Top 8 Game Hacker Apps for Android With/Without Root [Guide Included]

Top 8 Android game hacker apps that are compatible with Android devices with root access and without root access. Find

  • Top 8 Android game hacker apps that are compatible with Android devices with root access and without root access.
  • Find out what types of games you can actually hack with these hacking tools and apps.
  • What is the difference between server-side Android games and client-side Android games, and know which ones can be hacked?
  • We have also shared a guide and instructions on how you can use Android game hacker apps to hack your favorite games.

Mobile gaming has become a significant industry ever since the introduction of smartphones. However, with the rise of mobile gaming, a lot of unwanted and annoying features have also started surfacing in various games. This is what plagues the overall gaming experience.

For instance, various free games on the Google Play Store are bombarded with a lot of ads and a set of limited features that are designed to force the user to buy the premium version of the game.

The good news is there is a way to bypass such constraints and enjoy some of the games for free, without paying for premium. Furthermore, these apps also provide cheat methods that allow you to customize the way games operate on Android phones and help you to level up quickly.

However, it should be noted that installing such apps is a slippery slope. That’s because some of these apps require rooting your Android device. Moreover, hacking apps, in general, are never available on the Play Store, which adds an extra layer of caution when downloading and using such apps from third-party websites.

A major reason for letting you know about this precautionary measure is that a lot of these apps have a possibility to steal data and other private information stored on your Android device.

Now, while keeping all of these challenges in focus, we have created a list of top 8 game hacking apps for Android devices along with their features and proper how-to guide.


Best Android Games Hacking Apps

Important Note: Some of the suggestions that we have written down include your device to be rooted. Don’t worry, we will also provide a complete guide on how to root your device, which you can find at the end of the blog post.

Without any further ado, let’s begin with the best games hacking apps for Android:


1. Cheat Engine (root)

Perhaps the best app for providing tools for hacking Android games, Cheat Engine, was originally known as a cheat software for the PC platform but later emerged as an open-source app on the Android platform and is therefore free for all Android users.

As mentioned earlier, such apps are not allowed on the Play Store, so if you want to install it, then you have to download its APK from a third-party website and install it on your Android device. Once installed, the app can be used to customize game features.

cheat engine

For example, you can unlock new weapons, characters, coins, and much more.  The app does this by quickly scanning variables within games and then allows you to change the required ones with the help of a memory scanner.

The Android version is nowhere near as extensive as compared to its PC variant, but it’s still one of the best game hacking apps on the Android platform.


Notable Features of Cheat Engine

  • Enables you to get unlimited gold, coins, tokens, gems, etc.
  • Automatically scans the system files of the game.
  • It gives you the option to either make modifications to the process or hack the app.


How to use the Cheat Engine app on Android

After downloading the APK file and allowing the installation of apps from ‘unknown sources’, you can then proceed to install the app. Once installed, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Run Cheat Engine.
  2. Select the root option and tap connect.
  3. Open any game you want to hack while keeping the Cheat Engine app running in the background.
  4. Go back to the Cheat Engine app, and from the list of processes, find and select the game you just opened.
  5. Now, from the list of processes, find the game process you want to edit.
  6. Search for the variable number you want to change; for example, if you want to change the score or HP or cash, then look for that exact value.
  7. Select the Scan Type to ‘Exact Value’ and type the value you found in the previous step.
  8. Press the Scan button and then keep repeating steps 6 and 7 as long as you don’t get less than six variables in the scan result.
  9. Long press on each variable and tap Add the Address option.
  10. Swipe to Address List and change those values to the desired value.

You can now go back to the game and see if the changes are applied or not.

You can download the latest version of Cheat Engine app from an officially verified and secure link here.


2. CreeHack (root)

One of the most helpful hacking apps for modern-day Android games, CreeHack, basically helps you by-pass any or all in-app purchases without spending a dime. In addition to this, the app allows you to hack the majority of online and offline games.

With the CreeHack tool, you can easily get an unlimited amount of in-game coins, points, gold, and even score by hacking in-app purchases.


