4 Best Solitaire Games to Play on Your Android Phone

Are you looking for ways to pass the time while you’re out and about? Look no further than one of the oldest card games around - Solitaire. Not only is Solitaire a classic game of strategy and skill, but it’s also incredibly easy to pick up and play. Now, with the help of your Android phone, you can enjoy a range of Solitaire games anywhere, anytime.

Three decades down and Microsoft Solitaire is still going strong like anything. It holds a firm position among the game players with millions of daily users that play this fantastic brain game, best to enhance cognitive abilities and decision-making skills. So, no wonder the love for this game is still alive among people.

Previously, it used to come in separate game variations in Microsoft Windows, but now it comes as Microsoft Solitaire Suite containing all the five signature solitaire variations in one pack.

However, if you don’t want to stick to a table chair for a long time and end up with~ a neck ache, Solitaire sites and apps can help you.

With technological advancements, Solitaire has come out of the closed box and prevailed everywhere through the internet.

So, no matter if you are laying on the couch or waiting at the bus station, you can enjoy playing your favorite brain game wherever you want.

Here are a few sites that give the best experience to play on Android:

1. Solitaired

Solitaired is one of the best sites to play a solitaire game without spending any money.

With 500+ variations (yes, you heard it right!), you can play it online as well as download its app to enjoy it even when you are offline. It means Solitaire fun is everywhere with Solitaired.

There is a long list of solitaire variations as well as other brain games, from Klondike Turn 1 & Turn 3, Spider Solitaire, FreeCell, and Word Hurdle to Spades, so get ready to rejoice with their extraordinary gameplay.

In fact, they can keep you hooked all day long because there are so many variations to keep the fun going. Besides card games, Solitaired is a hub of many other games with exciting features.

Looking to play the game of the day? You can play it here along with unlimited undo, redo, and hints options.

Are you left-handed? No problem! With Solitaired’s left-handed playing opportunity, Solitaired has everything to give you extra fun, which is hard to miss, for sure. 

2. Flick Solitaire

Flick Solitaire is more than just a solitaire game. It is a visual treat with advanced features that can give your solitaire imagination a whole new shape and world by beautifully combining virtual and real-world experiences that are a wonder of technology.

You can really flick the card and it will go right in its place, giving you a feeling of enjoying the game like in the real world. That’s a whole new enthralling experience that is hard to find somewhere else. 

The beautiful deck designs, designed by artists from all over the world, are made with the aim to spread art and revitalize the concept of playing solitaire.

Flick solitaire is proof that solitaire can also be about indulging in an experience full of beautiful colors, designs, and state-of-the-art animations, besides playing gameplay that is one of its kind.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin flicking and enjoying solitaire in an altogether new way. Flick it and enjoy the new experience.

3. Brainium Solitaire

If you are looking for a fun and beautiful solitaire experience, then Brainium Solitaire is your way to go.

Brainium Studios is known to create easy-to-use and fun game apps, such as Mahjong, Sudoku, and Spider Solitaire that enhance your love for the game manifolds.

So, Brainium solitaire is also not an exception! Once you land on the Brainium Solitaire’s world, you get an altogether different experience that keeps you hooked and you want to play that game again and again. 

Keeping their traditions charged, Brainium Studios crafted Brainium Solitaire by focusing on modernization and customer needs. So, no wonder their version of solitaire fulfills customers’ expectations and needs —and ratings prove it. With 1.1M reviews, they have around 4.7 ratings, which means whatever they are doing, they are doing it right.

With Draw 1 and Draw 3 game modes, it is fit for beginners as well as challenge-lover pros. Not to forget the wide customization options that make it a favorite place for card game lovers. You can select the background of your choice or even upload pictures to take customization to new heights and the next level. 

4. Solitaire Bliss

Without any doubt, Solitaire Bliss is an online blissful place for card game lovers.

This site is simple with easy navigation that newbies can follow without striking any dead ends. That’s what makes solitaire a favorite of many.

Just click on the link and a game will already be ready to entertain you. However, if you want to customize it by changing game and card backgrounds or difficulty levels, you can do it. With 30+ solitaire versions, like Klondike, Spider, and Pyramid, this game has something for everyone. You can choose a variation of your choice and continue the fun till your heart’s content.

Challenge your inner card player every day with daily challenges and compare your scores with other players to keep on improving.

Moreover, unlimited undo, redo, and hints options are always ready to keep you motivated and in a winning position.

In fact, there is also a solvable-only game mode for beginners who can begin their solitaire journey like a champ.


Solitaire is an amazing brain game that dates back centuries. However, the interesting gameplay and fun of this game keep it alive despite the emergence of so many other popular games.

The good thing is that solitaire is not just enclosed in a computer now. You can play it on your mobile through different sites or download it in an app form to keep the solitaire fun going.

Remember that not all sites give the same experience. So, make sure to choose the right site to get the right kind of fun and joy.