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25 Best Optimizing And Cleaning Apps For Android

Did you ever want to improve the total number of hours your Android device works on a single charge? Did


Did you ever want to improve the total number of hours your Android device works on a single charge? Did you wonder how you could optimize the performance of your phone/tablet without taking it to a mobile expert or performing a factory reset?

Yes, you can do all of that all by yourself. All you really need to do is find the right optimization and cleaning apps designed for Android, and you are good to go.

Here I have found and listed the 25 best Android apps that can help you clean and optimize your smartphone and tablet within a matter of minutes.

These apps are designed to dig deep into your Android device storage and find all the residual and unnecessary files, and then sort them category-wise so you can remove the ones you don’t really need. This will free up space, cleans the junk and cache, while improving the overall speed, performance as well as saves battery.


1. Clean Master

Clean Master will help you free up space by cleaning junk files stored by apps and will make your smartphone faster using the phone boost function. It can even cool down your phone’s CPU by hibernating the unwanted apps running in the background, which also saves battery while accelerating the performance.

There’s even a Clean Master Lite version, which is lighter and works flawlessly on low-end Android devices.

  • 1-tap RAM optimizer to boost your phone’s performance.
  • Clean up residual files and cache memory to keep the device in optimal condition.
  • Non-availability of paid version to remove ads.
  • Free version is full of advertisements.


2. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

DU speed booster and cache cleaner is an essential Android app designed to keep your smartphone and tablet running smoothly and efficiently while keeping your device and data secure from all sorts of malware.

  • Accelerates your phone speed with one touch.
  • Game Booster to help gamers speed up the device and increase FPS.
  • Clean junk files from device and external SD card to optimize storage.
  • Lacks the option to disable persistent toolbar from the notification.


3. Power Clean

Power Clean is a powerful tiny app that is capable enough to help you boost your phone’s RAM, find needless apps and then batch remove or disable them to regain storage space. The app can even optimize your device by cleaning junk files.

  • See detailed info about your device including hardware, software and other useful statistics like usage of CPU, GPU, and RAM.
  • AppLock to password protect apps like Snapchat, Facebook, or even Gallery.
  • Scan and delete duplicate photos and files.
  • Frequent notification based ads, which may annoy users.


4. AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster

AVG is the simplified Android phone optimization app that can help reduce your space usage to the minimum by removing junk and similar files, increasing the performance while maximizing the battery life. It also sends you an automated reminder to keep your device optimized all the time.

  • Simplified UI makes it easy for anyone to use and optimize their device.
  • Find and delete unnecessary similar photos to free up space.
  • Offer pro version that still shows advertisements.


5. APUS Booster+

APUS Booster Plus was originally designed to clear Android cache but in order to provide enhanced optimization options, the developer added advanced functionalities like battery saver that extends battery life by up to 20 percent and a one-tap boost to increase your phone and tablet performance by up to 50 percent.

  • Protect your privacy by enabling password protection for apps like Gallery, Facebook, and WhatsApp.
  • Advanced cleaning and optimization capabilities that don’t require root access.
  • Fewer advertisements as compared to the other apps.


6. Turbo Cleaner

Turbo Cleaner comes integrated with features like battery saver, memory booster, cache and junk files cleaner. By performing these cleaning and optimization tasks your Android device will work faster. And the boost functionality can help stop unnecessary apps from running in the background.

  • One-tap boost feature automatically detects and clears cache.
  • Minimize the number of running tasks, which cools down CPU and save battery power.
  • The ads are too intrusive.


7. CCleaner

CCleaner is a flagship solution by Piriform that helps optimize and clean devices including PC, Mac, and Android. It comes bundled with device monitoring and optimization tools like storage manager, RAM, battery, and temperature monitor. It scans and shows all the cache data and asks you to select the ones you want to delete.

  • Assist in regaining storage space consumed by junk data.
  • Efficiency and compactness along with ease of use.
  • Free from ads and provides premium version too.
  • Combine the internal and external storage memory into one, making it harder to distinguish.


8. GO Speed

GO Speed can speed up your laggy device and increase space by helping you find and remove unneeded and junk files. And unlike other one-tap boost options, GO Speed BlackHole Speed Booster claims to be fifty percent more effective in force stopping auto-start apps.

  • Advance app auto-start manager (requires root access).
  • Intuitive and easy to use user interface.
  • Constantly asks to rate the app.


