GCam APK, also known as the modified Google Camera ports and mods, is one of Android's most fantastic and powerful mobile camera and photography apps.

The app allows you to capture amazing photos and videos using interesting features like superior video stabilization, night sight, and portrait mode.

By scrolling to the next section, you can learn more in-depth about each feature of this GCam port app MGC by BSG and AGC by BigKaka, both of which are based on Gcam v9.2, for every phone brand, including Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi, ASUS, OnePlus, and others.

gcam apk screenshot

Features of Gcam

These are the most notable key features of the camera app for Android:

  • Motion Mode: If you want to capture professional-style action pan and long exposure photo capturing styles, then Motion Mode is what you should select.
  • Top Shot: There have been moments when you are taking a group photo and don’t know if everyone is looking right. This is where the Top Shot helps you pick the best picture.
  • Long Shot: Recording a quick video is not possible when you are still in photography mode, but with Long Shot, you can capture videos by long-pressing the shutter key.
  • Night Sight: Are you looking for a way to capture photos with the best details and lighting without using flash? Night Sight is the best solution.
  • HDR Plus: You can use HDR+ mode to capture clear and crisp pictures for low-light conditions and scenes where backlit is used. It uses proper exposure and gives white balance controls.
  • Super Resolution Zoom: In conditions where you need to zoom in to capture that perfect shot, you can use Super Res Zoom mode to take sharper photos with maximum details.
  • Compatibility: The Gcam app is officially compatible with Pixel phones only, specifically on Android 12 or above phones.

How to Find the Right Gcam Port App - Versions and Variants

For those new to the Gcam MGC app by BSG or AGC by BigKaka, and clueless about which version to download and install on your phone, here are the apk package names for different brands.

Download the suitable apk file from the downloads section, depending on your phone brand.

MGC Gcam by BSG

  • Samsung - com.samsung.android.scan3d
  • Realme - com.ss.android.ugc.aweme
  • Xiaomi/ASUS - com.google.android.GoogleCameraEng
  • OnePlus - org.codeaurora.snapcam
  • Other brands - com.google.android.GoogleCameraEng

AGC by BigKaka

  • Samsung - com.samsung.agc.gcam92
  • Realme - com.ss.android.ugc.aweme
  • Xiaomi/ASUS - com.agc.gcam92
  • OnePlus - org.codeaurora.snapcam
  • Other brands - com.agc.gcam92

About Gcam for Android

Smartphone cameras have improved greatly, but Google's Pixel phones consistently rank among the best in the market. One reason for this is the Google Camera app, known as Gcam.

This app has features and advanced algorithms that capture stunning photos and videos, even in challenging lighting conditions. The good news is that you don't need a Pixel phone to enjoy the magic of Google Camera.

Thanks to talented developers' efforts, numerous Gcam port apps are available for Android devices. These ports bring the Pixel camera experience to non-Pixel phones, unlocking photographic possibilities.

A Gcam port app is a modified version of the Google Camera app that has been adapted to work on non-Pixel devices. These ports typically retain the app's core features, such as HDR+, Night Sight, and Portrait mode, while offering additional features and customization options.

Believe it or not, this camera app has been one of the favorite photography and videography apps among users of Android smartphones and tablet devices.

The app is fast enough to ensure you will not miss any essential shots due to sluggishness. This is exactly where your phone’s processor and memory capacity matter.

The app's developer has added exciting features to cater to the needs of every user, including a top shot, a long shot, a night sight, a motion mode, HDR+, and a super-resolution zoom.

The most important factor regarding compatibility is that the app works only on Pixel devices. Moreover, the device should run Android 12 or any other latest variant.