• Pokemon Go Mod app on Android: AR-based mobile game where you can explore the world of Pokemon through the Pokemon Go app right on your Android.
  • Unique Features: Augmented reality, catching Pokemon, battling, and exploring PokeStops.
  • Full Compatibility: Compatible with almost every Android, ensuring everyone gets an immersive experience.
  • Regular Updates: Regular updates introduce new features, Pokemon, and events.
  • Active Community: Join a global community of Pokemon trainers, collaborate in raids, and participate in events.

Get ahead in your Pokemon hunting with the Pokemon Go mod apk for Android phones to get unlimited everything and coins. Use the cheats to fake your GPS location, as the mod comes bundled with a menu, GPS joystick, auto walk, teleport, and spoofing.

You can take your trainer to any part of the world, catch all those rare and legendary Pokemon, and participate in raid and gym battles wherever you want.

screenshots showing Pokemon Go mod apk with joystick, menu, and auto walk

The hack for Android is safe, has anti-ban capabilities and a joystick, and works without root. Moreover, it is powered by PGSharp, installation of which does not require root and works flawlessly on all Android phones. The app helps you complete Pokedex quickly and attain a higher level in the game.

The best thing about the game is how effortless and simple it is. All you have to do is walk around the street with the game on, and as soon as there is any Pokemon nearby, your phone will give you a buzz in the form of vibration so you can be aware that some wildmon is somewhere near.

How to Install the App on Android?

It is effortless to install the app on your Android smartphone. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Download your choice of apk file from the download section.
  2. Uninstall any existing Pokemon Go app already installed on your device.
  3. Tap the apk you downloaded in the first step and follow the onscreen process to install the app.

What’s Modded in Pokemon Go?

Here are the aspects and features that are modded in the game:

  • On-Screen Joystick: You will get the ability to control your trainer with the on-screen joystick and take it to almost any part of the world.
  • Teleportation: With the teleportation feature, you can teleport your Pokémon character to wherever you want within seconds.
  • Better Throw: You will get a better and further enhanced method to throw those Poke balls perfectly to catch those Pokemon without letting them escape in any case.
  • 100iv Feed: Offers you a live feed to keep yourself updated with the current and always updated 100iv feed to figure out which Pokemon you need to catch quickly.
  • Preview Pokémon: You can see a quick preview of the Pokémon you have recently caught to know and find all the relevant details about it.
  • Fake GPS: Similar to the joystick, the Fake GPS option offers a similar feature that allows you to walk your character anywhere in your home.
  • Anti-Ban: Usually, the usage of mod apps triggers safety and causes players to be banned from the servers due to unusual activity; this mod app won’t let that happen.
  • Auto Update: You will receive automatic updates to stay up-to-date and ensure you run the latest version.
  • No Root: If you have a compatible Android device, you don’t need root access to run the mod and hack the game.
modded pokemon go apk

Key Features of the Game

Those who have used any virtual reality and augmented reality app on Android must know how the game works. Here we have listed some of the best features:

  • Complete The Pokedex: Catch all the types and complete your Pokedex, whether it is legendary or non-legendary Pokemon with different abilities. Catch them all.
  • World of Pokemon: The world around you is covered with hidden Pokemon no matter where you go. You can find Pokemon everywhere; all you need to do is explore.
  • Friends Onboard: Bring your friends onboard, strengthen your Pokemon with your buddy's help, and earn additional rewards.
  • Gym Battles: Once unlocked, you can participate and compete in the gym battles by joining any specific group, after which you can battle in the gym with the rival’s Pokemon to gain ownership.  
  • Raid Battles: Join a team of trainers to ultimately catch that powerful Pokemon Raid Boss during the raid battles and get bonus rewards. These battles consist of over twenty players.
  • Trainer Battles: A battle of trainers where trainers come face-to-face to battle. And the one who wins becomes the ultimate trainer in the battle league.

About Pokemon GO for Android

Designed and developed by Niantic, Pokemon Go is an AR (Augmented Reality) based game for mobile devices and has been made in collaboration with Nintendo. Within the game, you will come across many Pokemon characters with various special abilities and types.

Since the game is based on AR, it requires a lot of legwork, and the player needs to actually go out, explore the areas, look for Pokemon, and catch them with a Poke ball. All of which requires dedication and hard work. The other option is to use the mod version, which consists of several working tricks that help you quickly progress in the game without actually ever leaving your home.

You can reach new levels in the game by completing various tasks like catching Pokemon, participating in gym battles, taking up trainer battles, or doing raid battles with your friends.

All these are activities one can perform to gain experience points, progress further, and become the ultimate trainer.

Apart from the battles and catching Pokemon around your neighborhood, you can earn and collect items like eggs, Poke balls, egg incubators, lure modules, special boxes, and a few other rare items. You usually win the raid battles or visit the gym and spin the Poke Stop disc to award you these items. However, the game also lets you purchase these in-game items using Poke coins.

Throughout your journey, Pokemon Go for Android will continue to award you special items, including berries, potions, revive, and mystery boxes. These items are usually awarded whenever you hatch an egg, win the raid battle, complete any research task, and even when you level up in the game.