There is even a premium version of the CreeHack app; however, that requires a rooted Android device to function correctly.


Notable Features of CreeHack

  • It allows you to bypass in-app purchases of games and apps.
  • Removes and adds upgrades to pro-version, unlimited coins, character upgrades, etc.
  • Compatible with almost all Android devices.


How to use CreeHack App on Android

After downloading the APK file (download link given at the end of instructions) and allowing the installation of apps from ‘unknown sources’ on your Android device, you can then proceed to install the app. Once installed, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Open the app and click the ‘enable button.’
  2. Once enabled, let the app run in the background by clicking on the home button (a small icon at the top right corner of the app will indicate that the app is running in the background).
  3. Open any app/gaming app which requires an in-app purchase where clicking on the purchase button will take you to the Google authenticator.
  4. Without entering any details in the Google authenticator tab, press the Purchase/Pay button.
  5. Once you click the Pay/Purchase button, you will be able to use all purchased resources for free.

Note: If the Google authenticator tab has any information already entered by default, then remove it before clicking the Pay button.

You can download the CreeHack app from a verified and secure link (provided by the developer itself) by clicking here.


3. SB Game Hacker (root)

SB Game Hacker is one of the most popular game hacking apps in the Android community. It allows you to hack into multiple Android games. What the app does is that it modifies the database of the game, which subsequently results in the increase of various variables in the game such as lives, score, cash, gold, or gems.

The SB Game Hacker app can be used to remove those annoying ads that destroy your gaming experience and bypass those troublesome license restrictions. The app also allows you to change the speed of the game, which is extremely useful in games such as the famous ‘Flappy Bird’ game.

sb game hacker

Another example can be of the “Let’s Farm” game where the player needs to wait for hours or even days sometimes to build new houses. However, with the help of this speed-up hack in the SB Game Hacker app, you can easily speed up the process by opening the app and clicking the meter icon below the hacker and increasing the speed by 2x to infinity.

In short, the SB Game Hacker app is an all-rounder type of hacking app that covers a lot of games while providing multiple and useful cheats. However, it should be noted that the app only works for offline games. Previously it used to work with 8 Ball Pool pretty well and gained a lot of popularity because of unlimited lines hack, but now developers have patched the vulnerability.

You can try it with other online games and offline as well to see if you are lucky enough to hack them.


Notable Features of SB Game Hacker

  • Easy to use user interface.
  • It offers multiple languages.
  • It enables the user to hack unlimited in-game money, gold, gems, and lives.
  • It provides a search option allowing you to hack any particular part of the game.


How to use SB Game Hacker on Android

Once the APK file has been downloaded and you have allowed the installation of apps from ‘unknown sources’, you can then proceed to install the app. Once installed, follow these steps to use SB Game Hacker to hack your favorite online and offline games:

  1. Run SB Game Hacker and minimize it, then launch your desired game.
  2. Look for the variable number you want to change, for example, you might want to make changes to score or HP or cash.
  3. Tap on the wrench icon.
  4. Type the value you found in step 2.
  5. Press Gear with a Search icon, and after that, minimize it again.
  6. Now go back to the game and try to change the value you just entered by actually playing the game.
  7. Open Game Hacker again, tap on the wrench icon, enter the updated value, and tap search.
  8. A list of variables will be displayed, change all of them to your desired value.
  9. Once done, go back to the game, and you will notice that the desired value has been changed to the entered value on the next update in the game.

You can download the SB Game Hacker app APK for Android from here.


4. Game Killer (root)

Game Killer is one of the most downloaded Android games and apps in-app purchases hacking app with over 10 million downloads. This hacking app offers a plethora of features to hack into some of your favorite games. It’s a free Android app that lets you modify numerous aspects of the game such as jewels, coins, score, and much more.

