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15+ Best Video Chatting Apps For Android

Are you looking for a way to have one-on-one video chats with your friends, family members, or loved ones who


Are you looking for a way to have one-on-one video chats with your friends, family members, or loved ones who are far away from you or living in a distance city? Or are you in search for an app that would let you have a group video chatting with all of them together?

The video calling apps mentioned here would help you get back in touch with them. 😉

Here we have featured some of the best video chat apps for Android that will not only help you bridge the gap between you and your loved ones but will also make your whole video calling experience memorable with the help of some awe-inspiring functionalities being offered by the app.

#01 – JusTalk: Free Video Calls

The JusTalk is a video chat app that provides some of the unique capabilities you may not find in any other app. While video chatting with your friends or family member, you can record the video call and save it on your phone/tablet so that you can watch and relive the moments anytime you want later. Isn’t it awesome? 😀

Another feature is the doodling function that enables you to draw on the screen while video calling so during you video call you can express yourself even more while showing your creative side at the same time. Another point that usually users are concerned during video chat is the privacy and security of their conversations, JusTalk encrypts your voice and video call so that nobody could spy on your chats.

  • Record/save all the video calls to your phone.
  • Cross platform compatibility with both, Android and iOS.
  • Ability to doodle/draw during video chat.
  • Encryption of the video and voice chat.
  • Do not support group video chat function.

#02 – Google Duo

Google Duo is relatively a new dedicated video calling app developed by Google in an attempt to make the mobile video chat simplified, convenient, and easy to use than ever. The unique feature being offered by the app is the “Knock Knock” function, which let you see the live preview of the caller even before you answer the video call. Isn’t that amazing? 😀

To create an account, all you really need is an active mobile phone number where Google will send you an automated text for verification. And then you can start video chatting with your friends in seconds.

  • See the caller before answering the call with the new ‘Knock Knock’ feature.
  • Cross platform compatibility with both, Android and iOS.
  • You might face some reliability issues.
  • Video and voice quality is below the mark (as the app is in its early phases).
  • Do not support group video chat function.

#03 – Glide: Video Chat Messenger

Glide is a video chat messenger that let you be connected with your friends or family members via video call in the fastest way possible. The app allows you and your friends to share the moments as it happens using the live stream function.

You can also customize the video chat messages using the filters and then share it with the group of friends to be able to express yourself in the best way possible.

  • Apply filters to your video chat messages before sharing.
  • Compatible with Android Wear smartwatch.
  • You might face some occasional reliability issues.
  • Do not support group video chat function.

#04 – ICQ: Video Calls & Chat

ICQ is one of those video call apps that has been around for a long time and provides you with an excellent HD video chat capabilities that consumes less amount of data as compared to any other video chat app, so you can easily have a video call whenever you are without worrying about excessive data usage.

The recent update has integrated Artisto within the app that let you transform your normal videos and take them to the next level by adding the artistic effects. You can then share those videos with your contacts right through the app.

  • Consume low data usage while video chatting.
  • Compatible with Android Wear smart watch.
  • All your messages are synchronized across your devices.
  • Do not require phone number for registration.
  • Cross platform compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Do not support group video chat function.
  • You may experience delayed notification occasionally.

#05 – ooVoo: Video Call, Text & Voice

ooVoo is a video chat app that let you stay connected with your friends and family using the free group video calling capabilities that support up to twelve people at a time. And because it is a cross-platform app, you can have a video call with your friends regardless of the device or platform they are using.

The one of a kind message functionality is specifically designed to let you share pictures, videos, GIF messages even while you are video chatting. And one special aspect of this app is the amazing avatar characters, which you can select and use during video chats.

  • Supports group video calling with over 12 people.
  • Free avatar characters and you can use them while video chat.
  • Cross platform compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Works flawlessly even on the 3G data connections.
  • You might experience connectivity issues at times.

