those coins to craft new items and decorate your campsite.

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Features of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp APK

In the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you need to create one of the best campsites and you will be able to craft, furnish, and design your very own campsite with the help of following eye-catching features:

  • Explore Different Spots And Help Fellow Animals – While exploring and visiting different areas, you will bump into a variety of animals who you have to help by giving them fruits, fish, or other items that you will find while playing the game. Helping those fellow animals will reward you with resources for designing furniture.
  • Craft Amenities And Furniture To Facilitate Your Friends – The resources rewarded by the animals can be used to craft amenities and furniture to further decorate your campsite. To help you with the crafting process, all your orders will be taken by a handyman known as Cyrus.
  • Design And Decorate The Camp As You Wish – The games gives you an absolute freedom and let you decorate and design your campsite like the way you want. You can add and remove furniture, relocate items, and place newly crafted amenities to make your campsite more attractive.
  • Ability To Customize Your Camper Van – As a campsite manager, you will also be able to customize, decorate, and add new facilities to your camper van just the way you want.
  • Host Your Fellow Animals At Your Campsite – As you visit new areas and make a relationship with new friends, those fellow animals will want to visit your campsite. But you will only be able to invite your fellow animals if your campsite is decorated with their favorite items.
  • Usage Of Leaf Tickets – Leaf Tickets are like in-game cash to speed-up crafting process and other aspects of the game. During the gameplay, you will be rewarded with free Leaf Tickets to get you started. In case you run out of tickets, more Leaf Tickets can be easily purchased with real money.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Demo Video

Embedded below is an Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp demo video, which will give you an idea of how the game actually works:

Download APK File

You can download APK file below.