Secretly See Other People Snap Stories Without Them Knowing About It

There have been occasions when you don’t want to let your friends know you have seen their snap stories. So we have brought four working methods to see snap stories without them knowing.

In this era, who doesn’t want privacy? Especially while using social media platforms like Snapchat, where taking a screenshot will send a notification to the other user.

Regardless of why you want to do this, here in this blog post, we will share four methods to see someone’s snap stories without letting them know that you have seen them.

Usually, on Snapchat, if you open someone’s snap story, your name and username will appear in the list of those who have viewed the story.

You can also take screenshots of snaps without the sender’s knowledge.

In a nutshell

There are few works around to see someone’s story without them knowing about it. The best way is to use Airplane mode and then view the story. After that, you will need to clear the app cache before turning off airplane mode. This way, no one will know that you have seen their story.

Use Airplane Mode to View Snapchat Story without Them Knowing

This is by far the best method that still works really well in hiding yourself when viewing someone’s snap stories. And the procedure is simple too.

Here is exactly what you need to do:

  1. Open the Snapchat app and log in to your account.
  2. Swipe left on the screen to enter the Stories page or click on the Stories option.
  3. Refresh the page using the swipe-down gesture to preload all the stories.
  4. Close the Snapchat app. Make sure it is completely closed.
  5. On your phone, turn on Airplane mode. Which will turn off WiFi and cellular data connection.
  6. Now you can open Snapchat and easily view all the preloaded Snapchat stories without notifying the uploader.
  7. Once you have checked all the stories, you need to clear the cache of the Snapchat app to make sure no data is stored.
  8. You can now turn off the Airplane mode and continue using your phone as you usually do.

It is important to remember here that clearing the cache of the Snapchat app is essential as it stores the information related to your last interaction with the app.

View Snapchat Stories When They Are About To Expire

Another less known trick to see someone’s snap stories without letting them know is to open them when they are about to expire.

We all know stories stay alive for 24 hours, starting from when they are first uploaded.

And the uploader can only see who has seen the snap stories as long as the story is live.

The moment the story expires, the number of story views and the names of those who have seen the story disappear.

And there is no way to get those stats back. So the best time is to open snap stories when they are about to expire.

Create a Secondary Snapchat Account

The headline pretty much explains what this idea is all about. But still, we are going to explain to clarify the concept further.

You need to create a secondary account, which will be anonymous, without using any of your personal details.

Once created, send a friend request to the person whose snap stories you want to see.

Once they have accepted your request, you can then view their stories without them figuring out who actually has seen their story.

However, the key issue here is to convince the other person to accept your friend request.

View Snapchat Stories Online Using Snap Map

Snap Map is an interactive map designed by Snapchat where the social media features all the personal stories from its users from all around the world so that anyone can explore.

If someone has publicly posted a story on Snapchat, you can easily see that story without them knowing it.

Using Snapchat’s official Snap Map feature smartly can help you watch someone’s Snapchat stories without letting them know about it.

The best thing about this feature is that you can access it on any web browser, and it doesn’t even require you to log in to your account.

This means you are going to be completely anonymous and will be able to see anyone’s stories without letting them know.

Interestingly, we already have an in-depth tutorial on how to use Snap Map to view Snapchat stories through a web browser and the Snapchat app.

However, it is important to keep in mind that finding someone’s specific story is not easy. It requires you to know the exact location from where the story was uploaded.