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25 Must have Apps For Rooted Android Phones

Do you know which are the best Android root apps you should install right after rooting your Android phone? We


Do you know which are the best Android root apps you should install right after rooting your Android phone?

We all know that rooting our Android device will certainly unlock all the hidden features and modification possibilities of our phone/tablet. However, in order to get the most out of the root, we need to install specific root-related apps. And we are going to talk about them in this article:

  • Are you interested in rooting your Android device but don’t know how to do it? Head over to our forum section where our contributor will help you with rooting your phone/tablet.

Here are the 25 best apps for rooted Android phones and tablets that can help you enhance the capabilities, add awesome features, gain access to all those hidden hardware stats, tweak software, modify interface, improve performance, modify ROM, and get the most out of your smartphone while gaining maximum amount of control over your device.


1. SuperSU

SuperSU is one of the most important and essential apps that you should install right after rooting your Android device. It is designed to keep a log of all those apps asked for root permissions as well as the current permission status. It is created by the popular Android apps developer who goes by the name of Chainfire.

  • Advanced management for the apps with root access rights.
  • Notification for root request and logging.
  • Pro version with PIN protection and option to set custom root permission timing for each app.
  • Sometimes the binary fails to update which causes soft-brick.


2. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup will help you backup the apps as well as its relevant data (including system apps), which is then stored on your device or external storage. These backups are important in those cases when you want to reset your device or flash a new ROM but don’t want to lose the apps, settings, and data.

  • Powerful backup tool with option to restore data or app.
  • Option to uninstall system apps and bloatware.
  • Pro version available for $5.99, allows scheduling backup and store to cloud storage without closing the app.
  • Interface is hard to understand and may take some time to get hold of it.


3. Greenify

Have you ever seen an app consuming your phone’s entire RAM, battery power, and making it slow? If yes, then you should try Greenify as it can hibernate those apps while you are not using them. The moment you exit the apps, Greenify will hibernate it to save battery while improving your device’s performance.

  • Lightweight, doesn’t require much processing power and consumes a minimal amount of battery.
  • Save huge amount of battery power by completely stopping the apps.


4. System App Remover

Most of the people root their Android phone to remove bloatware and unnecessary apps that come preinstalled as a system and consumes a lot of device memory. With System App Remover, you can easily uninstall multiple system apps or needless apps in less time, and as a precaution, automatic backup of all the removed apps will also be stored on your device.

  • Powerful app remover and reliable APK manager for Android.
  • Option to move apps from internal storage to external SD card.
  • Cannot backup app data or user data.


5. Tasker

With Tasker, you can automate simple as well as advanced tasks to save time. This app will truly make your smartphone a lot smarter and powerful. For example, you can instruct the app to automatically launch Music player when you connect your headphones. Or, automatically toggle your phone’s GPS receiver and WiFi when you leave your home. The possibilities are infinite.

  • Most powerful Android automation tool to automate tasks.
  • Hundreds of triggers and actions along with the support for the plugin to enhance capabilities.
  • The UI is unintuitive and functionalities are hard to understand for an average user.


6. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an Android toolkit through which you to tweak, edit, and modify any app including their permissions, backup/restoration of user data, removal of advertisements, bypassing premium license verification, you can even create a modified APK file of any app and install it on your other non-rooted Android device.

  • Ability to create a backup of app APK before modifying and tweaking.
  • Modifiable and non-modifiable apps are highlighted in different colors.
  • Sometimes patching a secure app corrupts the APK, making it unusable.

Download latest Lucky Patcher APK: https://lucky-


7. Xposed Framework

There are many Android features and modules specially designed and implemented in specific Android versions. However, with the help of Xposed Framework, you can have those modules and features installed on your device despite the Android version running.

The modules include tweaking of UI, themes, button remapping, and performance modification, you can enjoy all of these without flashing different ROM, which saves a lot of time and efforts.

  • Hundreds of easy-to-install modules and modification.
  • Some modules are designed for specific Android version and cannot be installed on the non-compatible ones.

Download Xposed Framework


8. ViPER4Android

ViPER4Android is the best sound modification, amplification, and audio enhancing app for rooted Android phone/tablet users. It is an audio driver for Android OS. It provides a ViPER4Android FX, which acts as the main control panel where you can adjust and access all the popular audio settings by ViPER.