9. Yellow Booster

Yellow Booster is a trustworthy app that can make your device function smoother and faster by optimizing the performance and cleaning up cache files and unwanted data including advertisement cache, unused APK files, and duplicate photos that consume excessive storage.

  • Show the score based on the calculated performance of your Android device.
  • Option to whitelist the apps that you don’t want Yellow Booster to stop.


10. Avast Cleanup & Boost

Avast Cleanup and Boost is the most effective optimization and cleaning app designed to Android devices. It can help you find and remove the cache, disposable files, advertisement cache, gallery thumbnails, residual files, and you can scan for all of these with just a one tap. And all the details are clearly organized in easy to understand manner.

  • Clean and optimize your device to boost speed and improve battery life.
  • The easy to use and neatly designed GUI makes it faster to find and clean the clutter.
  • Sometimes shows intrusive advertisement, but can be removed with the purchase of Avast Cleanup Pro subscription.


11. NetQin Booster & Power Saver

The NetQin Booster and Power Saver is a two in one Android device optimization and system cleaning app that can minimize the power consumption while helping you find and scan for files that are consuming excessive space on your device or external micro SD card. Removing all these junk and cache data will help your device regain lost processing power.

  • Power monitoring feature list down all the apps along with the amount of battery juice they are consuming.
  • Come bundled with a network-monitoring tool to keep track of Internet data usage.
  • Option to clean cache of specific app.


12. All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox is an effective app to free space on your Android device, improve the speed, enhance battery life, manage apps, and protect privacy. Quick in cleaning junk files, files and folders left by apps as well as boosting the promptness with one-tap boost feature.

  • Speed Booster help stop battery hungry apps while improving speed and battery life.
  • Built-in file manager to browse and manage files stored on your phone.
  • Boost+ Game Booster clears up the RAM to let you play resource hungry games.
  • App constantly asks to leave a five stars review.
  • Shows non-intrusive ads, which can be removed with the purchase of Pro version.


13. Advanced Task Manager

If you are a long-term avid Android user then you must have heard how task and app killers are bad. However, there are several instances where the Advanced Task Managers has helped in killing resource hungry tasks, improving the performance, freeing memory, and significantly increasing the battery timing.

  • Auto-kill specific tasks and processes.
  • Clear memory and boost RAM by stopping apps that are hogging resources.
  • Pretty-aggressive advertisements, which can be removed with the purchase of Advanced Task Manager Pro.


14. The Cleaner by Liquidum

The Cleaner is kind of a different app if you compare it with others mentioned in this list. It performs cleaning and removing of unused items to speed up your device. The app manager will analyze installed apps and help find and remove the ones you don’t use anymore.

  • Perform an in-depth speed analysis and scan for residual files consuming excessive space.
  • Customizable theme and widgets to help clean your device right from the home screen.


15. Clean Cache & Optimize by Bazinga

As the name of the app suggests, Clean Cache & Optimize is specifically designed to clean all the cache data stored by the apps including the cache files stored by browser, web page, gallery, and other temporary files left behind by the apps you have already uninstalled.

  • Search and sort the list of apps according to cache size to help identify the apps that require cleaning and optimization.
  • Ability to set an optimization and cleaning reminder.


16. CLEANit by SuperTools

CLEANit is a great Android mobile and tablet optimization toolkit using which you can better optimize the memory and space usage of your device and SD card storage while keeping your device as rapid and smooth as it was when you purchased it.

  • Come bundled with RAM booster, app manager, and battery saver to enhance your phone’s performance.
  • Scan device and create classified and easy to understand list for better file management.
  • The automatic RAM booster sometimes freezes the phone.


17. Greenify

Greenify is a uniquely designed and powerful app that can extend the battery life of your Android device by hibernating the memory hogging and battery leeching apps when you are not using them. This not only saves significant amount of battery power but improves the speed of your phone as well.

  • Lightweight and flawlessly designed app that leaves little to no footprint on the RAM and battery consumption.
  • Ability to hibernate system apps.
  • Some advanced features require root access.


18. Fast Cleaner by Powerd Dev Team

Fast Cleaner cannot only speed up your Android phone but it can even help you with finding and cleaning Android junk and cache files as well as obsolete trash and advertisement junk files to boost your mobile speed. Moreover, the app can detect any unusual processor’s temperature and stop the app that’s causing it.