#06 – Tango: Free Video Call & Chat

Tango is a messaging app with video chat capabilities and it works pretty well on smartphones and tablets and is a cross platform app, that is what allows you to stay in touch with those who matters the most to you.

What’s interesting about Tango is that while you are having a video chat with your friend, you can add some video filters, send stickers and even play games with them. You can also apply masks to your face and use avatars during video chat to make the conversations fun.

  • Play games with your friend during video chat.
  • Transform your face while video calls with masks and avatars.
  • Cross platform compatibility with Android and iOS.
  • Do not support group video chat function.

#07 – Viber

Initially, Viber was developed to provide its users with a free phone call functionality to help keep them connected with their loved ones anywhere in the world through the Internet connection. But later, the developers introduced the video chat capabilities along with the end-to-end encryption and since then the app has gained a lot of popularity.

And because the app is not limited to video only, so you can easily switch between video and voice chat with just a tap on the screen. Moreover, similar to the other apps mentioned in the list, Viber also let you play games with your friends without any requirements to install any extra plugin.

  • Ability to easily switch between video and voice calls at any moment.
  • Play games with your friends right from the app.
  • Secure conversations with an end-to-end encryption.
  • No support for group video calling.

#08 – Rounds: Free Video Chat & Calls

Rounds give you a new hot way to have video chat you’re your friends over WiFi or mobile data connection without any limitation. You can be connected with your friends without any problem by using the Facebook connect feature. And you can have group video chat with 12 friends at a time.

The app also provides you with a webcam chat effects that you can use while having a video chat with your friends or family members, making your interactions more enjoyable. You can even listen to the same music or watch the same YouTube video together with your friend right from the app. Moreover, you can also draw on your friend’s face with your finger while video chat.

  • Allow you to have group video chat with up to twelve friends.
  • Ability to let you and your friend watch videos, listen to music together.
  • Let you play instant games with your friends while video chatting.
  • Fully compatible with Android Wear smartwatch.
  • Do not support Bluetooth headset.

#09 – KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text

KakaoTalk is a pretty reliable app that not only supports video chatting but also allows you have textual or vocal-based conversations with your friends and family. It supports group chat with the unlimited number of people but this feature is only limited to voice chats. The app does not support group video chats at the moment and only allows one-on-one video calls.

And since it is a cross-platform app and is compatible with tablets, smartphones, and PCs so you can remain connected with your friends regardless of the device or operating system they are using.

  • Support Android Wear smartwatch for notifications and replies.
  • Cross platform compatibility with Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows.
  • You might experience unexpected connectivity issues sometimes.

#10 – imo: Free Video Calls and Chat

imo is a communication app and its key target is to provide you with the best and the most reliable video chat experience regardless of the mobile operating system you are using, which means it is fully compatible with Android and iOS. The app is even optimized for Android tablets.

The app is highly optimized to work on wide range of networks and consumes fewer mobile data so that you can have decent video chat even on a slow 2G/edge mobile data connection. Moreover, you can have group video calls with your family or friends without any difficulty but it is limited to four people only.

  • Supports group video chat with up to four people.
  • Your calls and chats will be encrypted and secure.
  • Cross platform compatibility with both, Android and iOS.
  • Fully compatible with all Android tablets.
  • Support Bluetooth headset.
  • At times, the app fails to notify you of a call or message.

#11 – WeChat

WeChat is a communication app that is popular for its services and simplified as well as user-friendly interface. It provides high-quality voice and video calling features that allow you to call and video chat with anyone, no matter where they are and what device they are using.

There is also a Moments feature that works similar to any other social networking app and let you share your favorite and memorable moments as well as unforgettable trips with your WeChat friends.

  • Cross platform compatibility with Android, iPhone, and computer.
  • Provides maximum privacy as the app is certified by TRUSTe.
  • High quality video calling capability.
  • Do not support video chat with multiple people.