  • Cutting-edge ViPER fidelity control options including bass, clarity, surround plus for headphones.
  • Optimize sound quality for better listening experience on speaker, wired headphones, and Bluetooth headsets.
  • Installation process might be complicated for users with less Android modification experience.

Download ViPER4Android


9. USB Mass Storage Enabler

A universal USB Mass Storage Enabler using which you can enable the Mass Storage mode on your rooted Android device and then mount the external microSD card as a USB drive in Computer and use it as a flash drive.

  • Easily mount Android’s external storage as a USB flash drive in your computer/laptop.
  • Work on devices with kernel support for USB emulation.
  • Does not support internal storage mounting.

Download USB Mass Storage Enabler


10. Wakelock Detector

Wakelock is a name of service used in Android OS that can be used by the apps to either keep your device’s screen on or keep the CPU awake. Sometimes, the apps using this service leads to a condition where the screen or CPU stays active without your knowledge, which causes unusual battery drainage. This Wakelock Detector app keeps a log of all the apps that are using wakelock service and help you find the app causing strange wakelocks.

  • Complete history of all the wakelock triggers since last boot.
  • View and sort wakelock trigger according to the type including screen wakelock, CPU wakelock, and wakelock time.


11. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is an open source advertisement blocking app designed for Android devices that has the capability to block all the ads whether they are in a form of banners, tracking, popups, within apps, or contains any sort of known malware. There’s even an option to whitelist apps or websites.

  • Free Android app that blocks advertisement pop-ups, tracking sites, malware and more.
  • Only non-intrusive and unobtrusive ads are allowed, but they can be blocked from within the settings.

Download AdBlock Plus


12. Flashify

If you are one of those Android users who love to frequently tinker with their device and want to experiment with flashing new ROMs, customizations, and tweaking then you are going to love the simplicity, ease, and usability of the Flashify.

  • Flash ROMs, image, and zip files without accessing the recovery, along with the support for queuing.
  • Easily create nandroid backups and restore.
  • Sync your backup data to cloud storage.
  • Free app has the limitation of three flashes per day.


13. Link2SD

If you are looking for a better internal and external storage management of your Android device and want to increase the internal storage capacity then Link2SD app can be very helpful as it can create a link to any app from the interal storage to the external microSD card, which fools the app to believe that it is actually installed in the internal storage.

  • Option to link APK, LIB, DEX, and data of the apps to SD card.
  • Ability to convert system app to user app as well as user app to system app.
  • Apps moved to the external storage may perform slowly due to the sluggish transfer speed.
  • Some advanced features require Link2SD Plus version, which is available for $2.35.


14. ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox is an all-in-one timesaving app for Android that allows you to customize your device the way you like. It is a combination of all the apps like BuildProp Editor, Boot Animation, Font Installer, Autorun Manager, Root Explorer, Titanium Backup, Terminal Emulator and other several others, making ROM Toolbox the most powerful modification app for rooted Android devices.

  • Ability to manage ROMs, create a backup, wipe data and cache, and install zip.
  • Create and run scripts using the Terminal Emulator.
  • ROM Toolbox Pro version with added features is available for $5.99.
  • No further development since last few months, making the app and ROM database less reliable.


15. Kernel Adiutor

Kernel Adiutor allows you to monitor as well as modify the frequencies of CPU, GPU, voltage, virtual memory, and lots of other parameters and settings related to the kernel of your Android device. You can even check the detailed info about all the hardware components and software installed on your phone/tablet.

  • Tweak the modifiable hardware and software settings of your device.
  • Some options and variables are reverted to their original state after reboot.


16. GMD GestureControl

GMD GestureControl will take gestures to the whole new level and provides you with more intuitive gesture-based controls. You can add customized action for any specific gesture. For example, 4-fingers pinch gesture will take you to the home screen, perform “C” gesture to open Chrome browser. Similarly, you can create a custom gesture to open the app of your choice.

  • Enhance usability by making the most out of the multi-touch capabilities of your phone and tablet.
  • Give you the ability to open any app or perform any action without leaving the current app.
  • Unlock custom gesture support and special actions with the purchase of GMD GestureControl Pro version for $5.55.


17. Root Call Blocker

If you are looking for a powerful call blocker for Android that makes use of root privileges to provide you with added call and message blocking capabilities then you should give a try to the Root Call Blocker app. It can silently block calls and messages from any number at a system level without even sending you a single notification.

