The Instagram mod apk gives you added features that are not available in the official version of the app. You will get the option to zoom in to the profile picture, and download photos and videos posted by others. There is an indicator that shows whether another profile is following you or not. You can even download another’s Insta story on your phone.

The major advantage of the mod, which is also known as OGInsta Plus and Instander, is you can run two Instagram apps.

Notable Features of Mod

Here are some of the most notable features that are available in the modded Instagram:

  • Profile Picture Zoom-In: You can zoom in to the profile picture of any profile with just a simple double-tap. Which is not allowed in the official Instagram app.
  • Photo Zoom-In: Have a closer look at the photos uploaded by others. With the capability to zoom in to the photos using a pinch to zoom gesture.
  • Download Story: Instagram stories uploaded by other profiles can not only be viewed. But can also be downloaded on your phone with a simple tap.
  • Download Photos and Videos: You can download photos and videos uploaded by other profiles. And then view those offline or you can even re-share them.
  • Follow Indicator: Instagram won’t show whether the other profile is following you or not. But with the mod follow indicator, you can find out if they are following.
  • Run Two Instagram Apps: You can install and have both, the original and mod Instagram app without any interference. As the package name of the Instagram, mod is different.

About Instagram Instander Mod

Instagram mod i.e. Instander not only gives you added features we have highlighted in the previous section. But you also get privacy features that are not available on Instagram.

You can start video calls and have one-on-one conversations with your friends. And freely exchange interesting posts, videos, and photos with them.

Just like the official Instagram, you can capture and add a story to your profile with attractive filters and share it with your followers.

As far as the stability of the app is concerned, there are relatively fewer bugs and issues in the Instander mod. As compared to the other mods already available in the market.

But those alternative apps have other features that are unique to them and not available in this app.

The developers behind the mod usually releases Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. To make sure all the users are running the latest version with all the known bugs fixed.

Apart from that, if you want then you can also install GB Instagram, Insta+, and Instander. All of these are widely known as Instagram mod and let you get the most out of Instagram. Especially adding on the capabilities that are usually not offered in the official app.