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Are you planning to use your Android smartphone or tablet to catch up with your missed podcast episodes? But don’t know about any podcast apps for Android? This article should be helpful for you then!

In this period of the Internet where consuming content in the form of video is at its peak, but there are still a lot of users who give more preference to podcasts over watching. And this one is prepared to help those users out.

Many podcast listeners struggle to find a worthy app that will fulfill all of their podcasts listening requirements, and in an attempt to help you narrow down your choice, here I have included the ten best podcast apps for Android.


#01 – Podcast & Radio Addict

Podcast Addict
Podcast Addict
Price: Free
  • Podcast Addict Screenshot
  • Podcast Addict Screenshot

Podcast and Radio Addict app, with more than five million downloads and an average rating of 4.6, it is one of the most trustworthy and reliable podcast managers that is available for free.

The app provides complete support for SONOS, Android Wear, Chromecast, and Android Auto. The search interface is user-friendly and easy to use, which allows you to easily find podcasts by its name or using the relevant keywords.


#02 – Podcast Republic

The Podcast Republic is another free podcast app that provides most of the key features along with complete support for Android Wear, Android Auto, Chromecast, and have a tablet layout so that you can use it on all of your Android devices.

The app is smart enough to automatically download updates for you so that you don’t have to spend another second to before listening to the latest episodes of your subscribed podcasts.


#03 – Pocket Casts

Without any doubt, Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast manager app for Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.

With its material and modern user interface along with the option to switch between dark and light theme, and the ability to have complete control over your downloading preferences.

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There is a small price you have to pay to get all of the fantastic features. But the app worth every penny. Moreover, the developer is one of the top on the Google Play Store and actively responds to every concern.

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#04 – Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

Stitcher Radio provides you with more than a ton of podcasts to choose from and has a fresh and clutter free interface. You can even customize the home screen of the app according to your personal liking so that you can keep yourself updated with the latest podcasts.


#05 – BeyondPod Podcast Manager

BeyondPod Podcast Manager
BeyondPod Podcast Manager
Developer: BeyondPod Team
Price: Free
  • BeyondPod Podcast Manager Screenshot
  • BeyondPod Podcast Manager Screenshot

BeyondPod is a rock-solid podcast manager that comes bundled with all the basic and advanced features required for a seamless podcast listening experience. Within the app, you will find easy access to millions and millions of podcast episodes from all around the world, from small publishers to big publishers like CNN and BBC.

The support for Chromecast will let you cast the whole episodes of podcasts to your television directly from the app.


#06 – Podcast Player

Podcast Player is a cloud podcast player and manager that are capable enough to synchronize all of your favorite content across all of your linked devices. With the ability to download podcasts, you can even listen to them while you are offline or somewhere where the Internet connection is not stable.

Moreover, the app is completely free and without any advertisement so that you can fully concentrate on your podcasts rather than closing those full-screen ads.


#07 – Podcast Radio Music – CastBox

If you are one of those users who recently switched from iOS to Android and looking for a reliable app that is similar to iTunes Podcast then Podcast Radio Music – CastBox is made for you!

CastBox is one of those podcast apps for Android that is featured as the Google Play Editor’s choice in many countries. With free access to over thousands and thousands of podcasts that are well categorized just to make sure that you can find what you are looking for without much struggle.


#08 – Radio Player by Audials

Radio Player by Audials is one of the most regularly updated podcast apps on the Google Play Store. The app is downloaded by over three million users from all over the world and has an average rating of 4.4, making it one of the best radio and podcast player on the Android Store.

You can quickly search for your favorite podcast episodes from the list of more than millions of podcasts from various categories including technology, comedy, language courses, documentaries, and news.

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#09 – Podbean Podcast App

Podbean Podcast App is another podcast app that is available for download for free and has been available on the Play Store for quite a while now. Its active development and active support by the developers are what makes it one of the popular podcast app on the Android app store.

The app has a modernized interface along with a convenient podcast playing options with most requested options like the timer, auto sleep, and playback speed adjustments.


#10 – AntennaPod

Developer: AntennaPod
Price: Free
  • AntennaPod Screenshot
  • AntennaPod Screenshot

AntennaPod is one of those podcast apps that have been trying its best to make its name around the big podcast managers. The app is unique in a number of ways like it is open source, have zero ads, and is available for free.

The app provides you with access to the iTunes podcast database and gives you an easy to import functionality that is capable enough to import, add or export podcast feeds using OPML subscription files.


Which One Would You Recommend?

I have listed the ten best podcast apps for Android that, according to me, are the most reliable and feature rich to fulfill your everyday podcast requirements.

Did I miss any best podcast apps for Android? Let me know about them in the comments! 🙂