Top 10 Passive Income Earning Apps That Pay Well

Passive income earning apps can be a great way to make money while you sleep. Whether you're a student, or looking to earn extra cash on the side, these apps are sure to help you achieve your goals. In this post, we'll explore few of the best apps that will help you generate passive income with minimal effort. We'll cover everything from survey-taking and streaming services to micro-investing and more.

In our fast-paced world, people are always on the lookout for additional sources of income. One of the most effective methods is to use passive income apps that are available online. These apps provide a steady stream of earnings without requiring much effort from the user.

How These Apps Work? Passive earning apps offer various ways to earn, such as watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, downloading and using other apps, or even just leaving your phone on and running specific applications in the background.

When you use these apps, they typically track your activities and collect data that helps them understand consumer behavior. This information is valuable to companies interested in market research and advertising. By participating in these activities or allowing the app to gather data from your device, you are trading your time and attention for compensation.

Here are some of the best apps to help you get started:

1. Swagbucks

Top 10 Passive Income Earning Apps That Pay Well

Swagbucks is a rewards app that has gained immense popularity with over 20 million users. It is widely recognized as one of the most reliable and trustworthy apps. You can earn points by participating in surveys or watching videos on various topics in your free time. It’s a great way to maximize your spare time and earn rewards.

The time you dedicate to these activities can be redeemed for diverse gift cards or conveniently deposited into your PayPal account. With the Swagbucks app accessible on Android and iOS devices, you can earn rewards anytime and anywhere.

  • Multiple Earning Options: Users can earn rewards by shopping online, answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, searching the web, and finding great deals.
  • Redeemable Points: Users earn points, called SB, which can be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, or for cash back from PayPal.
  • Daily Poll and Swagbucks LIVE: Users can earn rewards by participating in daily polls and live trivia games through the app.
  • Cash Back: The app offers cash back for shopping at over 7,000 participating stores, scanning receipts, and dining out at participating restaurants.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: The app provides a clean and easy-to-use interface for a seamless user experience.
  • Wide Variety of Ways to Earn: Swagbucks offers various ways to earn points, allowing users to fit it into their daily lives.
  • $10 Sign-up Bonus: New users can receive a $10 sign-up bonus, and most points are credited to the user’s account immediately.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

Top 10 Passive Income Earning Apps That Pay Well

Unlock the potential of your opinions with Google Opinion Rewards. You can earn extra funds while maintaining anonymity by taking just a few minutes to answer surveys about your preferences and interests. In exchange for your valuable insights, you will receive credits that can be used on the Play Store.

Receive notifications when new surveys become available or proactively check for surveys within the app. The amount of credit you earn for each survey may vary based on length and complexity. It’s worth noting that the credits earned have a one-year expiration period, ensuring you have ample time to enjoy the benefits.

  • Earning rewards: Users can earn rewards by answering quick surveys, typically taking less than 20 seconds. The rewards are deposited into the user’s linked PayPal account.
  • Survey types: can be opinion surveys, hotel and product reviews, or location-based.
  • Privacy: Users’ answers are aggregated and shared with the market researcher who wrote the survey questions. Unless explicitly stated, answers are anonymous and not linked to personally identifiable information.
  • Receipt scanning: This opt-in feature for Android users allows them to upload receipts from in-store purchases. Users can receive rewards for uploading receipts from specific stores.
  • Reward redemption: On Android, users can redeem their earned rewards as Google Play credits, which can be used to buy paid apps from the Google Play Store. On iOS, users are paid via PayPal.
  • Survey frequency: Users may receive surveys randomly and are not required to answer every survey they receive.
  • Feedback: Users can give the Google Opinion Rewards team feedback about the app or a specific survey.
  • Reward usage: Users can use their earned rewards to purchase apps, games, movies, and music on the Google Play Store, donate to charity, upgrade apps, or make in-app purchases.

3. Ibotta

Top 10 Passive Income Earning Apps That Pay Well

Earn cashback effortlessly when you shop through Ibotta’s app, which offers a vast collection of products available at participating stores and online retailers.