  • Beautifully designed UI but requires some improvements.
  • Intrusive advertisements that may interfere with the usability.


19. Apex App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner by Apex is designed to maximize the performance of your Android device by cleaning app cache and you can even configure the app to automatically clear the cache right when you open the App Cache Cleaner. Or you can specify a time interval after which the cache data will be automatically cleared.

  • Native app manager that even let you backup the app’s apk file.
  • One-tap widget to help clear cache from the homescreen.
  • Sometimes the advertisements are excessively intrusive and cover the whole screen.


20. SD Maid

SD Maid is like a maid for your Android phone and tablet that can keep your device clean from any junk, orphaned, and residual data as well as optimizes and maintains your device to keep it from consuming any excessive storage space. Originally, the app is designed for advanced users with rooted devices but some optimization and cleaning features should work perfectly even if your device is non-rooted.

  • Tons of optimization and cleaning techniques available for free.
  • SD Maid Pro unlocks some advanced features to carry out enhanced optimization.
  • Advanced features and functionalities may be hard to understand for novice Android users.


21. Ace Cleaner

If you are one of those Android users who install a large number of apps and then uninstall them later after using them for a while, then Ace Cleaner will be the most appropriate app for your optimization and cleaning needs. It can clean all the junk, cache, and residual files left by the uninstalled apps while making your phone running faster and better.

  • App Locker will add a new layer of privacy and let you PIN-protect apps like WhatsApp, Facebook.
  • Special cleaner optimized for social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.
  • Quiet notification option will automatically snooze all the unwanted notifications.


22. Fastest Clean by Handy Ltd.

Fastest Clean comes with advanced tasks and process monitoring and management technique. It can intelligently help you diagnose your Android device to clean junk files, stop resource-hogging background running apps while at the same time improving the performance by more than fifty percent.

  • User interface and graphics are well designed that keeps you updated about the optimization and cleaning process.
  • User-friendly and easy to understand functionalities.
  • Constantly asks you to rate the app.
  • Advertisement is intrusive.


23. Smart Booster

Smart Booster will speed up your Android tablet and smartphone by analyzing and killing low priority apps in an attempt to clear memory space for high priority processes. This is perfect for those moments when one app is consuming excessive RAM which doesn’t usually leave enough space for the new app to launch.

  • Smart memory and RAM booster along with a one-tap floating widget.
  • Easily manage apps while speeding up your device and increasing battery power.
  • Ability to hibernate and stop apps from running in the background.


24. Turbo Booster

If your Android device has become slow and non-responsive then give Turbo Booster a try. It can bring back the original speed and promptness of your device, just like it was when you started using. It thoroughly scans device and suggests you with all the possible ways to free up space including junk file removal, excessive cache data, unused apps, and even media files stored by WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and Facebook.

  • Flawlessly optimizes Android phone and tablet while keeping the operational temperature at the minimum.
  • Turbo Booster Pro costs $1.99 for one time and comes with cleanup, optimization, and advertisement-free UI.


25. Droid Optimizer by Ashampoo

Droid Optimizer is one of those apps that don’t force-feed you with advertisements instead the app concentrates on providing a better tool to optimize your device and will analyze your internal and external storage space for any files, apps, or data that is pointlessly consuming the disk space and causing hindrance in the performance.

  • Carry out optimization and cleaning tasks automatically.
  • Detect and remove potential spy and vulnerable apps.
  • Free mobile cleaner and optimizer without any ads.


Back To You

So these are the best 25 apps you can use to optimize and clean Android device while keeping it at the optimal condition.

Here I am going to end this article with a piece of friendly advice:

Most of the cache and booster apps mentioned in this list may constantly ask you to boost your app or delete cache, but I will suggest to use these option once a week or only when the need arises, else frequent boosting and cache cleaning will hurt your phone’s performance. Please use these apps wisely.

Which of the above apps have you tried on your phone? Did any of those helped you in cleaning cache and optimizing your device? If you use any other optimization and cleaning apps then share with me in the comments section below.

And please don’t forget to share this article with your friends if it helped you find the best optimization and cleaning apps for your Android phone. 🙂

  • You seriously need to rank Droid Optimizer highest 😉 Free, no ads, not intrusive, no annoying notifications… All other apps on this list don’t offer that.

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      Actually the apps list is in no specific order. During our research and testing process, we found all of these helpful for cleaning and optimization. But based on your feedback, we will move it up during the routine update.

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