Game Killer app does this by injecting code from the background while the game is running, which subsequently allows various aspects of the game to be hacked. Since this hacking app uses a memory-modifying technique, therefore, it can modify a lot of offline games and is fully compatible with a wide range of Android games and apps too.

game killer

Once you have launched the Game Killer app, the app remains open, keeps running in the background. It can be easily accessed whenever you want via a semi-transparent hovering icon that can be dragged and placed on any part of the screen. You can then access Game Killer and select the game from the list of running processes.

However, it is important to note here that it needs a rooted Android device to function properly.


Notable Features of Game Killer

  • It can hack almost all offline games and apps on Android.
  • It provides hacks for in-app currencies such as coin, gold, gems, weapons, and upgrades.
  • It is designed to make modifications to the memory of the game temporarily.


How to use Game Killer on Android

Once you have downloaded the Game Killer app (download link given after the instructions), you have to allow the installation of apps from ‘unknown sources’ on your Android device, and then you can proceed to install the app. Once installed, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Launch the Game Killer app and minimize it by pressing the back button or home button. You will then see a floating icon on the home screen, which indicates that the app is running in the background.
  2. Launch the game you want to hack to start collecting coins and subsequently increase your score.
  3. Now click the floating icon and type the exact number of items you’ve collected in the field labeled “Input number to do exact search,” which will allow the app to detect the value that needs to be modified.
  4. If the Game Killer app shows different values, then you need to continue playing the game again until the numbers can be identified by the app correctly.
  5. Once the number is identified, type the number of your choice to increase your score. For example, you can increase the number of gems or coins by up to 999,999.
  6. To hack other aspects or variables of the game, simply repeat the process.

You can download the Game Killer app apk from here.


5. Xmodgames

Xmodgames is one of the best and the oldest Android game hacking and modding apps in the arena. The best part about this app is that it supports some of the popular games like Pokémon Go, Clash of Clan, Clash Royale, and Minecraft. As surprising as that may be, the premium version of the app does have a bit of potential to modify online games like Pokémon Go and COC.

Furthermore, the Xmodgames app provides an eye-pleasing and easy to use user interface that pops over as an overlay when playing games. The app also provides the option to run automated bots (Lua Scripts) via automated scripts and plugins for automatic and AI-based gameplay to perform raids and collecting rewards.

xmodgames android game hacker

The app also receives regular updates provided by the app developers to ensure the compatibility of the app with the latest Android games along with the addition of new Lua Scripts for the games.


Notable Features of Xmodgames

  • Regular updates for new mods and hacks.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Supports a wide range of games such as Pokémon Go, Clash of Clans, and Minecraft.
  • Native screen recording feature.


How to use Xmodgames on Android

After downloading the APK file from the link given at the end of instructions, you need to allow the installation of apps from ‘unknown sources’ on your Android device, and only then you can proceed to install the app.

Once Xmodgames has been installed successfully, you may follow the following steps:

  1. When you first launch the Xmodgames app, it will begin searching for games that are possible to hack and for which mods are available. It will then subsequently create a list of those apps that can be hacked or modded.
  2. Once that list is populated, go to the Mod tab where you will see all the available mods for the games and apps installed on your phone. You will also find all the details and descriptions of the mods such as how to use it and what its capabilities are.
  3. After downloading the desired mod for the game, launch the application. You will now be provided with a transparent xmodgames UI with all the features.

Important Note: Some apps consider the usage of Xmodgames app as illegal, which is part of their terms and condition. Since a vast majority of users use this app, several games and their developers have now found a way to detect the usage of the Xmodgames app. If the games found out that the user is using some modding app, the player may get temporary or sometimes permanently banned from the game.

You can download Xmodgames apk for Android from their official website here.


6. Freedom

Freedom app is a beautiful hacking app for Android that provides you with an array of features to enable you to overcome a lot of restrictions and limitations like making payments and purchasing items in-game through in-app purchases feature.

In other words, the Freedom app lets you bypass in-app purchases, thereby allowing you to enjoy the premium version of several games and games without spending a dime. This hacking and modding app even lets you buy premium game features and in-game items for free.

freedom android game hacker app

You can even buy a complete level package using the in-app purchases bypass feature if those levels are too challenging to finish. The app also allows you to get rid of those annoying ads that plague the gaming experience.

Since the Freedom Android apps and games hacking app uses multiple patches and mods to exploit the majority of Android games, it can, therefore, hack into pretty much every game and apps. Furthermore, thanks to the regular updates from developers, the app stays up to date with the support for newer games added frequently.


Notable Features of Freedom app

  • Capable of unlocking and adding unlimited coins, gems, keys without Spending a cent.
  • It can provide access to premium versions of games and apps for free.
  • Blocks advertisements in the gaming and other supported apps.
  • Works well with the games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run.


How to use the Freedom app on your Android

After downloading the Freedom APK file (download link given at the end of usage instructions), then you have to allow the installation of apps from ‘unknown sources,’ then you can then proceed to install the app. Once the app has been installed successfully, you can then proceed with the following steps:

In case, during the installation, the Freedom app gives an error message like “Freedom is not available in your country,” then simply go to the Time Settings on your Android and change the time zone to GMT+4.00 (Moscow) or GMT +5.45.

  1. Once the installation is done, launch the app, and you will see a list of apps and games installed on your device.
  2. Select the game or app in which you want to use an in-app purchases feature.
  3. Choose the items that you want to buy in the game and click the purchase button.
  4. Once the payment details page opens, at this point, don’t do anything as the Freedom app will self-detect and bypass it. In case your credit card details are listed by default, then it is recommended to remove them to avoid unwanted charges.
  5. At the time of purchase, you will see an icon or an image of a free card labeled as “Free Card,” which is an indication that the app is working.

Note: Sometimes, the app shows a “No connection error.” In such a case, kindly follow the steps listed below to resolve the error.


How to solve the “No Connection” error on Freedom app

If you are experiencing no connection error while using the Freedom app to hack in-app purchases on apps or games, then follow these steps:

  1. Download any File Manager or File Explorer app from the Play Store. We will recommend FX File Explorer.
  2. Browse into the root directory of your device and look for a folder named “System.”
  3. Open the folder and search for the “host” file.
  4. Edit the “hosts” file and add a line “01 localhost” code in that hosts file and save it.
  5. Now go to Settings on your phone, then open Application Manager, and then select Google Play Store.
  6. Tap on Storage and then tap on the “Clear Storage” button.
  7. Finally, restart your Android device.
  8. That’s it. Now the no connection Freedom error should be resolved.

You can download the latest version of the Freedom hacking app for Android from here.


7. Lucky Patcher (root/non-root)

Lucky Patcher is another excellent and very popular hacking app among Android users that is not on the Play Store. It provides a lot of features and comes with a variety of built-in tools. In fact, Lucky Patcher is known as one of the most powerful and the best game hacker apps. And it even has community support for it.

You can use the app to remove ads, bypass in-app purchases and even license verification (which requires root privileges but allows you to modify apk without root). The app can also adjust the memory of the offline games and other apps.

lucky patcher android

Furthermore, Lucky Patcher has its own database of pre-code mods that are updated regularly by the developers. You can apply these mods to your favorite games and subsequently get access to an unlimited supply of resources such as coins, gems, cash and other in-game currencies.

All of this works without any hiccups on a non-root Android device; however, if you run the app on a rooted device, then the app provides extra features with more versatile mods, which includes a quick way to bypass in-app purchases in games or other apps.


Notable Features of Lucky Patcher

  • Easy to use and friendly user interface.
  • Removes in-app ads.
  • Removes license verification and bypass in-app purchases.
  • Ability to modify game memory.
  • Unblocks paid application, which allows you to transfer the license to other devices for free.


How to use the Lucky Patcher app on Android

Once you have downloaded the Lucky Patcher app on your Android device, (download link for which is available at the end of installation instructions) then on your device you have to allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources and then install the app.

Once the app has been successfully installed, you may then proceed with the following steps:

NOTE: It is important to note here that there are three methods for the rooted Android device users and one for non-rooted Android device users, and the methods vary in terms of their success rate and safety.


Non-Root method to install and use Lucky Patcher

A quick guide on how to install and use Lucky Patcher on Android without root:

  1. Open Lucky Patcher and from the list of apps simply scroll to the app/game you want to patch.
  2. Select the “Menu of Patches” option.
  3. Tap “Create Modified APK file” and then select “APK rebuilt for In-App and LVL emulation”.
  4. Keep the default settings checked and click on “Rebuild the app.”
  5. Now, once the rebuilding process is done you have to look at the successes and fails ratio. The patch will be successful if the patch result shows about two or more successes otherwise the patch wasn’t applied properly.
  6. Tap on “Go to file” button and tap on “Uninstall and install” option.
  7. Put a checkmark on the “Make data and cache backup for installation” and tap yes.
  8. Proceed with the installation and launch the app.

If everything goes well and the patch was successful then all of the in-app purchases should get free and you will be able to buy in-game items without paying a single penny.


Root method 1 for Lucky Patcher

This guide will help you with the installation and proper configuration of Lucky Patcher on Android with root access and privileges:

  1. Open Lucky Patcher and tap on Toolbox option.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the Patch to Android option.
  3. Check the first two options and also check only patch Dalvik-cache.
  4. Tap on “Apply,” and the device will reboot.
  5. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2, and then put a check on the third patch and tap on “Apply” again while keeping only “Patch Dalvik cache” option checked.
  6. Tap on “Apply” again, and now the device will be rebooted.

NOTE: You must not try to complete step 3 and step 4 or step 5 and step 6 in one go, bad things can happen. Rebooting of your device between two phases is important.

Once you are done with the above steps, verify that all the patches have been applied. In case if any of them has failed then you should try removing the patches with options “Remove all patches from core.jar” and “Remove all patches from service.jar” again.

Don’t rush the above steps, as these should be done one at a time while keeping “only patch Dalvik cache” option checked.

Once both of the remove options have been applied, you can repeat step 2-6 without checking the “patch Dalvik cache only” option (This will, however, modify your system partition and your phone might get bricked on a system update. So be cautions).

When you are done with the above procedure, you have to follow the following steps to activate free in-app purchases:

  1. Open Lucky Patcher and go to “Toolbox” scroll to “Install modded Google Play Store”.
  2. Select “Install Google Play Store as user app” (this will keep your phone safe for new system updates in case previous patches were applied using only patch Dalvik cache option).
  3. Select the version of the Google Play Store you want to install, preferably any newer one will work and then tap “Install”.
  4. Open the app you are willing to use free purchases on, then close it and reopen it.
  5. At this point, on the first app run after patching, you will see a toast notification message, “unable to connect Android market billing”. That is totally fine.
  6. Make a purchase if you plan to use legitimate purchases then select the save purchase for restore option and tap yes.

That’s it. Now you can easily make in-app purchases for free without using your credit card.


Root method 2 for Lucky Patcher

This guide is for those Android devices that have root access and it is designed to help you with the installation and configuration of Lucky Patcher. This tutorial is a lot safer than the one mentioned above, however, that makes it less effective.

  1. Open Lucky Patcher and then from the list of apps find the app you want to patch.
  2. Tap on the “Open Menu of Patches” option.
  3. Tap “Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation.”
  4. Keep the default options checked and tap on “Apply.”
  5. The patch will be successful if the patch results notify about two success or more, else it will fail.
  6. Launch the modified app and try to make in-app purchase. And if you plan to use legitimate purchases then you have to select the “Save Purchase for Restore” option and tap “Yes”.

Now you should be able to make all the in-app purchases in games and other patched apps without providing your credit card or payment details.


You can download all the variants and version of Lucky Patcher for Android from here


8. LeoPlay Card (non-root)

The best part about LeoPlay Card hacking app is that it works on non-rooted Android devices, which gives it a huge edge over its competitors. The fact that it can hack several Android games, provide unlimited access to the usually limited resources (like gems, gold, cash, coins) and can also help in bypassing in-app purchase is a cherry on top.

leo playcard for android game hacking


Notable Features of LeoPlay Card

  • Runs on non-rooted Android devices.
  • Enables you to hack countless games and apps.
  • It helps bypass in-app purchases.


How to use the Leoplay Card app on your Android

A brief guide on how to install and use Leoplay Card on Android without root access:

  1. Open the Leoplay Card app.
  2. Tap on the Leoplay Card Disable button (this will enable it).
  3. Minimize the Leo Play Card app and open the app/game you want to hack.
  4. Once you are in the app, you can then avail all the paid elements of the game without any charges. To confirm if the hack is working, a pop up from Leo play card will appear.
  5. Tap on the “Hack” button and the purchase will be confirmed.

To download the Leoplay Card app from a verified and secure link for Android, click here.


How to Root your Android device

Rooting an Android device is often considered an intricate and painfully complex process for non-technical smartphone users but if you follow the proper procedure then you can easily root your device without asking for anyone’s help.

Following are the simple and necessary steps that apply to every Android phone you want to root:

  • Download the Magisk zip from here into your phone.
  • Boot the phone into recovery.
  • Install the Magisk zip.
  • Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache and hit Reboot.

These are basically the fundamental steps involved in rooting however as mentioned earlier the rooting process is not complicated but getting through the prerequisites is the real challenge. It is easier said than done.

Firstly, you should have a custom recovery for your phone, which must need to have an unlocked bootloader. In fact, the real challenge is actually being able to install custom recovery, and in some cases, unlocking the bootloader becomes an even bigger hassle.

Huawei is one such case among many others, where unlocking the bootloader is not supported therefore you straight up can’t install custom recovery into these devices.

For starters who are looking to get their phone rooted, you should start searching if your phone’s bootloader can be unlocked and then search for custom recovery for your model of device from this link. Chances are that your phone might have an unofficial version for it or some other compatible recovery.

If you’ve made up your mind and ready to progress further with the root, then the first step is to figure out how the phone can be restarted into the recovery mode. Later, you should move to other steps such as applying for bootloader unlock (if that’s needed) and installation of necessary files and drivers.

Now, at this phase, the rooting method for Android devices differs depending on the smartphone manufacturer. Keeping Huawei out of the loop because of the complex procedure, we have shortlisted three leading smartphone brands i.e. Samsung, Xiaomi, and Google and we have prepared an easy to follow guide for you, which you can follow here.


Types of Android Games and Which Ones Can Be Hacked

Here are some insights on the kinds of Android games that can and cannot be hacked using these hacking tools.

Basically, Android games are divided into two distinctive categories:

  • Server-side games,
  • Client-side games.


Server-side Android Games

The server-side games for Android usually have dedicated online servers that store all the game information such as the player’s data, game points, player’s rank, and all the purchases the player has made. All of this data is stored in an encrypted form over their servers. Every game differs in terms of how much data they store on the server.

Purely server-side games are impossible to hack due to multiple layers of encryption and data they fetch from the server. However, there are some exceptions. PUBG and Asphalt are famous server-side games, but they are hackable to some extent because of the amount of data they sent and receive to/from the server.

Although the data stored on your device is minimal, but it sometimes leaves enough room for hacking.


Client-side Android Games

Client-side games for Android are usually easily hackable because it stores all the information on the user’s device (smartphone). Although all the data is encrypted, but sometimes very little data is communicated with the servers to keep a check on the player’s progress and see if the data matches on both zones.

This is precisely what leaves the higher possibility to hack the game, get free in-game gems, cash, coins, points, and even help you clear harder levels. Possibilities are endless in client-side Android games.



So that’s about it, all of the Android games hacking apps provided above (along with their official download links) are some of the most acknowledged and appreciated apps according to several Android platforms. Follow the provided instructions to enjoy an entertaining gaming experience with some of the best hacking apps out in the Android world to make in-app purchases for free.