Ibotta offers two types of cashback: percentage-based and flat-rate, catering to your preferences. Streamline your in-store purchases with the “Pay with Ibotta” feature, allowing you to link your credit/debit card to the app and earn cashback effortlessly. Accumulated cashback can be redeemed through PayPal or a wide range of gift cards.

  • Cash Back on Everyday Purchases: Ibotta offers real cash back on everyday purchases, from groceries to online shopping at, over 2,000 retailers.
  • Automatic Matching with Offers: The app automatically matches your purchases with offers within the app to give you cash back after your purchase.
  • Variety of Retail Partners: Partners include major retailers like Walmart, Uber, Lowe’s, and many more, totaling over 500,000 locations.
  • Online and In-Store Shopping: Users can earn cash back both in-store and online by browsing offers and shopping as they normally would.
  • Bonuses and Challenges: Ibotta provides bonus offers that help users increase their cash-back savings by completing specific offers or shopping challenges.
  • Friend Referral Bonuses: Users can earn extra cashback by referring friends to use the Ibotta app.
  • Gift Card Purchases: Cash back can also be earned on purchases made with gift cards.
  • Loyalty Account Linking: Users can link their store loyalty accounts to earn cash back without needing to submit a receipt.
  • Payout Options: Once users reach $20 in cash back earnings, they can request a payout or redeem earnings for gift cards to popular retailers.
  • Mobile App and Browser Extension: Ibotta is available as a mobile app on iOS and Android, as well as a browser extension for online shopping.
  • No Cost to Use: The app is free to use, offering a cost-free way to earn extra cash

4. Sweatcoin

Top 10 Passive Income Earning Apps That Pay Well

Embrace an active lifestyle and reap the rewards with Sweatcoin, the ultimate fitness and passive income app. Harnessing the power of your smartphone’s GPS, Sweatcoin tracks each step you take, transforming them into a valuable digital currency usable within its extensive marketplace.

Sweatcoin boasts partnerships with renowned companies like Amazon, PayPal, and Nike, enabling you to exchange your Sweatcoins for various products and services from their stores. Take advantage of bonus opportunities to earn even more Sweatcoins, such as inviting friends to join the app or upgrading to a premium membership.

  • Earn Cash Back: Get real cash back on everyday purchases at over 2,000 retailers, including groceries, dining, clothing, and more.
  • Easy to Use: Browse offers, activate them, and earn rewards simply by shopping as you normally would. Submit receipts or link store loyalty accounts for verification.
  • Flexible Redemptions: Cash out your earnings for PayPal deposits, gift cards from popular brands, or donations to charity. The minimum cash-out threshold is only $20.
  • Friend Referral Program: Earn bonus cash when you invite friends to join Ibotta, and they start earning rewards.
  • Bonus Opportunities: Boost your earnings with additional rewards for completing specific tasks, redeeming multiple offers, or participating in bonus promotions.
  • Mobile App Convenience: Manage your account, browse offers, and track your earnings, all within the user-friendly mobile app available for iOS and Android.
  • Gift Card Purchases: Earn cash back even when buying gift cards for your favorite retailers.
  • Deal of the Day and Nearby Offers: Stay informed about daily savings and receive reminders for offers at nearby stores using location services.

5. Honeygain

Top 10 Passive Income Earning Apps That Pay Well

Honeygain is one of the few passive income apps that reward you for running it on your smartphone. Operating discreetly in the background, the app utilizes your unused internet bandwidth to support various activities, including price aggregation and ad verification, benefiting its clients. And the best part? You earn rewards for sharing your bandwidth.

Every 10 MB of shared traffic equals three credits, with 1000 credits amounting to $1. Once you’ve accumulated enough credits to reach the $20 threshold, you can conveniently request a payout to your PayPal account or choose to receive payment in your crypto wallet, eliminating the limitation of the $20 threshold.

