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7+ Best & Fast Downloading Torrent Apps For Android

Do you love to download torrents on your Android device? But don’t know which torrent client app would be the


Do you love to download torrents on your Android device? But don’t know which torrent client app would be the most appropriate?

Torrents and torrent websites have faced a lot of legal issues lately but regardless of all that, there is an ever-rising number of people looking for the best way to download movies, music, application, books, documents and whatnot via torrent.

No doubt, the torrent database includes almost anything you need, but to be able to download the media, you need to have a reliable torrent client app on your phone along with a stable Internet connectivity.

So without any further ado here are the 7+ best torrent client apps to satisfy your torrenting needs on Android on the go. 😉

1. Flud Torrent Downloader

Flud is a beautifully designed premium-level torrent downloader client app that comes with a simplified user interface and beautiful material design, allowing you to download torrent files directly to your Android phones and tablets. It provides support for several protocols including NAT-PMP, UPnP, DHT, PeX, µTP.

There is a Flud Pro version too that is designed to remove advertisements only, which means there isn’t any difference (features wise) between the free and paid versions. If ads don’t bother you then you can continue enjoying the free version, else you can purchase a pro version for $1.50.

  • Support for torrent magnet URI link.
  • Support proxy for peers and trackers.
  • Fast, lightweight, smooth, and easy to use.
  • Background downloading might not work well when the device is locked.
  • Sometimes the device might hang while downloading.

2. aTorrent

aTorrent provides you with the simple, elegant and efficient way to download torrent on your Android device. It has a material design UI that enables you to download torrent files with effortlessness along with the support for magnet URI.

The app allows you to partially download torrent, multiple files downloading at a time, option to download torrent only when the device is charging, and even lets you choose the destination folder for the torrent files.

  • Support for home screen widget.
  • Support for multiple protocols and trackers.
  • Ads supported, but the ad-free pro version is available for $2.99.
  • Download scheduling not supported.

3. tTorrent Torrent Client

tTorrent is one of the best and the most trusted torrent downloader client for Android that enables you to download large files and media without putting any limitation on the downloading speeds.

It has a support for magnet URI links and there’s even a WiFi-only mode, which is once enabled will force the app to download torrents files on WiFi connection only.

  • Download selected files from torrents with multiple files.
  • Support for external micro-SD storage.
  • HTTP and SOCKS proxy support.
  • Search functionality has been removed.
  • Contains advertisements, but ad-free version is available for $1.99.
  • Incompetent customer support team.

4. FrostWire

FrostWire is an open source torrent downloader client app for Android that provides a built-in torrent search so that you won’t have to open any torrent website on the browser and look for magnet URI or torrent files.

The search functionality even allows you to filter out the results by the file type including torrent, images, music, and video. And because the search functionality is built-in to the app, there is easy to use one-tap download option.

  • Select the destination location for torrents.
  • Ability to play streamable-torrent files while downloading.
  • WiFi only download mode to save mobile data.
  • Search function is unreliable at times.

5. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is the popular torrent downloading client for PC users and the developer team has created something similar for the Android users, which gives you the most simplified way to find, download and play torrent files on your smartphone and tablet devices.

The latest release of BitTorrent makes use of the latest torrent core that improves the downloading performance and stability along with the better integration and support for magnet links. There is a BitTorrent Pro version too that, apart from being ad-free, comes with premium features like auto-shutdown and battery saving mode.

  • No limitations on download speeds and file size.
  • Built-in music and video player.
  • Ability to select the download location for torrent.
  • Contains advertisements, which can be removed with the purchase of pro version.
  • Sometimes torrents will not start downloading.

6. µTorrent

µTorrent has been all over the place since the very beginning and has gained a lot of popularity among torrent downloaders because of being lightweight, minimal, and ease of usage. And all of those traits are available on the Android counterpart too.

The user interface looks similar to that of BitTorrent as the app is developed by the same developers. However, the simplified interface will make it easier than ever for you to add, download, and manage torrents on your smartphone and tablet.

  • Best support for magnet links.
  • Ability to select files to download from the torrent bundle to save valuable bandwidth and storage space.
  • uTorrent supports the latest torrenting core technology for maximized performance.
  • Bloated with ads, but they can be removed with uTorrent Pro available for $3.99.
  • No support to download torrents to external storage.

7. Vuze Torrent Downloader

The Vuze torrent downloader client app for Android that is powerful and lightweight, and allows you to keep your torrents in your control. The app is best for those who are looking to download torrents on the go as well as the convenience and efficiency to manage torrents.

What’s unique in Vuze is that it let you modify the downloading and uploading speeds for your torrent files, gives you the ability to manage downloaded torrents, along with the search and discovery function to help you find torrents.

  • Download completion notification.
  • Settings specific for WiFi connection.
  • Auto-start app when device boots up.
  • Contains ads, but can be removed via in-app purchases.
  • Magnet URI takes some time to read and load data.
  • WiFi only option might not be reliable.

8. ZetaTorrent App

ZetaTorrent is another torrent downloader client app designed for Android devices that come with a built-in web browser to help you search and find torrents. The browser supports proxy and is capable enough to automatically detect torrent and magnet links from the website.

The app provides you with an option to assign action upon completion of the torrent, you can put limits on the download and upload speed, and the app supports various protocols. And there are power management features as well as a native file manager to help you manage downloaded files.

  • Supports downloading the torrent to external storage (Android Lollipop only).
  • Built-in web browser with ad-blocker.
  • The ZetaTorrent Pro version comes with a number of premium features including proxy and IP filtration.

Which Torrent App Do You Use?

Do you have any favorite torrent apps that you use to download files on your Android phone and tablet? Did we forget to include that in the list?

Please let us know in the comments, we would love to hear your suggestions! 🙂

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