Pink WhatsApp apk has unique features that are one of a kind and not available in the original WhatsApp app.

The primary feature is the option to change the color scheme to pink, which actually modifies the theme and the overall feel of the app.

Features of Pink WhatsApp

There are the features that make Pink WhatsApp a handy and one-of-a-kind and modified version of the original WhatsApp Messenger app for anyone who is looking to get added benefits:

  • Floating Settings Button: You can quickly access WhatsApp settings directly from the main screen using the floating button.
  • Switch off the Internet: With just a simple tap, you can turn off the Internet for WhatsApp only. This gives you downtime, and it will not allow anyone to call you.
  • Send Multiple Files: You can send over thirty media files, including photos and videos in one to go to any of your contacts.
  • Disappearing Media: Ability to view disappearing photos and videos files an unlimited number of times.
  • Download Disappearing Media: Apart from the option to view disappearing media multiple times. You can even download those disappearing media files to your device.
  • Hide Forward Message: Whenever you forward a message, a “forwarded message” appears on top of it. Whether it is a photo, video, or message. This feature hides it.
  • Messages Won’t Delete: WhatsApp allows you to delete a message but if you have a WhatsApp pink then those messages won’t be deleted. You will be able to see them.
  • Allow Specific Contacts To Call: You can select any specific contacts to call you while blocking all the other numbers from reaching out to you via call.
  • Hide Typing and Recording: WhatsApp will not show the typing and recording message status to anyone, even when you are typing or recording a voice note.
  • Lock WhatsApp: For added security, you can put a lock on the WhatsApp app by adding security like fingerprint, pattern, or PIN.
  • Modify Appearance: You can change the way your WhatsApp looks by modifying the color scheme of the upper and lower bars.
  • Stories: With just a tap on a button, you can enable and disable the Stories feature on your WhatsApp.
  • Automated Replies: Configure and set up automated replies, which come in handy when you are busy doing something important and someone tries to contact you.
  • Message Scheduling: You can set up a schedule where your personalized message will be sent at a specific time to your selected contact.

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About Pink WhatsApp

Pink WhatsApp offers you distinctive features and capabilities that make the app powerful. You get a pink colored interface along with the added aspects.

You get to recover all the messages that are deleted by your contacts whether they are photos, videos, voice notes, or simple text messages.

WhatsApp calls are usually annoying since everyone can easily reach out to you with just a tap of a button. With WhatsApp Pink, you can easily block specific contacts from reaching out.

The best feature is the capability to schedule messages to be sent at a specific time. And you can even send automated replies.