  • Passive Income: Share unused internet bandwidth and earn money.
  • Flexible Sharing: Control when you share bandwidth and pause anytime.
  • Multiple Payouts: Choose payouts via PayPal or JumpTask tokens.
  • Content Delivery: Maximize earnings by sharing bandwidth for specific content delivery (limited spaces).
  • Referral Program: Get a 10% bonus on your referrals’ earnings (higher bonus for active referrals).
  • Security & Privacy: Encrypted traffic, security updates, and community support for a safe experience.

6. Acorns

Top 10 Passive Income Earning Apps That Pay Well

This micro-investing app revolutionizes how you grow your money by rounding up your everyday purchases and investing the spare change into a meticulously curated portfolio of stocks and bonds. It’s a seamless way to generate passive income while going about your regular spending habits.

With Acorns, you can select from a range of personalized portfolio options tailored to match your risk tolerance, whether you prefer a conservative or aggressive approach. Whether you’re saving for retirement or looking to diversify your income streams in the stock market, this app is designed to support your financial success.

  • Round-Ups: Invest spare change automatically by rounding up everyday purchases to the nearest dollar.
  • Recurring Investments: Schedule automatic paycheck or bank account deposits to grow your portfolio consistently.
  • Mighty Oak Banking: Spend and invest with a no-fee checking account that rounds up debit card purchases and offers real-time investments.
  • Earn Bonus Investments: Partner with Acorns’ 450+ brands to earn bonus investments when you shop or dine out.
  • Financial Resources: Learn about investing through in-app educational tools, videos, and live Q&As with experts.
  • Customizable Portfolios: Choose portfolios aligned with your risk tolerance and financial goals, including sustainable investing options.
  • Automated Investing: Acorns manages your portfolio, automatically rebalancing when necessary.
  • Low Minimums: Start investing with no minimum initial deposit or ongoing account fees.

7. Airbnb

Top 10 Passive Income Earning Apps That Pay Well

Experience the extraordinary potential of Airbnb as it offers you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to earn passive income by transforming your extra space into a sought-after accommodation destination. Create a listing, set your desired rate, and watch as bookings roll in, allowing you to capitalize on your idle property.

Airbnb equips you with robust management tools, including intuitive calendars to effortlessly track availability, messaging systems to communicate with guests, and ratings that foster trust between hosts and visitors. These features ensure a seamless hosting experience.

  • Secure payouts: Receive automatic payments after guest stays are complete.
  • Transaction transparency: View detailed earnings reports and booking breakdowns.
  • Multiple payout options: Choose your preferred payout method (bank transfer, etc.).
  • Host Guarantee: Airbnb provides property damage protection for qualified hosts.

8. Dosh

Top 10 Passive Income Earning Apps That Pay Well

Joining the thriving cashback market, Dosh stands out for its unparalleled simplicity. Unlike other apps, there’s no need to snap pictures of receipts or perform similar tasks to receive your cashback. All you have to do is effortlessly link your credit or debit card to the app, and a portion of your purchases will automatically return to you.

With many retailers, Dosh offers cashback opportunities across various sectors, including travel agencies, restaurants, and gas stations. This means you can effortlessly earn passive income while planning your next trip or indulging in a delightful meal. It’s important to note that the app caters to non-cash users, as Dosh requires linking your credit or debit card.

  • Automatic Cashback: Link your cards and watch earnings grow! No coupons, codes, or activation are needed. Dosh finds offers from thousands of merchants and puts the cash back in your wallet.
  • Passive Profits: Shop at favorite stores like Walmart, Sephora, and DoorDash, or dine out – Dosh does the work. Earn as you spend, even on in-store purchases.
  • Travel Treats: Book hotels through Dosh and enjoy up to 40% cashback on stays worldwide. Turn your wanderlust into extra wallet padding.
  • Online Offer Extravaganza: Browse and shop through the Dosh app for even more earning opportunities. Find exclusive deals and cashback just by clicking within the app.
  • Referral Rewards: Spread the Dosh love! Share your referral link and get $10 for each friend who joins and activates their card. Build a network of cashback enthusiasts.
  • Eassy Withdrawals: Reach the minimum $25 threshold and cash out your earnings to your bank account, PayPal, or Venmo. Enjoy your hard-earned rewards!

9. Rakuten

Top 10 Passive Income Earning Apps That Pay Well

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is an amazing app that rewards you for shopping online at over 2500 partnered retailers. You can earn cashback on your purchases from popular brands like Amazon, Target, and Walmart just by logging into your account and making your usual purchases. It’s a seamless way to save money while shopping.

Rakuten conveniently pays out your accumulated cashback every quarter, offering you the choice of receiving it via a check or direct deposit to your PayPal account. While there may not be the flexibility to choose the exact timing of your rewards, the ability to passively earn while purchasing everyday essentials, like groceries, easily outweighs this minor inconvenience.

  • Cash Back at 3,500+ Stores: Choose from a vast network of partner stores across various categories – fashion, electronics, travel, home, and more.
  • Automated Savings: The Rakuten Cash Back Button extension for your browser proactively finds discounts and applies them to your shopping cart, further maximizing your savings.
  • Stackable Deals: Combine Rakuten Cash Back with store-specific coupons, sales, and loyalty programs for extra value on every purchase.
  • Convenient Payouts: Reach your $5.00 minimum Cash Back threshold and choose your payout method – PayPal or check.

10. Slidejoy – (No Longer Active)

Slidejoy is a unique mobile application that helps you earn money without any hassle. Once you install the app, your lock screen will show advertisements that you can interact with by swiping left or right. Swipe left to learn more about the featured advertisement or swipe right to unlock your phone as you normally would. It’s an effortless way to earn some extra cash without any additional effort.

Engagement is key, as you’ll be rewarded with Carats, digital currency tokens, based on your interactions. These Carats can be easily cashed out via PayPal or directly donated to charitable causes.

Update: It was reported that it’s no longer active.

Other Apps You Can Try

Here are a few more apps you might be interested in:

  • Nielsen Mobile Panel: Install and passively earn by contributing anonymized data about your internet usage. (Limited availability)
  • Turo: Rent out your car when you’re not using it. Great for car owners in high-demand areas.
  • MobileXpression Panel: Share your mobile app and internet usage data for rewards.
  • Stash: Invest in spare change or set up recurring investments in fractional shares of popular stocks and ETFs.
  • Fundrise: Invest in real estate projects with low minimums and potentially high returns. (Longer timeframe)
  • Fluz: Earn cashback on online and in-store purchases, plus bonuses for referring friends. Double-dip on earning!

Things To Keep in Mind

  • Passive income often translates to “slow income.” Don’t expect to replace your main income solely through surveys and microtasks.
  • Beware of scams and unrealistic promises: If an app guarantees high earnings with minimal effort, it’s likely too good to be true.
  • Time commitment can vary: While some tasks are quick, others might require more extended engagement. Be realistic about the time you can dedicate.
  • Data privacy is crucial. Choose apps with clear privacy policies and be mindful of the information you share.
  • Beware of hidden fees or subscription costs: Some apps might lure you in with free trials but charge unexpected fees.
  • Focus on reputable platforms: Research apps thoroughly before investing time or money. Look for user reviews and independent ratings.
  • Diversify your income streams: Don’t rely solely on one app or platform. Combine various sources for a more stable income.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these apps offer incredible opportunities for those seeking passive income. The options are vast, from investing in stocks and real estate to participating in online surveys and sharing your opinion. Building a sustainable passive income stream requires time, effort, and patience.

Exploring various passive income streams, such as investing, renting out unused items, or creating and selling digital products is essential. However, it is important to remember that earning significant money requires effort. The world operates on a simple principle: the more value you provide to others, the more money you can earn. Therefore, finding something that can improve other people’s lives and working on it to increase your earnings would be a wiser choice.