  • Block calls even when you are on-call, without causing any interruption.
  • Block SMS, text, and MMS messages without setting it as a default messaging app.
  • Create cloud backup of all the blocked numbers.
  • Trial version limits you to block only five items. You can buy Root Call Blocker Pro version for $1.49.


18. WiFi Password

There are moments when you newly setup a network at your parent or friend’s house, and then you revisit them after several months but forget what password you set for WiFi, even though your phone is still connected. That is when WiFi Password app will be helpful and will reveal the stored password within seconds.

Alternatively, you can also use WiFi Key Recovery, which apparently does the same job.


19. Device Control

Device Control is slightly similar to the Kernel Adiutor, however, there are several added functionalities and modification possibilities in this app including vibration strength, LCD power management, GPU governor, GPU frequencies, screen color temperature, voltage controller, fast charging mode, and a lot more. And above all, it is completely free and doesn’t show any ads.

  • Tons of kernel and hardware modification and alteration options.
  • Ability to monitor battery, CPU, GPU, and relevant frequencies and temperature.
  • Be careful when modifying certain features as it is a really powerful system tweaking app.


20. SD Maid

No matter how optimized and efficient the Android OS becomes, some apps will continue to leave files and folders that shouldn’t be there. This is where SD Maid can help you find and remove those abandoned and residual files/folders that were once associated with previously installed apps.

  • Browse through all the files and directories stored in the internal and external storage using the root file manager.
  • Quickly optimize database through a procedure known as the vacuum.
  • Pay close attention to the files and directories you are cleaning from your device.


21. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer File Manager is currently the best file and cloud storage manager for Android devices. And with root privileges, you can use it as a reliable and fully functional root explorer. It even supports FTP, SFTP, SMB, CIFS, and several other clients.

  • Material and intuitive UI with simple and easy to use interface along with various customization possibilities.
  • Encrypt and protect any files and folders using proprietary encryption algorithms, and create password protected compressed files.
  • 14-days full-featured trial period, after which you need to purchase the Solid Explorer Premium through in-app purchases.


22. DiskDigger Photo Recovery

Have you ever accidently deleted a photo from your Android phone/tablet? There is nothing could be done unless you have a backup somewhere in a cloud storage. However, if you have a rooted Android device then DiskDigger Photo Recovery app can help you with finding and recovering those deleted photos and pictures whether they were in the internal or external storage.

  • DiskDigger with root access can perform deeper scan while increasing the chances of recovering deleted images.
  • Ability to upload recovered files to cloud storage or send via email.
  • Sometimes recovers the thumbnail of those deleted pictures via cached data, which are usually of no value.


23. L Speed

L Speed is an advanced tweaking app for rooted Android devices that comes with pre-optimized profiles like battery saving, balanced, and performance, which delivers simplicity and minimalism without any need to tweak advanced settings. There are some advanced and manual tweaking and customization possibilities too that are targeted towards power users.

  • Advanced tuning and CPU governor tuner and optimizer with innovative power-saving and performance improvement features.
  • Simplified interface and predefined settings make it easier for non-technical users to optimize their device.


24. BetterBatteryStats

Most of the Android users opt to root their phone and tablet in an attempt to better optimize their device while saving the maximum amount of battery power. If you are one of those then BetterBatteryStats is one of the apps that you should install to better analyze which part of your device is using the most amount of battery and how you can minimize it.

  • Search, find, and analyze the raw data of the apps causing any unusual battery drainage.
  • Detect and observe how fixing and tuning those battery hungry apps can improve overall battery timing.


25. BusyBox

BusyBox is one of an essential utility app designed for rooted Android devices. This app is required by most of the mods and apps in order to function properly and perform those powerful root-based commands. The most notable feature of this app is that it is free from all the advertisements and doesn’t ask for unnecessary permissions.

  • Simplified, clean, and efficient BusyBox installation utility for Android.
  • Supports all the ARM and Intel based Android devices.
  • Required for those mods and functionalities which are dependent on the BusyBox.



Those are the 25 best and the essential apps for any rooted Android smartphone and tablet devices.

If I missed any of the best root apps that should have been included in this list then please let me know in the comments down below, I will be more than happy to try and include them! 🙂

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