Are you in search for a premium, fully personalizable, performance-based, lightweight launcher for your Android phone? Look no further, Nova Launcher Prime is the best launcher and home screen replacement app you are ever going to install on your Android device.

Nova Launcher Prime is best known for its swiftness, flexibility, and customizability. All of which gives this launcher a complete control over your Android home screen so that you can personalize it according to your liking.

You can change app icons, modify layouts, play with wonderful animations, and even adjust the way your App Drawer looks like. All of those customizations will entirely enhance how you actually use your phone and will let you make it operate exactly the way you wanted it to be.

The Nova Launcher Prime is designed to provide you with both, the incredible performance and extraordinary customizability, and that too without being overly complicated to use.


Nova Launcher Prime Features

  • Gestures – Allows you to quickly open your favorite app or any defined Nova action by performing gestures on the home screen. Like swiping two fingers from left to right will open YouTube app.
  • Icon Swipes – Make your home screen more useful by adding icon swipe gestures to any icon located on the home screen. Like swiping up on the WhatsApp icon will open Messages app.
  • Hide Apps – You can make your App Drawer clutter-free by hiding away all those apps that you don’t use but still want them to be installed on your phone.
  • Drawer Groups – Let you create tabs and folders within the App Drawer to help you group all those apps into custom tabs and folders to keep things well organized.

All of these remarkable features will easily let you ditch your stock Android launcher and force you to start using the Nova Launcher Prime, which is by far the best launcher you are ever going to use on your Android phone.

Are you still not convinced enough? Watch a short demo video below to see the Nova Launcher Prime in action and find out all the capabilities of this launcher.

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Nova Launcher Prime Demo Video


You can download Nova Launcher Prime APK from the link below: