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Best Speech To Text Apps For Android

Are you looking for an app that supports voice recognition and speech to text so that you don’t have to


Are you looking for an app that supports voice recognition and speech to text so that you don’t have to type a single word on your smartphone?

Now your search is over. Here I have shortlisted nine best speech to text apps for Android that has the voice dictation ability and can perform speech to text without any hiccup.

#01 – Google Keyboard

Even though the Google Keyboard app is not the purest voice-recognition tool for your day-to-day transcription tasks but it the most reliable and accurate application. It is a universal speech-to-text app for Android smartphones.

The reason behind this awesomeness is that the developers over at Google have developed the app, and most of all, the app is available for free!

Since it is a Google Keyboard so, it can do a lot more than just being your speech recognition tool.


#02 – ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes

List Note Speech-to-Text Notes is a notepad like an app that provides you with a good way to quickly note down your ideas or any valuable information without you even needing to touch a letter on the keyboard.

All you need to do is speak, and the speech-recognition algorithm of the app will do the rest for you!

And for those of you who want some added features like Google Cloud Print integration, customized categories for a particular set of your notes, and home screen widgets then you can opt for a paid pro version.


#03 – Speech To Text Notepad

Speech To Text Notepad removes all the hassle of typing all your ideas or notes and lets you create notes with just your voice.

Unlike other apps, this app understands several commands to make sure that you don’t have to touch your phone while taking notes. For example, while speaking, if you want to delete a word, only say “delete” and it will automatically remove the last word from that sentence.


#04 – Speech To Text

Speech To Text will be an app for you if you are looking for a way to note down your emails or text messages. Using this app, you can free yourself from typing long paragraphs when replying to your clients.

The app makes use of the Android’s built-in speech recognition system to turn your voice into text.


#05 – Voice Text

As the name suggests, Voice Text let you convert your voice into text in a real-time, which will be useful in those scenarios when you can’t touch your phone to reply to your text messages, for example, while having a dinner or working on your artwork.

You can configure the app to read out new text messages automatically and then listen and reply to those messages without you even touching your cell phone. Giving you a completely hands-free experience.


#06 – Voice To Text

Voice To Text is an excellent voice recognition app that supports over 30 languages and provides a high level of accuracy with each one of them as its based on the Google’s speech recognition system.

The app is not limited to messaging and emailing only. You can even use this app as your speech to text assistant with numerous third-party social networking apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber.


#07 – Speech to Text

Are you looking for a speech to text app that is compatible with all the Android variants? Speech to Text with its simplified UI should be your best bet as the developers behind this app make sure that it is fully compatible with every Android phone without any glitches.


#08 – Voice To Text for Multi-Apps

Voice To Text for Multi-Apps is another reliable speech to text app that supports over 21 different languages.

Moreover, it is entirely compatible with multiple apps and will let you sent your entered text via a range of social media and networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Email.


#09 – Text by Voice

Are you looking for an app that does more than just converting your speech to text? You should give a try to Text by Voice app as it supports multiple voice commands for different tasks. For example, you can ask the app to read out your text messages while you are driving.


Which One Is Your Personal Favorite?

Out of the nine apps discussed here, my personal favorite is Google Keyboard because it is an all-in-one app and provides me many additional features like gesture typing and it also learns what you are typing.

Do you have any other favorite speech-to-text voice recognition apps? I would love to hear about them in the comments below! 🙂