#12 – LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE is messaging and calling app that is fully compatible with multiple platforms including Android, iOS, smartwatch, and computer so that you can enjoy seamless communication and connectivity with your friends and contacts via messages, calls, and video chat, no matter where you are.

Similar to the other popular apps mentioned in the list, LINE also offers their own personal social media platform where you get your timeline and freely share priceless moments, pictures, videos, and status updates with your loved ones, and you can see and leave comments on the moments being shared by your friends.

  • High-definition voice and video chat feature.
  • Keep feature that allows you to store your precious chats, videos, photos, and other files without worrying about losing them.
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms.
  • New face effects to make your conversations exclusive, and it can be used while video calling with friends.
  • Video calling face effects feature is not yet compatible with all devices.
  • Do not allow you to backup your chat history and data.

#13 – Skype: Free IM & Video Calls

Skype is well known for video calling for quite a while now and is used to be one of the most common ways to talk face-to-face with your contacts, friends, and loved ones on the computer. But since after the smartphones became widespread, Skype has gained a lot more popularity among the users for instant messaging, voice calling, and video chatting.

Due to the great popularity and high demand from the users, Skype introduced group video calling that allows anyone to have a video chat with over 25 friends at a time. And that is not only limited to video but voice calls too so that you can communicate seamlessly with your friends and family and stay connected, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

  • Support group video chat with over twenty-five people at a time.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms and devices so that you can stay connected with your loved ones.
  • You might experience some glitch or connectivity issues while video calling.

#14 – Hangouts

We did include Google Duo in the list, which is a dedicated app for video calling only. But Hangouts is another app developed by Google to make it easier for you to send text messages, have voice calls, and face-to-face video chats with your friends, share pictures and videos, all from a single app.

About video chat, Hangouts allows you to turn any conversation into a video chat and let you add over ten friends into any group video calling so that you can discuss anything with your loved ones, no matter in which part of the world you are located.

  • Stay connected with your friend, no matter what device or platform they are using as the app is compatible with Android, iOS, and the web.
  • High-quality voice and video chat features.
  • Initiate group video chat with over 10 friends.
  • You might experience slow or unreliable video calling at times.
  • Some delays in notifications delivery have been reported by users.

#15 – Messenger

We have listed Facebook Messenger in this list as it has already been installed on most of the people’s phone and tablets, and would be the best way to communicate and have a face-to-face video chat with your co-workers, friends, loved ones, and even family members as they are already added to your Facebook friends list.

Yes, many don’t know about the video calling capabilities of Facebook Messenger but it does exist and works pretty well and allows you to reach any of your Facebook friend instantly irrespective of the phone or device they are using because the Messenger app is compatible with multiple platforms.

  • Video chat with any of your Facebook friend.
  • Messenger allows you to add your favorite contact’s icon to your Android home screen so that you can reach them within seconds.
  • Cross-platform compatibility allows you to seamlessly connect with your contacts without worrying about the device they are using.
  • You might experience sync issues on some devices as the message fails to deliver to the recipient.

#16 – Snapchat

Many Snapchatters don’t know about it but Snapchat recently overhauled their app and introduced a voice and video chatting capabilities along with numerous other features, so that you can stay connected with your friends all from within a single app.

Using the Snapchat, all you have to do is tap on any of your friend’s name and then tap on the telephone or video icon to either send a voice chat or leave a video chat message for your friend, only if your friend is unavailable. And in case your friend is available, they will be given an option to either, ‘watch’ you or ‘join’ the video chat and start chatting.

  • Ability to send a quick video chat note, even if your friend is offline.
  • Allows you to video chat with your friends, no matter what device or platform they are using because the app is compatible with both, Android and iOS.
  • Do not support group video chat.
  • Might consume a little bit more memory as compared to other video chat apps because it is a resource hungry app.


Do you have any favorite video calling apps? Please let us know in the comments below about the video chat apps you use for your daily communication with friends and family…

We will test that out and feature it in the list. 🙂